Woodlawn Cemetery, Maxville, Randolph County, Indiana


Veterans Burials at Woodlawn Cemetery 


Veteran Service
Addington,  Earl G.           Sec-3G row-1 s-1     US Army WWI
Addington,  Edward C.           Sec-3A row-3 s-2     pvt 1 CL 319 Aux RMT Depot QMC   WWI
Addington,  George W.           Sec-3G row-1 s-1     4 Mar 1864 - 10 Jul 1865  9th Ind Calv
Addington,  Henry T.           Sec-3A row-3 s-4     147th Ind Inf   24 Jan 1865 - 4 Aug 1865  
Addington,  L Vern           Rhody C row-1 s-5     S Sgt US Army World War II  
Addington,  William J.           Sec-2 row-21 s-8     Co. A  84th Ind Inf.
Amburn,  Herbert           Sec-7L row-7 s-12     S1 US Navy  World War II
Arbogast,  Emory R.           Sec-5 row-5 s-2     Vet WWI
Ault,  Phillip Halliday           Sec-7C row-2 s-3.6     War Correspondent  ??
Barber,  Alten M.           Sec-8E row-3 s-2      pvt 301 Inf  94 Div World Wr II    "killed in action at Trier, Germany 28 Feb 1945  with Patton's 3rd Army"
Bashia,  James L.           Sec-8B row-8 s-6     Co K 16 US Inf   
Beller,  Allen E.           Sec-7D row-7 s-5     Pv. 1 Cl., 116 Engrs. 41 Div 
Bellis,  William A           Rhody D row-6 s-9     Cpl US Army  World War II 
Blair,  Lewis G.           Sec-8E row-5 s-4     US Navy World War II  
Boggs,  J Edwin           Sec-7H row-6 s-9     US Navy World War II
Bolinger,  Fred'k           Old Max  row-17 s-18     Co C 69 Ind Inf   
Botkin,  Private Chauncey C.           Sec-2 row-8 s-4     Co B 126 Inf  1st Div at Argonne,France, body buried here 1921
Boyatt,  Dan Austin           Rhody G row-6 s-4     pfc US marine Corps
Brickley,  David E.           Sec-6D row-4 s-4.5     US Navy
Brooks,  James A           Rhody G row-10 s-3     EM3  US Navy  
Brown,  Ora G.           Sec-7I row-7 s-3     Pvt  31 US Vol Inf   Sp Am War
Brubaker,  John           Sec-1 row-2 s-22     Mess Sgt 5 Field Artillery WWI 
Brush,  Charles Olson           Sec-5 row-13 s-6     Sqn 41  US M C  Air Corp  crashed at sea
Burres,  Capt. William           Sec-3G row-2 s-2     Co. A 84th Ind Inf
Burres,  Clyde W.           Sec-2 row-12 s-15     Co F  158 Regt Ind Vol
Burres,  Lt William A.           Sec-6A row-3 s-7     Co A  84 Ind Inf
Chenoweth,  Nelson T.           Sec-6F row-1 s-9     Capt Co E 69 Ohio Vol Inf
Clayton,  Robert Lee           Rhody D2 row-1 s-13     pfc US Army 
Clevenger,  William H.           Sec-3B row-1 s-8     Co B 36 Ind Inf  
Clevenger,  William M.           Sec-3B row-2 s-3     Co. F  5th Regt Reg
Cline,  John           Sec-7I row-3 s-2     Co. E  147 Ind Vol Inf
Coby,  Benjamin           Old Max  row-13 s-1      Co G  124 Ind Inf   
Cox,  Bernard D.           Sec-4 row-18 s-5     Pfc US Army  World War II  
Curless,  Jim Lee           Sec-8B row-8 s-3.3     AT2 US Navy  
Davis,  Lloyd Maurice           Sec-8F row-4 s-2     Y3  US Navy WWII
Davis,  Robert E.           Sec-7H row-8 s-5.7     US Navy  World War II
Davisson,  Ira           Sec-7C row-5 s-SS     Pvt Co E 151 Inf WWI  
Deeds,  Samuel           Sec-7L row-7 s-7      pvt US Army  World War I
Denton,  Jonathan F.           Sec-3B row-3 s-8     Co A 84 Ind Vol  
Denton,  William B.           Sec-3D row-1 s-4     Co. A  84h Ind Vol Reg
Dickey,  Curney R           Rhody D row-7 s-2     Sgt  US Air Force  Korea  
Dillie,  James Leroy           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-14     AB US Navy 
Dillie,  Roger Donald           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-15     pvt Btry B  148 Fld Arty BN WWII
Doan,  Willie L.           Sec-7H row-1 s-13      Pvt US Army Korea
Dobbs,  Roy Eugene           Rhody B2 row-1 s-13     US Navy  World War II  Korea 
Dodd,  John R.           Sec-6M row-5 s-3     Pfc US Army  WWII
Driscoll,  Clatus L.           Sec-6G row-6 s-3     Cpl. US Army WWII 
Driscoll,  Roger N.           Sec-6G row-6 s-2     Sgt. US Army WWII
Driver,  Joab           Sec-6D row-3 s-4     Co I 19th Reg Ind Vol.
Driver,  William           Old Max  row-11 s-23     Co. C  19th Ind Inf.   d. 15 Sep 1863
Dudley,  John K.           Sec-7J row-1 s-6     Tec 5  US Army World War II
Dull,  Charles F.           Sec-8G row-5 s-6     pfc  US Army  World War II
Duncan,  Henry R           Rhody B2 row-1 s-5     US Army  World War II 
Eldridge,  Charles L           Rhody F row-14 s-10     US Navy World War II 
Everroad,  Douglas E.           Sec-8H row-5 s-1     pvt Medical Dept  WWII
Fee,  Harry E.           Sec-5 row-9 s-7     Soldier of the World War
Fine,  Robert Leo           Rhody D2 row-1 s-6      AA US Navy 
Fisher,  John R.           Sec-2 row-17 s-20     Co G  124th Ind Reg
Ford,  Isaac Royston           Sec-3C row-3 s-6.5     pvt Co C   19th ind inf
Foster,  Ralph L.           Sec-6B row-2 s-6     Pvt. Quartermaster Corps WWI
Foster,  Spotwood           Sec-3G row-4 s-11     Co G  19 Ind Inf 
Freeman,  Clealon K.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-22     MMR2 US Navy WWII Korea 
French,  Francis M..           Sec-2 row-5 s-2.5     US Army   CO. F  36th Ind Inf
Fuller,  David           Sec-7K row-2 s-2     Co. K   20th Indiana Inf
Fullington,  Fred           Rhody B2 row-2 s-11     pfc US Army  
Gaddis,  Richard E           Rhody D row-6 s-12     SSG US Army Vietnam 
Garringer,  Byron L           Sec-5 row-10 s-7     A1C US Air Force WWII Korea Vietnam   career
Gibson,  Lawrence           Rhody B2 row-1 s-14     pvt US Army  World War II  
Gibson,  Ninion Sr           Rhody B2 row-2 s-10      pvt US Army  World War II  
Gilbert,  Thomas W.           Sec-2 row-9.5 s-2     Tec 5  US Army  World War II
Green,  William R.           Sec-2 row-15 s-2     CO A  20 Ind Inf   
Grove,  Sgt. Charles W.           Sec-8F row-2 s-3     Co C 112 Engs     1916 - 1944      6 Jun 1944 Calvados, Basse-Normandie, France
Hall,  Oscar R.           Sec-7G row-5 s-2     TEC 5 US Army 
Hammer,  Col. John A.           Sec-7C row-8 s-8     ??  Col.
Hammer,  John H.           Sec-7C row-7 s-9     WWII  USN  USMS
Harper,  David           Sec-8C row-3 s-9     Co A   5th Ohio Inf  Civil War
Harty,  Royal Jess           Sec-8B row-5 s-5     TEC5 US Army World War II 
Hayes,  Michael B           Rhody B2 row-1 s-9     pvt US Army 
Hays,  Samuel G.           Sec-2 row-19 s-4     CO I  21 Reg of Regulars
Hiatt,  Richard Franklin           Sec-8I row-1 s-5     Cpl  US Army  Korea
Hill,  Mark H.           Sec-6J row-2 s-2b     Pvt Btry E 19 Field Arty WWI 
Himes,  William R Himes           Rhody C row-7 s-14     SSgt US Army  World War II 
Howe,  Claude H.           Sec-3G row-4 s-2     MMI USNR WWII
Hubbard,  Michael F.           Sec-6F row-1 s-1      Co A 84 Ind Inf
Hubbard,  Robert Lee           Sec-4 row-25.5 s-4     Tec 5 US Army  World War II
Huffman,  B. F.           Old Max  row-13 s-2     Co. J  11th US Regulars
Huffman,  S. N.           Old Max  row-14 s-5     Co. C  18th Ind Inf.  D. 16 Jul 1864
Huffman,  William Henry           Sec-6H row-2 s-1     Cpl US Army WWI 
Hutchens,  Harold           Sec-3I row-1 s-0.5     US Army  WWI & WWII 
Hutchens,  Harry M           Rhody A row-1 s-10     pvt US Army World War I 
Hutchens,  Ralph M.           Sec-8D row-3 s-6     pvt  US Army  World War I
Hutchens,  Ralph M.           Sec-8D row-4 s-6     Pvt US Army  World War I  
Jackson,  Jean Robert           Sec-6A row-3 s-5     Cpl 454 Bomb Sqn  AAF World War II
Jackson,  Jean Robert           Sec-6A row-4 s-8     Cpl 454 Bomb Sq AAF WWII  
Jamieson,  Max Howard           Sec-1 row-1 s-21     US Navy  World War II
Jamison,  Harry           Sec-1 row-1 s-20     Mus 11 Inf  
Johnson,  Richard C           Sec-8B row-1 s-3     M Sgt US Army WWI  Korea  
Kaufman,  Weldon           Rhody C row-1 s-9     US Army Korea  
Kennett,  Claude           Sec-7L row-5 s-3     pvt 47th Inf 4th Div  World War II
King,  Jerry A.           Sec-8D row-3 s-5.5     US Navy Korea     Navy Cross   
King,  Jerry Alton           Sec-8D row-2 s-4     US Navy Korea   Navy Croas
Lemons,  Robert E.           Sec-1 row-7 s-24     Cpl US Army Korea 
Lewellen,  Benjamin F.           Old Max  row-10 s-22     Co. I  84th Ind Inf.
Lilly,  Donald R.           Rhody A row-7 s-3     US Navy World War II 
Linder,  Guy           Sec-6G row-4 s-4     Band Ldr  US Army  World War I
Locke,  William           Sec-7A row-1 s-1     pvt  mg Co 18 Inf WWI  
Lockhard,  Roy E.           Sec-7H row-4 s-6     Pvt US Army  World War II
Lollar,  Earl Hargis           Sec-6M row-7 s-4     Capt US Army WWI & II 
Lowery,  Garrett H.           Sec-7L row-3 s-5     Army Vet  WWI
Luellen,  Paul W.           Sec-4 row-2 s-4     Cpl. US Army WWII  
Lykins,  Charles W           Rhody D row-7 s-9     Tec 5 US  Army World War II 
May,  Oscar Jr           Rhody D2 row-4 s-5     sf3  US Navy  World War II 
May,  Ralph           Sec-7J row-3 s-4.5     Tec3 US Army Air Corps  WW II 
Mayes,  Russell R           Rhody F row-12 s-9     US Navy World War II 
McAllister,  Gene           Sec-7B row-4 s-3     Cox US Navy WWII   
McCracken,  James Ovid           Sec-8B row-6 s-1      "Killed in line of police duty Apr 24, 1932" 
McCray,  William B.           Sec-7D row-8 s-8     Pvt Co C  158 Ind Inf  Sp Am war  
McIntire,  Robert H.           Sec-5 row-9 s-13     US Army
McKee,  Byron L.           Sec-2 row-6 s-16     Sgt Quartermaster Corps WWI 
McKee,  Deo P.           Sec-5A row-23 s-7     Corp  116 Engrs - 41 Div  
McNees,  Corp James HB           Sec-2 row-6 s-9      Co. A 84 Ind Inf 
McNees,  David C           Old Max  row-2 s-14     Co C  19 Ind Inf
McNees,  Joseph W.           Sec-2 row-14 s-19     CO F  134 Inf Inf  
Merchant,  Albert B.           Sec-7I row-4 s-4     Corp   4 Inf 3 Div   World War II
Mikel,  Raymond A           Rhody A row-7 s-1     pfc US Army  World War II  
Miller,  Isaac T.           Sec-6L row-8 s-2     Pvt Co A  18 Va Cav CSA  
Miller,  John H.           Rhody A row-1 s-5      Cpl US Arm Air Corps  World War II 
Miller,  Lewis           Sec-3F row-4 s-5     Co A 147 Ind Inf 
Miller,  Robert           Sec-6I  row-1 s-0.5     Tec 4  US Army  Wor;ld War II
Millis,  Gale Edwin           Sec-7L row-5 s-6     Cpl  US Army  Korea
Mills,  "Father" G. W.           Old Max  row-8 s-14     3  yrs service, Civil War
Mills,  A. J.           Old Max  row-19 s-5     Co K 36 Ind Inf     
Mills,  Clessie R.           Sec-7K row-6 s-9     Pfc  US Army  WW I
Mills,  Gale Edwin           Sec-7L row-4 s-8.5     Cpl US Army  
Mills,  Ivan L           Rhody C row-1 s-6     Tec 5 US Army  World War II  
Mills,  Ronald           Sec-7K row-6 s-8     US Navy  World War II
Moiser,  Ralph           Sec-5 row-10 s-5.5     pvt US Army World War II
Morris,  Lee M.           Sec-8C row-7 s-2     pvt  US Army WWI
Mosier,  Ralph George           Sec-5 row-10 s-9     E-5 US Army Vietnam
Mosier,  Solomon           Old Max  row-1 s-11     Soldier, War of 812
Mull,  Cecil N           Rhody A row-1 s-14     SSgt 341 QM Depot Co  World War II 
Mullen,  William P.           Old Max  row-8 s-3     Co. A  94th Ind Inf
Murray,  R. V.           Sec-3B row-4 s-1     CO D 36 Ind Inf 
Mutch,  Frank           Rhody B row-1 s-13     Cpl  US Army  World War II
Neal,  Elzworth H.           Sec-8I row-2 s-3     Tec 5 US Army  
Nelson,  Raymond           Sec-1 row-3 s-23     Sp4 US Army
Nester,  Ellis Ray           Sec-4 row-26 s-0.5     pfc  US Marine Corps  Korea
Newton,  Oliver Perry           Rhody D row-5 s-13     csc US Navy  Vietnam  
Oliver,  W. R.           Old Max  row-8 s-12     Co. A  9th Ind Inf
Oswald,  Harold Theodore           Sec-7G row-5 s-5     Seaman  2 Cl  USNRF 
Oswald,  Roderic D.           Sec-7G row-6 s-2     Cpl  Army Services Corp  WWI
Oxley,  Orvan Maurice           Sec-8C row-3 s-1.5     T Sgt US Army World War II    
Painter,  Jeremiah           Sec-6C row-1 s-14      CO A 84 Ind Inf
Patterson,  Frank M.           Sec-6E row-2 s-2     Pvt Btry F 69 Arty WWI
Patterson,  Harry O.           Sec-6E row-2 s-1     pvt  US Army WWII
Patterson,  Walter E.           Sec-8A row-8 s-2     Captain  187 Infantry Div  World War II Korea    BSM
Phelps,  Charles           Rhody B row-7 s-5     US Marine Corps 
Pogue,  Richard D.           Sec-4 row-17 s-1     T Sgt Army Air Force WWII  
Porter,  Barry D.           Sec-7C row-7 s-10.5     US Navy Vietnam 
Porter,  Harold M.           Sec-7C row-5 s-11.5     US Army  World War II
Porter,  Hillard Adrian           Sec-7C row-5 s-12.5     US Army  WWII   
Pugh,  Samuel J.           Sec-3B row-1 s-11     Co B 124 Ind Vol Inf 
Pursley,  Daniel Merle           Sec-7K row-1 s-1     Sgt  US Army WWII
Pursley,  David F.           Sec-6F row-4 s-5      Co C 19 Reg Ind Vol
Pursley,  Eleazer           Old Max  row-11 s-6     Co. B  13th Ind inf
Reed,  Gordon           Sec-6L row-4 s-3     pvt  Btry C  69 Fld Arty WWI  
Reves,  Howard E           Sec-8D row-3 s-8     SSgt  US Air Force  Korea
Rhoades,  David           Sec-6N row-4 s-6     1st Reg Ohio Inf Co D
Rhoads,  Oliver H.           Sec-6N row-4 s-8      Co F 158 Reg Ind Vol.
Roberts,  John Q. A.           Sec-3G row-1 s-4     124 Ind Vol Co H
Robinson,  Peter J.           Sec-2 row-7 s-23     Co B 124 Ind Inf 
Rouch,  Dale W.           Sec-6K row-2 s-1.5?     Pvt US Army WWII
Schlegel,  Walter H.           Rhody D row-6 s-4     SP3 US Army  Korea  
Schrimpf,  Herbert L.           Sec-7L row-7 s-10     Tec 4 US Army  World War II
Shank,  James W.           Sec-5 row-14 s-3     Sgt 5 Cav  1 Cav Div WWII 
Shannon,  Norman E.           Rhody D row-6 s-14     Seaman 1st class  US Navy  
Shaw,  John Franklin           Rhody A row-7 s-14     US Navy World War II 
Shaw,  pvt Basil E.           Sec-7H row-6 s-3     Co. L  115th Infantry  29th Div.  KIA
Shervy,  Rev Roy           Rhody A row-4 s-1     pfc US Army  World War II  
Small,  Rev. Curtis B.           Sec-2 row-1 s-17     Corp  Co. I  130th Ind Inf.
Small,  Rev. Curtis B.           Sec-2 row-2 s-8     Corp. CO I  130 Ind Vol Inf  
Smith,  Ethel Strong           Sec-4 row-23 s-5     WWI 324 F. A. Bat C
Smith,  Richard A.           Sec-1 row-5 s-29     US Army Vietnam
Snodgrass,  Clement A.           Sec-6K row-4 s-8     S2 US Navy WWI
Snodgrass,  Leonard L.           Sec-7D row-3 s-2.5     Cpl  WWI   
Spear,  Williard H. "Bill"           Sec-1 row-7 s-23     SN US Navy  World War II
Stevens,  Wallace L.           Sec-7D row-6 s-2.5      A1C US Air Force 
Stuck,  Ralph W. Jr.           Sec-4 row-9 s-6     S Sgt US Army  WWII 
Sunday,  Harry H.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-3 s-9a     Pvt Camp Hosp 43 WWI  
Thornburg,  Richard Lee           Rhody B row-7 s-11     Cpl US Army  Korea 
Thornburg,  Robert T.           Sec-8D row-7 s-3     Sgt US Army  Korea
Thornburg,  Russell E.           Sec-7H row-1 s-1.5     US Army WWII 1927 1981   
Thornton,  Jacob           Sec-6E row-1 s-7      Co I 36 Reg Ind Vol 
Trees,  Caleb           Sec-5 row-13 s-1      CO M  1 Ind H.A.
Vannatta,  Luther           Rhody B row-1 s-4      pfc US Army  World War I 
Voris,  James I           Rhody A row-1 s-7     pvt US Army  World War II 
Wagner,  Donovan Lee           Rhody C row-1 s-14     pfc  US Army World War II  
Ward,  Kenneth R.           Sec-6M row-8 s-7     Pfc US Army  WWII 
Warren,  J. E.           Sec-2 row-20 s-5     CO D 60 Ind Inf  
Watson,  Norman W           Rhody B row-3 s-2     US Navy  World War II 
Way,  Thomas J.           Sec-3G row-3 s-8     CO G 124 Ind Inf
Wheeler,  Homer           Sec-1 row-2 s-17.5     pfc  US Army Korea
White,  Harvey E           Rhody B row-7 s-3     Maj US Army  World War II 
Wilkins,  J. B.           Old Max  row-2 s-23      Co C  26 Ind Inf
Wilson,  Joseph Russell           Sec-7D row-2 s-5     Cpl 10 Co 159 Depot Brigade  World War I
Winkle,  James Lee           Rhody B row-1 s-11     pvt US Army  Korea 
Woolf,  Ellis R.           Sec-7L row-1 s-3     Pfc  302 Center Tank Corps  World War I
Wright,  Aletta Gough           Sec-5 row-16 s-7     AMB CO 3 Div WWI 
Wright,  Cecil N.           Sec-7F row-2 s-4     Pvt 229 Ca Slt Btry "AAS" WWII  
Younger,  George E.           Sec-8I row-3 s-4     Tsgt US Air Force  Vietnam  
Younger,  Ronnie Lee           Sec-8I row-4 s-4     Pvt US Army  Vietnam  
Younts,  Walter I           Rhody A row-1 s-8     MSgt US Army Air Corps  World War II 








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