Woodlawn Cemetery, Maxville, Randolph County, Indiana

 Old Church Lot - South Side  

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Old Church Lot    Row 1

   stone 1, Addie Marie McIntire 


   stone 2, Victor and Majeska McEntire 


   stone 3, Charles Albert McIntire


   stone 4, Lee and Delia Smith 


   stone 4.5, Margaret Smith 


   stone 4.6, Mary K. Hutchens 


   stone 4.7, Katherine Mullen Armstrong 


   stone 5, Jesse and Clara Hutchens 


   stone 6, Kenneth Dillie  (no stone found) 


   stone 7, William and Pearl Dillie 


   stone 8, George Green, Guy Green,  Jesse Green 


   stone 9, Harry Green (no stone found) 


   stone 10 & 11, "Mother"  "Father"


   stone 12, Alice Mae Capon 


   stone 13, Kenneth Norton 


   stone 14, Oliver and Lilly Mae Mills 


   stone 16, Fay Mills


   stone 17, Ralph Mills 


   stone 18, Larry Wayne Jackson 


   stone 19, James Richard Jackson 



Old Church Lot    Row 2

   stone 1, Lewis and Edith Keener 


   stone 2, Orville Rich  bur. 7 Nov 1970  (no stone found) 


   stone 3, Eunice Anna Watson 


   stone 4, Loverna Watson 


   stone 5, Jessie M. Watson 


   stone 6, James M. Watson 


   stone 7, William M. Armstrong 


   stone 8, Margaret J. Mullin  


   stone 9, William E. Mullen 


   stone 10, Simeon Fay Wolford 


   stone 11, Calvin and Phoebe Cloyd


   stone 12, Wesley Campbell

stone 13  Eva Campbell  bur. 1934  (no stone found)


   stone 14, Billy Lee Willis 


   stone 15, Betty Maxine Bradford 


   stone 16, Orville and Maye Bradford 


   stone 16.4, Ray and Georgia Mills 


   stone 16.5, Richard and Annabell Jackson 


   stone 17, Ralph and Irene Watson 



Old Church Lot    Row 3

   stone 1, Ben and Opal Yost 

stone 2  Mary Catherine Allen  (no stone found)

   stone 2.5, William and Ireva Fields   


   stone 3, Charles Field, Robert Fields   


   stone 4, Janet Ann Guthrie  


   stone 5, Margaret Guthrie   


   stone 6, Anna C. Sunday    


   stone 7, Hubert Sunday   


   stone 8, Murray E. Sunday   


   stone 9, Harry H. Sunday     

   stone 10,  Eva Golliher Gray  (no stone found)


   stone 11, Charles E. Heron   


   stone 12, Orla and Eva Jones   


   stone 13, Clayton and Delia Smithson   


   stone 14, Richard and Dorothy Watson   


   stone 15, Dale and June Retz   



Stone 15.5  Curtis E and Dorothy P. Clemens





   stone 16, Paul and Rose Cunningham   



Old Church Lot    Row 4

   stone 1, Rosabelle E. Yost 


   stone 2, Jesse W. and Mary M. Yost 


   stone 3, Nellie Miller 


   stone 4, Charles and Josephine Miller 


   stone 5, William Miller 


   stone 6, Glen and Martha Armstrong 


   stone 7, Clarence B. Borror 


   stone 8, Maude E. Borror 


   stone 9, Barker/Borror Family Marker 


   stone 10, Almeda M. Barker 


   stone 11, Leo Barker 


   stone 12, Florence Read


   stone 13, David F. and Mary A. Ford 


   stone 14, Jonas and Ella Lykins 


   stone 14.5, Eva B. Shipley 


   stone 15, Oliver and Flossie Luellen 


   stone 15.5, Max and Marianna Dillie 


   stone 16, Minnie Dull  (no stone found)


   stone 17, Walter Dull (no stone found) 


   stone 18, Melvin Dull  (no stone found) 


   stone 19, Leo Dull 


   stone 20, Psyche Houston 



Old Church Lot    Row 5

   stone 1, Elza and Alice Davisson 


stone 2, Charles Smith  (no stone found)


stone 3, infant Templin  (no stone found) 


stone 4, Infant Templin  (no stone found) 


   stone 5, Neil and Emma Harris 


stone 6, Howard Harris  (no stone found) 


   stone 7, Ruth A. Bond 


   stone 8,  Bertha O. Coftner Bond 


   stone 9, Arthur Bond 


   stone 10, William Arthur Bond 


   stone 11, Daisy Mae Cortner 


   stone 12, Worlie Merl Cortner 


stone 13, Margaret Davis  (no stone found) 


   stone 14, Orville and Bessie Sears


   stone 15, Everett G. Sears 


   stone 16, Albert and Catherine Delk 


   stone 17, George and Sarah Cavanaugh 


   stone 18, Joseph W. Mills 


   stone 19, Viola Denton Ryan 


   stone 20, Charles H., Denton 


   stone 21, James and Cora Burchnell 


   stone 22, Raymond Burchnell 


   stone 23, Thomas E. Maitlen 



Old Church Lot    Row 6

   stone 9,  Edward G. Leonard 


   stone 10, Edith Leonard Wallick 


   stone 11, Cortner Family Marker 


   stone 12, Marvin and Helen Lykins


stone 13, Richard Lee Lykins  (no stone found) 


   stone 14, James Leroy Dillie 


   stone 15, Roger Donald Dillie 


   stone 16, Valmond Dillie, Benjamin Dillie 


   stone 17, Alva Ray Butts 


   stone 18, Cleo A. Brammer 


stone 19, John Charles Muellen  (no stone found) 


   stone 20, Hazel M. Winkle 


stone 21, Alex Laisure  (no stone found) 


   stone 22, Clealon K. Freeman 


   stone 23, Sam D. Houston II  



Old Church Lot    Row 7

   stone 1, Benjamin and Synthie Sunday 


   stone 2, Harold Muellen, Harroldeen Muellen 


   stone 3, Cordella Warren 


stone 4, Carl Geasee  (no stone found) 


   stone 5, William and Martha Cortner 


stone 6, Daniel Retz  (no stone found) 


   stone 7, Guy and Minnie Retz 


   stone 8, Bessie Dillie, Mary Morgan Dillie 


   stone 9, Kathryn Jane Dillie 


   stone 10, Michael Wayne Dillie 


   stone 11, Herschel P. Harrell 


   stone 11.5, Eva C Harrell Brumley 


   stone 12, Effie Mullen 


   stone 13, Ira Mullen 


   stone 14, William Hutchens 


   stone 14.4, E. H. Arain 


   stone 14.5, Sarah L. Hovis   


   stone 14.6, John W. Hovis 


   stone 14.7, Mary L. Giles 


stone 15, Vincent Jackson  (no stone found) 


Old Church Lot    Row 8

stone 1, James Ripley  (no stone found)  


   stone 2, Virgil Eugene Keener 


   stone 3, John and Mabel Keener 


stone 4, infant Keener  (no stone found)  

stone 5, infant Keener  (no stone found)  


   stone 6, Clarence and Margaret Keener 


   stone 7, Harold and Dora Cortner 


stone 8, William Muellen  (no stone found)  


   stone 9, Loring and Margaret Luellen 


   stone 10, Lydia Dick, Hannah Thornburg 


stone 11, Lillie Garrett  (no stone found) 


   stone 12, Elwood and Mary Lamb 


   stone 13, Bernice T. Mullen


   stone 13.5, Gilbert and Mildred Mullen 


   stone 14, Robert Thornburg 


   stone 15, Christena B. Nelson 


   stone 16, Mattie and Elmer Hiatt 


   stone 16back, Helen F. and Mary V. Hiatt 


   stone 17, Harry O. Naylor 


   stone 18, James and Madglen Herndon 


   stone 19, Lucille L. Herndon Hurd 


   stone 20, Raymond Buis 




Old Church Lot - South 




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