Woodlawn Cemetery, Maxville, Randolph County, Indiana

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Abbott,  Mary           Sec-7I row-8 s-NS    
Abshire,  Elizabeth           Sec-2 row-19 s-13    
Abshire,  James B.           Sec-2 row-19 s-13    
Abshire,  John M.           Sec-2 row-18 s-14    
Abshire,  Martha J.           Sec-2 row-18 s-NS    
Abshire,  William           Sec-2 row-18 s-NS    
Adams,  "Father"           Old Max  row-4 s-5    
Adams,  "Mother"           Old Max  row-4 s-6    
Adams,  Andrew W.           Old Max  row-2 s-18    
Adams,  Ann           Old Max  row-17 s-14    
Adams,  Avria Dell           Sec-7H row-2 s-3    
Adams,  Clara M.           Sec-7C row-8 s-4    
Adams,  Gail R.           Sec-4 row-3 s-1    
Adams,  George Warren           Sec-7H row-1 s-4    
Adams,  Gertrude A.           Sec-4 row-3 s-2    
Adams,  grave           Sec-4 row-4 s-NS    
Adams,  Henry           Old Max  row-4 s-4    
Adams,  Infant           Old Max  row-3 s-3    
Adams,  infant           Sec-2 row-19 s-9    
Adams,  Jacob J.           Sec-2 row-5 s-1    
Adams,  John H.           Sec-7C row-7 s-4    
Adams,  Lilley N           Old Max  row-3 s-4    
Adams,  Lilley N           Old Max  row-4 s-3    
Adams,  Mable M.           Sec-7H row-1 s-3    
Adams,  Maggie           Sec-2 row-5 s-1a    
Adams,  Martha           Sec-7C row-7 s-4    
Adams,  Martha A.           Sec-2 row-19 s-9    
Adams,  Mary M.           Sec-7H row-1 s-5    
Adams,  Minus H.           Old Max  row-3 s-2    
Adams,  occupied           Sec-4 row-2 s-NS    
Adams,  Ruby D.           Sec-4 row-3 s-1    
Adams,  Thomas F.           Sec-2 row-19 s-9    
Addington,  Addington Family Marker           Sec-7E row-7 s-2    
Addington,  Angie           Sec-6K row-1 s-6    
Addington,  Asa R.           Sec-1 row-5 s-5    
Addington,  B. F.           Sec-6K row-1 s-3    
Addington,  Bernice Irene           Sec-7G row-8 s-2    
Addington,  Bernice M.           Sec-5 row-9 s-3    
Addington,  Cecil L.           Sec-8G row-5 s-5.5    
Addington,  child           Sec-3A row-4 s-NS    
Addington,  Clayton           Sec-7G row-8 s-1    
Addington,  Cleo L.           Sec-1 row-5 s-7    
Addington,  Cora B.           Sec-6J row-3 s-3    
Addington,  Cressie           Sec-8A row-6 s-4.5    
Addington,  David           Old Max  row-6 s-18    
Addington,  Dora E.           Sec-8A row-6 s-5    
Addington,  Earl G.           Sec-3G row-1 s-1    
Addington,  Edward C.           Sec-3A row-3 s-2    
Addington,  Edwin K.           Sec-5 row-9 s-2    
Addington,  Effie L.           Sec-2 row-21 s-8    
Addington,  Elmer E.           Sec-6J row-3 s-3    
Addington,  Emerson           Sec-7E row-7 s-1    
Addington,  Emily C.           Sec-3A row-3 s-3    
Addington,  Ermel           Sec-8G row-5 s-4    
Addington,  Ernest           Sec-8B row-6 s-4    
Addington,  Ethel M.           Sec-7H row-8 s-6    
Addington,  Eunice A.           Sec-5 row-2 s-9    
Addington,  Eva           Sec-7H row-2 s-NS    
Addington,  Family Marker           Sec-6K row-3 s-4    
Addington,  Floyd C.           Sec-7H row-8 s-6    
Addington,  George W.           Sec-3G row-1 s-1    
Addington,  Gilva           Sec-8G row-5 s-4    
Addington,  grave           Sec-2 row-5 s-NS    
Addington,  Gussie E.           Sec-6K row-1 s-5    
Addington,  Hannah           Old Max  row-21 s-2    
Addington,  Harry or Rollin           Sec-6L row-6 s-5    
Addington,  Harry V.           Sec-8A row-5 s-4    
Addington,  Henry T.           Sec-3A row-3 s-4    
Addington,  Huldah R.           Old Max  row-6 s-18    
Addington,  Idabell           Old Max  row-21 s-1    
Addington,  Indiana Rosa           Sec-7E row-7 s-3    
Addington,  infant bur 26 sep 1957           Sec-7H row-8 s-NS    
Addington,  J. H.           Sec-2 row-5 s-NS    
Addington,  J. Leander           Sec-8A row-6 s-5    
Addington,  Jacob F.           Old Max  row-19 s-4    
Addington,  Jeanette F.           Sec-2 row-8 s-10    
Addington,  Jennie .           Sec-2 row-21 s-Ns    
Addington,  Jennie Bragg           Sec-6L row-6 s-5    
Addington,  Jonathan D.           Old Max  row-22 s-1    
Addington,  Joseph E.           Sec-8A row-5 s-3.5    
Addington,  Karen Sue           Sec-7H row-8 s-7    
Addington,  L Vern           Rhody C row-1 s-5    
Addington,  L, Pearl           Sec-1 row-5 s-5    
Addington,  L. Gertrude           Sec-6J row-3 s-3    
Addington,  Leland H.           Sec-8E row-2 s-2    
Addington,  Louise B     Rhody-C, row 1, stone 5
Addington,  Louise B.           Rhody C row-1 s-5    
Addington,  Magdalena           Sec-3G row-1 s-1    
Addington,  Marguerite           Sec-8A row-5 s-4    
Addington,  Mary E.           Sec-8E row-1 s-2.5    
Addington,  Mary Ethel     Sec-8E row-1 s-2.5
Addington,  Mary L.           Sec-8E row-1 s-2    
Addington,  Minnie P.           Sec-5 row-9 s-2    
Addington,  Mrs. J. H.           Sec-2 row-5 s-NS    
Addington,  Murrie A.           Sec-5 row-2 s-9    
Addington,  Nannie E.           Sec-3A row-3 s-4    
Addington,  Norma Jean           Sec-8A row-5 s-3.5    
Addington,  Nova M.           Sec-7G row-8 s-1    
Addington,  Osa A.           Sec-8G row-5 s-5.5    
Addington,  Paul           Sec-1 row-5 s-6    
Addington,  Rachel J.           Sec-3G row-1 s-1    
Addington,  Ralph H.           Sec-6J row-3 s-3    
Addington,  Rebecca           Old Max  row-19 s-9    
Addington,  Richard N.           Sec-8E row-1 s-2.5    
Addington,  Robert           Sec-6K row-1 s-6    
Addington,  Rosa E.           Sec-2 row-20 s-6    
Addington,  S. M.           Sec-6K row-1 s-4    
Addington,  Sarah           Old Max  row-22 s-1    
Addington,  Vera G.           Sec-8E row-2 s-2    
Addington,  Vera Jean (LeMaster)     Sec-8E row-2 s-2 
Addington,  William J.           Sec-2 row-21 s-8    
Addington,  William Lewis           Sec-8E row-1 s-2    
Addington,  Willie M.           Sec-5 row-9 s-4    
Addison,  Ray           Sec-6B row-1 s-3    
Adkins,  Beulah M.           Sec-6I row-2 s-1.5    
Adkins,  Glen           Sec-6I row-2 s-1.5    
Aker,  Charles F.           Sec-7D row-6 s-2    
Aker,  Clara V.           Sec-7D row-6 s-2    
Alderman,  Anna Mary           Sec-8C row-5 s-9    
Alderman,  Irene M.           Sec-8C row-5 s-8    
Alderman,  Walter D.           Sec-8C row-5 s-8    
Alderman,  William           Sec-8C row-5 s-9    
Alexander,  Blanche M.           Sec-4 row-22 s-2    
Alexander,  William H.           Sec-4 row-22 s-2    
Alford,  Mathew W.           Sec-7H row-6 s-5    
Alford,  Pearl I.           Sec-7H row-6 s-5    
Allen,  Harvey H.           Sec-6M row-7 s-2    
Allen,  India E.           Sec-6M row-7 s-2    
Allen,  Mary Catherine           Sec-Old Church Lot row-3 s-2    
Allison,  Ada M.           Old Max  row-4 s-17    
Allison,  Eleanor           Old Max  row-4 s-18    
Allison,  Lloyd           Sec-2 row-6 s-10    
Allison,  Mary A.           Old Max  row-4 s-19    
Allison,  Myrtle           Sec-2 row-6 s-NS    
Allison,  Ralph           Old Max  row-4 s-16    
Allison,  Sarah E.           Sec-2 row-6 s-10    
Allison,  Thomas           Sec-2 row-6 s-10    
Allison,  Wilbur           Sec-2 row-6 s-10    
Amack,  Skylar Ray Smith           Rhody G row-8 s-8    
Amburn,  Charles           Sec-7L row-8 s-7    
Amburn,  Charles E.           Sec-6B row-3 s-8    
Amburn,  Garneta           Rhody B row-1 s-3    
Amburn,  Georganna Ruth     Sec-7L row-7 s-12    
Amburn,  Georgia           Sec-7L row-7 s-12    
Amburn,  Goldie C.           Sec-5 row-14 s-1    
Amburn,  Gordon           Rhody B row-1 s-3    
Amburn,  Herb           Sec-7L row-7 s-12    
Amburn,  Herbert L.           Sec-7L row-6 s-9    
Amburn,  Ina M.           Sec-8F row-4 s-3    
Amburn,  Jerry Palmer     Sec-7L row-8 s-7
Amburn,  Martha J.           Sec-6B row-3 s-8    
Amburn,  Shirley Anne     Sec-7L row-8 s-8
Amburn,  Thelma E           Rhody B row-6 s-6    
Amburn,  Thelma Garneta     Rhody-B, row 6, stone 6
Amburn,  Thoms W.           Rhody B row-6 s-6    
Amburn,  V. C.           Sec-5 row-14 s-1    
Amburn,  Vera H.           Sec-7L row-8 s-7    
Anderson,  Claude           Sec-8H row-2 s-2    
Anderson,  Eliza J.           Sec-3F row-1 s-9    
Anderson,  Erra L.           Sec-3F row-3 s-17    
Anderson,  Evelyn J           Sec-4 row-6 s-1.5    
Anderson,  Fannie Robinson           Sec-3H row-3 s-10    
Anderson,  Harry L.           Sec-3F row-3 s-16    
Anderson,  John H.           Sec-3F row-1 s-9    
Anderson,  Larry Dean           Sec-2 row-2 s-10    
Anderson,  Lillie B.           Sec-3F row-1 s-11    
Anderson,  Mary P.           Sec-3F row-1 s-13    
Anderson,  Mary Priscilla           Sec-2 row-5 s-2a    
Anderson,  Michael Joe           Sec-7J row-7 s-2.5    
Anderson,  Rebecca Jo           Sec-7J row-7 s-2.5    
Anderson,  Vincent E           Sec-4 row-6 s-1.5    
Anderson,  William M.           Sec-3F row-1 s-10    
Antras,  Betty J.           Sec-1 row-7 s-26    
Antras,  James     Sec-1 row-7 s-26
Antras,  James R.           Sec-1 row-7 s-26    
Arain,  E. H.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-7 s-14.5    
Arbogast,  Adam O.           Sec-6C row-5 s-1    
Arbogast,  Emory R.           Sec-5 row-5 s-2    
Arbogast,  Grace G.           Sec-5 row-5 s-2    
Arbogast,  Henry M.           Sec-6C row-5 s-1    
Arbogast,  Jasper S.           Sec-6C row-5 s-2    
Arbogast,  Lizzie           Sec-6C row-4 s-2    
Arbogast,  Miles           Sec-6C row-4 s-2    
Arbogast,  Stewart           Sec-5 row-5 s-2    
Arment,  Anna           Sec-8G row-2 s-NS    
Arment,  Lawrence           Sec-8G row-2 s-3.5    
Armstrong,  Francis Elaine Lendess     Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-6
Armstrong,  Glen B.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-6    
Armstrong,  Joan           Sec-3C row-2 s-NS    
Armstrong,  Katherine Mullen           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-4.7    
Armstrong,  Katherine Virginia (Jones)     sec-Old Church Lot, row 1, stone 4.7
Armstrong,  Martha H.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-6    
Armstrong,  William M.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-2 s-7    
Arnold,  Hallie           Sec-6G row-2 s-2    
Arnold,  Hattie S.           Sec-6G row-2 s-2    
Arrick,  Chloe           Sec-6G row-5 s-2    
Arrick,  Every           Sec-6G row-5 s-2    
Arrick,  Lamont           Sec-1 row-5 s-24    
Arrick,  Nancy Ellen           Sec-1 row-5 s-23    
Arrick,  Rev. Robert P.           Sec-1 row-5 s-23    
Arthur,  Chester A.           Sec-2 row-4 s-1    
Arthur,  Mearl L.           Sec-2 row-4 s-3    
Arthur,  Minnie H.           Sec-2 row-4 s-2    
Arthur,  Ralph           Sec-7L row-4 s-6    
Arthur,  RoseMary E.           Sec-7L row-4 s-6    
Ashley,  Clara Jeanette           Sec-5 row-7 s-13    
Ashley,  Clara L.           Sec-8I row-2 s-6    
Ashley,  James J.           Sec-8I row-2 s-6    
Ashwill,  James           Sec-2 row-11 s-13    
Augburn,  Alice           Sec-7A row-3 s-NS    
Augburn,  Susannah E.           Sec-3H row-3 s-4    
Auker,  David           Sec-6M row-3 s-2    
Auker,  Lilly Z.           Sec-6L row-4 s-8    
Auker,  Sarah E.           Sec-6M row-3 s-2    
Auker,  Ward           Sec-6L row-4 s-8    
Ault,  Bernda M.           Sec-7C row-2 s-3    
Ault,  Frank W.           Sec-7C row-2 s-3    
Ault,  Phillip Halliday           Sec-7C row-2 s-3.6    
Ault,  Rebecca L.           Sec-7C row-2 s-3    
Austin,  Sophronia           Sec-7E row-2 s-NS    
Bailey,  Carol J.           Sec-4 row-25 s-1.7    
Bailey,  Clarence Herman           Sec-2 row-1 s-22    
Bailey,  David N.           Sec-2 row-1 s-21    
Bailey,  Elizabeth           Sec-1 row-5 s-17.5    
Bailey,  grave           Sec-2 row-1 s-NS    
Bailey,  Marvin D.           Sec-4 row-25 s-1.7    
Bailey,  Rosa M.           Sec-2 row-1 s-21    
Bailey,  Tony M.           Sec-4 row-24 s-2    
Bailey,  William           Sec-1 row-5 s-17    
Baker,  Bessie L.,           Sec-6H row-3 s-3    
Baker,  Frances L. Moore           Sec-4 row-2 s-9    
Baker,  Roberta Silvers           Sec-7B row-2 s-6    
Baker,  Sharon Key           Sec-4 row-2 s-8    
Baker,  Terry Lee           Sec-4 row-2 s-9    
Baldwin,  Amy Lynn     Rhody A2 row-1 stone-6
Baldwin,  Kimberlee     Rhody Sec A2 Row 1 s-5 
Baldwin,  Susan           Old Max  row-18 s-2    
Bales,  Charles L.           Sec-7I row-8 s-3    
Bales,  Cora M.           Sec-8G row-2 s-2    
Bales,  Elmer           Sec-8G row-2 s-2    
Bales,  Emerson "Cleo"     Sec-8D row-7 s-1 
Bales,  Emma B.           Sec-7I row-8 s-5    
Bales,  Frank           Sec-7I row-8 s-5    
Bales,  Franklin D.           Sec-7I row-8 s-2    
Bales,  Ivoery M.           Sec-7K row-7 s-5    
Bales,  LeRoy           Sec-8A row-4 s-0.5    
Bales,  M. Pauline           Sec-3A row-3 s-0.5    
Bales,  Phillip A.           Sec-3A row-3 s-0.5    
Bales,  Raymond R.           Sec-7I row-8 s-6    
Bales,  Richard Lee     Rhody Sec F row 11 s-12 
Bales,  Rosetta           Sec-7I row-8 s-1    
Bales,  Susie Brown           Sec-7I row-8 s-4    
Bales,  Thelma           Sec-8A row-4 s-0.5    
Bales,  Thelma Eileen     stone
Ballinger,  Donald           Rhody D row-3 s-14    
Ballinger,  Mazie L           Rhody D row-3 s-14    
Bang,  Hong Minh           Sec-4 row-27 s-0.5    
Banning,  Elta I.           Sec-5A row-25 s-4    
Banning,  Emma C.           Sec-5A row-25 s-6    
Banning,  John           Sec-5A row-25 s-5    
Banning,  Joseph Martin           Sec-5A row-24 s-3    
Banning,  Ralph J.           Sec-5A row-25 s-4    
Barber (2nd Speece),  Hazel L.     sec 8e, row 4, stone 2
Barber,  Alten M.           Sec-8E row-3 s-2    
Barber,  Arabelle A.           Sec-7D row-7 s-7    
Barber,  Burness A.           Sec-8E row-4 s-2    
Barber,  Clarence J.           Sec-7D row-7 s-7    
Barber,  Dorthie M.           Sec-8E row-4 s-2    
Barber,  Hazel L.           Sec-8E row-4 s-2    
Barber,  Lola M.           Sec-8E row-4 s-2    
Barber,  Mickey Ray           Sec-7B row-3 s-NS    
Barber,  Pvt Alten M           Sec-8E row-4 s-2    
Barclay,  Crystal Hubbard           Sec-6D row-3 s-7    
Barker,  Almeda May           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-10    
Barker,  Elizabeth M           Sec-1 row-6 s-3    
Barker,  George E.           Sec-7A row-3 s-6    
Barker,  Herbert E.           Sec-1 row-6 s-2    
Barker,  Jacob           Old Max  row-7 s-6    
Barker,  Jacob O.           Sec-7A row-3 s-NS    
Barker,  Laura A.           Old Max  row-7 s-6    
Barker,  Lavina           Old Max  row-18 s-2    
Barker,  Leo           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-11    
Barker,  Lewis A.           Old Max  row-3 s-1    
Barker,  Lucy           Sec-1 row-3 s-8    
Barker,  Mabel M.           Sec-1 row-7 s-3    
Barker,  Mary L.           Sec-3I row-1 s-6a    
Barker,  Mary L.           Sec-3I row-1 s-8    
Barker,  Morgan M.           Sec-1 row-3 s-8    
Barker,  Nancy A.           Sec-2 row-9 s-10    
Barker,  Nancy P.           Old Max  row-8 s-18    
Barker,  Pearl           Old Max  row-8 s-19    
Barker,  Robert B.           Sec-1 row-6 s-4    
Barker,  Samuel M.           Sec-1 row-6 s-3    
Barker,  Violet Rose           Rhody G row-10 s-2    
Barlow,  Dorothy C           Rhody D2 row-1 s-4    
Barlow,  Lunes W           Rhody D2 row-1 s-4    
Barnard,  Maribel           Sec-5A row-24 s-1.5    
Barnard,  Maribel (Banning)     Sec-5A row-24 s-1.5
Barnard,  Phillip M.           Sec-5A row-24 s-1.5    
Barnard,  Phillip Myer     Sec-5A row-24 s-1.5
Barndollar,  Karen Diane           Sec-4 row-25 s-1.5    
Barndollar,  Kenneth R     Sec 4, row-25 stone 1.65
Barnhart,  Bruce           Sec-2 row-12 s-NS    
Barnhart,  Clara Esther           Sec-7L row-1 s-8.5    
Barnhart,  Edward B.           Sec-2 row-12 s-13    
Barnhart,  G. Louis           Sec-7L row-1 s-8    
Barnhart,  Ralph A.           Sec-7L row-1 s-8    
Barr,  Dewey           Sec-5 row-6 s-NS    
Barr,  Family Marker           Sec-5 row-8 s-3    
Barr,  Herman V.           Sec-6A row-1 s-2F    
Barr,  Mary           Sec-5 row-6 s-NS    
Barr,  Stephen A.           Sec-5 row-7 s-7    
Bartel,  Elizabeth C.           Sec-2 row-21 s-6    
Bartel,  George           Sec-3A row-2 s-1    
Bartel,  Mildred J.           Sec-3A row-2 s-1    
Bartel,  Samuel G.           Sec-2 row-21 s-5    
Barton,  Seth Nathan     Sec 4, row 2, stone 8.5
Bashia,  Esther R.           Sec-8B row-8 s-5.5    
Bashia,  James L.           Sec-8B row-8 s-6    
Bashia,  James W.           Sec-8B row-8 s-5.5    
Bashia,  Max T.           Sec-8B row-7 s-2    
Bashia,  Merle E.           Sec-8B row-8 s-6    
Bashia,  Violet R.           Sec-8B row-7 s-2    
Bates,  Doris E.           Sec-6G row-3 s-2    
Batey,  Hazel Snyder           Sec-3F row-2 s-3    
Batey,  Mary Elizabeth     sec 3f, row 1, stone 4
Batey,  Ray Williams           Sec-3F row-2 s-2    
Batty,  Harry A.           Sec-7L row-3 s-8    
Batty,  Jeanette           Sec-7L row-3 s-8    
Baughm,  infant           Sec-7K row-6 s-4    
Baughm,  James A.           Sec-7K row-6 s-4    
Baughm,  Louisa           Sec-7K row-6 s-4    
Beals,  Everett E.           Sec-1 row-1 s-0.5    
Beals,  Florabelle           Sec-1 row-1 s-0.5    
Beaty,  Nila L.           Sec-4 row-13 s-5    
Beaty,  Richard D           Sec-4 row-13 s-5    
Beck,  Clara M.           Sec-2 row-6 s-3    
Beck,  Homer E.           Sec-4 row-23 s-1    
Beck,  Lary W.           Sec-4 row-23 s-1    
Beck,  Ruby P.           Sec-4 row-23 s-1    
Beckley,  Charles Brooks           Sec-5 row-6 s-2.5    
Beckley,  Lee Edward           Sec-5 row-5 s-7    
Beckley,  Mirtha A.           Sec-3B row-3 s-9.5    
Beckley,  Nettie F.           Sec-5 row-4 s-9    
Beckley,  Wilfred C.           Sec-3B row-4 s-6    
Beckley,  William           Sec-5 row-4 s-8    
Beeson,  Almon Wilbert           Sec-2 row-12 s-1    
Beeson,  Betty Spillers           Sec-8B row-7 s-0.5    
Beeson,  Donald H.           Sec-4 row-13 s-3    
Beeson,  John D.           Sec-8B row-7 s-0.5    
Beeson,  Julia           Sec-4 row-13 s-3    
Beeson,  Mahlon           Sec-2 row-11 s-7    
Beeson,  Mrs. Mahlon           Sec-2 row-11 s-NS    
Beller,  Allen E.           Sec-7D row-7 s-5    
Belles,  Elsie M.           Sec-4 row-9 s-2    
Belles,  Frank L.           Sec-4 row-9 s-2    
Belles,  Lois Elain           Sec-4 row-9 s-3    
Bellis,  Lorene           Rhody D row-6 s-9    
Bellis,  Lorene     Rhody-D, row 6, stone 9
Bellis,  Michael Leroy     Rhody D row-6 s-9
Bellis,  Ruby Eileen     Rhody Sec D row 6 s-9
Bellis,  William A           Rhody D row-6 s-9    
Benedict,  John Edward           Sec-4 row-13 s-7    
Benjamin,  Archie B.           Sec-7A row-2 s-5    
Benjamin,  Mary E.           Sec-7A row-2 s-5    
Bennett,  Berla           Sec-6L row-6 s-4    
Bennett,  E. Eileen           Rhody A row-7 s-11    
Bennett,  Marnee W. Dec 6 1952           Rhody C2 row-1 s-13    
Bennett,  Marvin D.           Rhody C2 row-1 s-14    
Bennett,  Omar           Sec-6L row-6 s-4    
Bennett,  Russell E           Rhody A row-7 s-11    
Bennett,  Sherri R           Rhody C2 row-1 s-14    
Benson,  Robert L.           Rhody C row-7 s-5    
Benson,  Ulyssis Grant           Old Max  row-23 s-15    
Berns,  Alfred           Sec-7D row-2 s-NS    
Berte,  Marilyn J.           Sec-8E row-2 s-2.5    
Berte,  Mark A.           Sec-8E row-2 s-2.5    
Beshears,  Bobby Ray     Sec-4  row 5  stone 8 
Betts,  George           Sec-5 row-8 s-NS    
Betts,  Jeraldine           Sec-5 row-8 s-NS    
Betts,  Malinda A.           Sec-5 row-7 s-6    
Betts,  Noah J.           Sec-5 row-7 s-6    
Betts,  Ona E.           Sec-2 row-21 s-16    
Billheimer,  Ida B.           Sec-2 row-3 s-9    
Bisel,  A. Josephine           Sec-5 row-8 s-6    
Bisel,  Phillip     Sec 5, row 8 stone 7
Bisel,  Russell E.           Sec-5 row-8 s-6    
Bishop,  Mary           Sec-7C row-8 s-NS    
Black,  Alex S.           Old Max  row-23 s-14    
Black,  Alexander C.           Sec-2 row-21 s-11    
Black,  Alonzo           Sec-6N row-6 s-10    
Black,  Collins           Sec-2 row-21 s-NS    
Black,  Eddy C.           Sec-2 row-21 s-10    
Black,  Elvin W.           Sec-3G row-3 s-11    
Black,  Eva D.           Sec-3G row-3 s-11    
Black,  Fay           Sec-6N row-5 s-8    
Black,  Garve           Sec-2 row-21 s-NS    
Black,  James A.           Sec-6N row-5 s-7    
Black,  Lana           Sec-2 row-21 s-NS    
Black,  Nancy E.           Sec-6N row-5 s-7    
Black,  Nathan           Sec-2 row-21 s-NS    
Black,  Rachel C.           Sec-2 row-21 s-11    
Black,  Ruth           Sec-2 row-21 s-NS    
Blair,  Carl R.           Sec-8E row-5 s-3    
Blair,  Lewis G.           Sec-8E row-5 s-4    
Blair,  Thelma A.           Sec-8E row-5 s-3    
Bly,  Anice E           Rhody B row-7 s-12    
Bly,  Arlene S     sec 7C, row 1, stone 4.5
Bly,  Arlene S.           Sec-7C row-1 s-4.5    
Bly,  Edward E           Rhody B row-7 s-12    
Bly,  Family Marker           Sec-3A row-1 s-3    
Bly,  Flora R.           Sec-3A row-1 s-4    
Bly,  Frederick D.           Sec-7C row-1 s-4.5    
Bly,  J. Garver           Sec-1 row-6 s-11    
Bly,  Jeremiah           Sec-5 row-19 s-1    
Bly,  Mildred A.           Sec-5 row-19 s-1    
Bly,  Minnie Edwards           Sec-1 row-6 s-11    
Bly,  Philip M.           Sec-3A row-1 s-2    
Bly,  Phillip Edward     Sec-5  row 19 stone 3 
Bly,  Rhoda Maralene     Rhody B Row 6 stone 12 
Boggs,  Hilda           Sec-7H row-6 s-8    
Boggs,  J Edwin           Sec-7H row-6 s-9    
Boggs,  James Edwin "Eddie"     sec 7H, row 6, stone 9
Boggs,  June B           Sec-7H row-6 s-9    
Boggs,  June Berry     Sec-7H row-6 s-9
Boggs,  Plummer           Sec-7H row-6 s-8    
Bogue,  Aaron Wade     Rhody D row-6 s-7
Bogue,  Daniel Eugene           Rhody B2 row-1 s-1    
Bogue,  Mary Lavena           Rhody B2 row-1 s-1    
Bogue,  Robert Benjamin           Rhody B2 row-1 s-1    
Bolender,  George J.           Sec-7K row-7 s-2    
Bolender,  Inez M.           Sec-7K row-7 s-2    
Bolinger,  Bette L.           Sec-7J row-7 s-3    
Bolinger,  Bruce           Sec-6M row-4 s-1    
Bolinger,  Charles T.           Sec-6M row-3 s-5    
Bolinger,  Ernest C.           Sec-6M row-3 s-6    
Bolinger,  Fred'k           Old Max  row-17 s-18    
Bolinger,  Inez G.           Sec-6M row-3 s-6    
Bolinger,  Jacob           Old Max  row-17 s-1    
Bolinger,  Maria           Sec-1 row-4 s-NS    
Bolinger,  Mariah L.           Sec-1 row-4 s-6    
Bolinger,  Mary S.           Old Max  row-17 s-5    
Bolinger,  Moses           Sec-1 row-4 s-6    
Bolinger,  Nettie A.           Sec-6M row-3 s-5    
Bolinger,  Robert L.           Sec-7J row-7 s-3    
Bolinger,  Samuel R.           Sec-1 row-4 s-7    
Bolinger,  Wayne Leroy           Sec-6M row-4 s-2    
Bond,  Arthur F.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-9    
Bond,  Debbie Lynn (Daniels)     Rhody E Row 10 stone 9
Bond,  Dora T.           Sec-7I row-6 s-2    
Bond,  M Dwain           Rhody F row-10 s-8    
Bond,  Margaret           Sec-8E row-1 s-3    
Bond,  Necia M.           Sec-8D row-1 s-5    
Bond,  Nellie C.           Sec-7I row-5 s-5    
Bond,  Oliver           Sec-7I row-5 s-5    
Bond,  Roger           Sec-7I row-6 s-2    
Bond,  Ruth A.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-7    
Bond,  Sherrill A.           Rhody F row-10 s-8    
Bond,  Sherrill A.     Rhody F row-10 s-8
Bond,  Walter E.           Sec-8D row-1 s-5    
Bond,  William Arthur           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-10    
Bonewit,  June E.           Sec-7I row-5 s-4    
Booher,  Billy Lee           Sec-4 row-1 s-6    
Booher,  Daniel E.           Sec-4 row-1 s-5    
Booher,  Danny Gene           Sec-4 row-2 s-6    
Booher,  Danny R.           Sec-4 row-2 s-6.5    
Booher,  Mary L.           Sec-4 row-1 s-5    
Booher,  Sharon J.           Sec-4 row-2 s-6.5    
Booher,  Simon           Sec-4 row-2 s-5    
Boots,  David W.           Sec-7K row-3 s-1    
Boots,  Family Marker           Sec-7K row-3 s-2    
Boots,  Lucille Maria           Sec-7K row-3 s-4    
Boots,  Martha E.           Sec-7C row-3 s-5    
Boots,  Martha Ermel           Sec-6B row-1 s-7    
Boots,  Melville M.           Sec-7C row-3 s-5    
Boots,  Merl Leverton           Sec-6B row-1 s-7    
Boots,  Nancy F.           Sec-7K row-3 s-3    
Borror - Barker,  Family Marker           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-9    
Borror,  Clarence B.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-7    
Borror,  Maude E.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-8    
Bortner,  Mary E.           Sec-8D row-8 s-1    
Bortner,  Ora W.           Sec-8D row-8 s-1    
Bortsfield,  Emma S.           Sec-1 row-6 s-17    
Bortsfield,  William G.           Sec-1 row-7 s-19    
Boswer,  Lewis S.           Sec-6F row-3 s-6    
Boswer,  Margaret           Sec-6F row-3 s-5b    
Boswer,  Michael           Sec-6F row-3 s-5    
Botkin,  child           Sec-3A row-3 s-NS    
Botkin,  Clyde E. M. D.           Sec-2 row-11 s-10    
Botkin,  Cora A.           Sec-7K row-5 s-3    
Botkin,  Donald V           Rhody D row-7 s-6    
Botkin,  E. T. B           Sec-2 row-7 s-NS    
Botkin,  Edgar T.           Sec-2 row-7 s-6    
Botkin,  Emma Irvin           Sec-7G row-1 s-2    
Botkin,  Family Marker           Sec-2 row-11 s-11    
Botkin,  Family Marker           Sec-7G row-3 s-1    
Botkin,  Family Marker           Sec-7K row-6 s-6    
Botkin,  Harold D.           Sec-7G row-2 s-1    
Botkin,  Helen McGuire           Sec-7D row-5 s-9    
Botkin,  Herbert R.           Sec-7K row-5 s-4    
Botkin,  John L.           Sec-7G row-4 s-1    
Botkin,  Joseph W.           Sec-7I row-6 s-3    
Botkin,  Lewis A.           Sec-7K row-5 s-2    
Botkin,  Lois B           Rhody D row-7 s-6    
Botkin,  Margaret E.           Sec-3A row-4 s-7    
Botkin,  Martha L.           Sec-3A row-4 s-6    
Botkin,  Martin Lee           Sec-7D row-5 s-9    
Botkin,  Marvin T.           Sec-7G row-4 s-3    
Botkin,  Nola M.           Sec-7I row-6 s-3    
Botkin,  Private Chauncey C.           Sec-2 row-8 s-4    
Botkin,  Robert W.           Sec-2 row-12 s-5    
Botkin,  Rosa V.           Sec-2 row-7 s-7    
Botkin,  Ruby W.           Sec-2 row-11 s-12    
Botkin,  Samuel T.           Sec-3A row-4 s-6    
Botkin,  Seigel           Sec-3A row-3 s-NS    
Botkin,  Suda E.           Sec-7G row-4 s-2    
Botkin,  Thomas W.           Sec-7G row-1 s-1    
Botkin,  Violet W.           Sec-7K row-5 s-5    
Botkin,  Virgil Gladys           Sec-7G row-2 s-2    
Botkin,  W. J.           Sec-2 row-7 s-NS    
Botkin,  William J.           Sec-3A row-4 s-7    
Bott,  Helen M.           Sec-3H row-1 s-10    
Bott,  Minera J.           Old Max  row-10 s-7    
Bousman,  Anna L.           Sec-4 row-25 s-2    
Bousman,  Rodney M.           Sec-4 row-25 s-2    
Bow,  Fred Oliver           Sec-5 row-19 s-10    
Bow,  Martha Kay     stone as of July 2014
Bow,  Zida Ann           Sec-5 row-19 s-10    
Bowers,  Dewey           Sec-7D row-7 s-NS    
Bowers,  Eli           Sec-3C row-2 s-NS    
Bowers,  Mrs. Eli           Sec-3C row-2 s-NS    
Bowers,  Viola           Sec-7D row-7 s-NS    
Bowman,  Florence Lilly           Sec-6L row-6 s-1    
Bowman,  Grace Weeks           Sec-5 row-3 s-5    
Bowman,  William Alvin           Sec-6L row-6 s-1    
Bowser,  John E.           Sec-6F row-4 s-8    
Boyatt,  Dan Austin           Rhody G row-6 s-4    
Boyatt,  Dan Austin     Rhody G Row 5 stone 4
Bradburn,  Mary Helen           Sec-8I row-6 s-1    
Bradburn,  Russell E. Sr.,           Sec-8I row-6 s-1    
Bradford,  Maxine B.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-2 s-15    
Bradford,  Maye M.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-2 s-16    
Bradford,  Orville Gar           Sec-Old Church Lot row-2 s-16    
Bradhurn,  Katherine E.           Sec-8F row-4 s-1    
Bradhurn,  Merl           Sec-8F row-4 s-1    
Bradley,  Hugh V.           Sec-1 row-4 s-24    
Bradnick,  Estella L.           Sec-7K row-2 s-7    
Bradnick,  Irvin S.           Sec-7K row-2 s-7    
Bradnick,  Lura A.           Sec-7K row-1 s-7    
Bradnick,  Robert H.           Sec-7K row-1 s-7    
Bradrick,  Flora M.           Sec-2 row-10 s-10    
Bradrick,  John W.           Sec-2 row-10 s-9    
Bradrick,  Mary           Sec-2 row-9 s-5    
Bradrick,  Mary A.           Sec-2 row-10 s-9    
Bradrick,  William           Sec-2 row-9 s-4    
Brady,  Ida L.           Sec-8B row-4 s-2    
Brady,  John H.           Sec-8B row-4 s-5    
Brady,  Lottie           Sec-7L row-1 s-5    
Brady,  Nelson           Sec-7L row-1 s-5    
Brady,  Sarah Belle           Sec-8B row-4 s-4    
Brammer,  Cleo A.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-18    
Branson,  Bertha Holland           Sec-7C row-3 s-3    
Branson,  Catharine           Sec-3A row-1 s-6    
Branson,  Catharine, w/o J. B. Branson           Sec-3A row-1 s-7a    
Branson,  Cordellia Wood           Sec-7E row-6 s-5    
Branson,  Ella           Sec-7K row-1 s-6    
Branson,  family Marker           Sec-5 row-19 s-5    
Branson,  Family Marker           Sec-7C row-3 s-2    
Branson,  Family Marker           Sec-7K row-2 s-6    
Branson,  Hugh           Sec-7C row-3 s-1    
Branson,  Infant           Sec-3C row-3 s-1    
Branson,  Ira M.           Sec-7C row-5 s-2    
Branson,  James M.           Sec-5 row-19 s-4    
Branson,  Joseph B.           Sec-3A row-1 s-5    
Branson,  Joseph B.           Sec-3A row-1 s-7    
Branson,  Leota Larkin           Sec-7C row-5 s-3    
Branson,  Louisa Robinson Brickley           Sec-7C row-5 s-1    
Branson,  Marshall           Sec-7K row-1 s-5    
Branson,  Mary A.           Sec-5 row-19 s-6    
Branson,  Matilda           Sec-5 row-3 s-2    
Branson,  Paul Edwin     Sec 8H, row-1 s-7
Branson,  Russell Peter           Sec-7E row-6 s-4    
Brewer,  Glen F           Sec-4 row-7 s-3    
Brewer,  Mary Pauline           Sec-4 row-7 s-3    
Brickley,  Belle           Sec-6D row-3 s-NS    
Brickley,  Charles           Sec-6D row-3 s-NS    
Brickley,  David E.           Sec-6D row-4 s-4.5    
Brickley,  Eliza E.           Sec-6D row-4 s-4    
Brickley,  Geneva           Sec-6D row-4 s-4    
Brickley,  John F.           Old Max  row-14 s-3    
Brickley,  Joseph Simon           Sec-6D row-4 s-4    
Brickley,  Kathleen M.           Sec-8D row-6 s-1.5    
Brickley,  Mary Thirza           Old Max  row-15 s-6    
Brickley,  S. V.           Sec-6D row-4 s-4b    
Brickley,  Sarah M.           Old Max  row-14 s-3    
Brickley,  Therza           Old Max  row-14 s-3    
Bright,  Esther W.           Sec-7G row-7 s-3    
Bright,  W. Pearl           Sec-7G row-7 s-3    
Bronson,  Ollie S.           Sec-2 row-15 s-9    
Brooks,  Anna J.           Sec-1 row-1 s-12    
Brooks,  Asa S.           Sec-1 row-1 s-11    
Brooks,  Ben I.           Sec-8B row-3 s-3    
Brooks,  C. Clay           Sec-2 row-2 s-4    
Brooks,  Christine           Sec-8B row-4 s-1.5    
Brooks,  Ella           Sec-7I row-4 s-3    
Brooks,  Family Marker           Sec-2 row-2 s-6    
Brooks,  Forra           Sec-2 row-1 s-11    
Brooks,  Forra           Sec-2 row-1 s-12    
Brooks,  Henrietta Kem           Sec-2 row-1 s-10    
Brooks,  Infant,           Old Max  row-2 s-7    
Brooks,  J.           Old Max  row-2 s-4    
Brooks,  James A           Rhody G row-10 s-3    
Brooks,  John           Old Max  row-1 s-4    
Brooks,  M. Laverne           Sec-8B row-4 s-1.5    
Brooks,  Marilyn S           Rhody G row-10 s-3    
Brooks,  Mathew           Old Max  row-1 s-6    
Brooks,  Mattie R.           Sec-5A row-26 s-4    
Brooks,  Nina E.           Sec-8B row-3 s-3    
Brooks,  Opal J.           Sec-2 row-2 s-5    
Brooks,  Rhoda           Old Max  row-1 s-5    
Brooks,  Rose           Sec-2 row-1 s-13    
Brooks,  S. B.           Old Max  row-2 s-3    
Brooks,  Susan Beallo           Old Max  row-1 s-4    
Brooks,  Valedia Pauline           Sec-8B row-3 s-3    
Brooks,  Wess           Sec-7I row-4 s-3    
Brooks,  William M.           Sec-2 row-1 s-10    
Brown,  Barbara A.           Sec-8I row-0 s-1    
Brown,  Barbara Ann (nee Wright)     Sec 8I Row 0 s-1
Brown,  Bert A.           Sec-6K row-1 s-1    
Brown,  Billy Gene     Sec 7L, row 3, stone 0.5
Brown,  Denver           Sec-1 row-2 s-17    
Brown,  Ed           Sec-7F  row-5 s-3    
Brown,  Florence M.           Sec-1 row-2 s-17    
Brown,  Gertie           Sec-7F  row-5 s-3    
Brown,  Gilbert           Sec-7F row-6 s-4    
Brown,  Hugh E.           Rhody C2 row-1 s-5    
Brown,  Infant           Sec-7F  row-5 s-ns    
Brown,  James D.           Sec-8I row-1 s-3    
Brown,  James L.           Sec-8I row-0 s-1    
Brown,  Lena E.           Sec-8I row-1 s-3    
Brown,  Lillian           Sec-7F row-6 s-3    
Brown,  Lynn           Rhody C2 row-1 s-5    
Brown,  Madonna N           Sec-5 row-10 s-8    
Brown,  Mary E.           Sec-7I row-7 s-4    
Brown,  Mildred Pauline           Sec-6K row-1 s-2    
Brown,  Ora G.           Sec-2 row-21 s-NS    
Brown,  Ora G.           Sec-7I row-7 s-3    
Brown,  Pearl M.           Sec-7I row-7 s-2    
Brown,  Rickty Gene           Sec-4 row-8 s-7    
Brown,  Roger W.           Sec-7F row-6 s-3    
Brown,  Rose L.           Sec-5A row-20 s-4    
Brown,  Ruth L.           Sec-7F row-6 s-4    
Brubaker,  John           Sec-1 row-2 s-22    
Brubaker,  Marla           Sec-1 row-2 s-21    
Brubaker,  Matilda           Old Max  row-14 s-8    
Brumley,  Charles     Rhody A2 row-2 s-8
Brumley,  Eva C. Harrell           Sec-Old Church Lot row-7 s-11.5    
Brumley,  Harry R.           Sec-8A row-5 s-2    
Brumley,  Madeleine           Sec-8A row-5 s-2    
Brumley,  Norma           Rhody B row-6 s-8    
Brumley,  Norman           Rhody B row-6 s-8    
Brush,  Bette Lou Younce           Sec-5 row-13 s-6    
Buis,  Raymond           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-20    
Bulcher,  Kay           Sec-8A row-6 s-2    
Bullard,  Bessie           Sec-8F row-5 s-5    
Bullard,  James           Sec-8F row-5 s-5    
Bullard,  Mervin L.           Sec-8B row-5 s-4    
Bullard,  Opal G.           Sec-8B row-5 s-4    
Bullock,  William Harvey           Sec-1 row-1 s-NS    
Bunsold,  Al. L.           Sec-2 row-21 s-14    
Bunsold,  Guy L.           Sec-2 row-20 s-13    
Bunsold,  John F.           Sec-6L row-5 s-1    
Bunsold,  Loretta A.           Sec-6L row-5 s-1    
Bunsold,  Rachel E.           Sec-2 row-21 s-14    
Bunsold,  Russell R.           Sec-2 row-20 s-12    
Burchnell,  Cora           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-21    
Burchnell,  James           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-21    
Burchnell,  Raymond E.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-22    
Burelison,  Carol S.           Sec-7D row-6 s-8    
Burelison,  David M.           Sec-7D row-6 s-8    
Burelison,  Henry R.           Sec-3B row-2 s-5    
Burelison,  James           Sec-7D row-7 s-6    
Burelison,  M. Alice           Sec-3B row-2 s-5    
Burelison,  Mark D           Sec-7D row-6 s-8    
Burelison,  Mary E.           Sec-7D row-6 s-7    
Burelison,  Peggy Lou           Sec-7D row-6 s-5    
Burelison,  Richard           Sec-7D row-6 s-6    
Burelison,  Richard Keith           Sec-7D row-6 s-7    
Burelison,  Sarah A.           Sec-5 row-3 s-1    
Burelison,  Vina           Sec-5 row-13 s-2.7    
Burelison,  William M.           Sec-5 row-3 s-1    
Burelison,  William O.           Sec-7D row-6 s-7    
Burgress,  Daisy Gertrude Casto           Sec-7I row-8 s-7    
Burgress?,  Terry Lee           Sec-7I row-8 s-8    
Burke,  Charles H.           Sec-7B row-7 s-6    
Burke,  Ida Kathryn           Sec-7B row-7 s-6    
Burket,  Josephine B.           Sec-5A row-25 s-7    
Burkhardt,  Mary M.           Sec-6L row-2 s-2    
Burkhardt,  Norman P.           Sec-6L row-2 s-2    
Burnworth,  Allison           Sec-3I row-1 s-10    
Burnworth,  Edna P.           Sec-8F row-5 s-6    
Burnworth,  Jennie M. Gray           Sec-3I row-1 s-10a    
Burnworth,  Walter H.           Sec-8F row-5 s-6    
Burrelison,  Minnie           Sec-7D row-5 s-8    
Burrelison,  Ora O.           Sec-7D row-5 s-8    
Burres - Deselm,  Family Marker           Sec-3B row-2 s-1    
Burres,  "Father"           Sec-6D row-1 s-6    
Burres,  "Mother"           Sec-6D row-1 s-7    
Burres,  Amelia J.           Sec-5A row-24 s-6    
Burres,  Ann M.           Sec-6D row-1 s-2    
Burres,  Anna M.           Sec-6D row-3 s-3c    
Burres,  B. J.           Sec-3B row-2 s-NS    
Burres,  Capt. William           Sec-3G row-2 s-2    
Burres,  Clyde W.           Sec-2 row-12 s-15    
Burres,  Daisy           Old Max  row-10 s-25    
Burres,  Daisy           Sec-6A row-3 s-6    
Burres,  Emma           Sec-3B row-1 s-3    
Burres,  Frank           Sec-3A row-2 s-NS    
Burres,  Georgiana,           Sec-3G row-2 s-2    
Burres,  Harry           Sec-3G row-2 s-1    
Burres,  Harry C.           Sec-6A row-3 s-6    
Burres,  harry G.           Old Max  row-10 s-25    
Burres,  Ida Carrie           Sec-5 row-16 s-8    
Burres,  infant           Sec-3G row-2 s-3    
Burres,  infant           Sec-3G row-2 s-NS    
Burres,  Ione E.           Sec-6A row-3 s-6    
Burres,  John           Sec-2 row-12 s-16    
Burres,  Lester C.           Sec-5A row-24 s-6    
Burres,  Lettie B.           Sec-2 row-12 s-15    
Burres,  Lillie           Sec-6A row-3 s-6    
Burres,  Lilly Jane           Sec-6D row-1 s-3    
Burres,  Lt William A.           Sec-6A row-3 s-7    
Burres,  Margaret           Sec-7C row-7 s-1    
Burres,  Margaret "Peg" Louise     Sec-5A row-24 s-7 
Burres,  Margaret L.           Sec-5A row-24 s-7    
Burres,  Margery V.           Sec-6A row-3 s-6    
Burres,  Nettie           Sec-3G row-2 s-1    
Burres,  Norris P.           Sec-3B row-1 s-4    
Burres,  Samuel C.           Sec-6D row-1 s-1    
Burres,  Sarah A.           Sec-3G row-2 s-2    
Burres,  Sarh M.           Sec-6D row-5 s-2    
Burres,  Stephen A.           Sec-6D row-1 s-5    
Burres,  Stephen W.           Sec-5A row-24 s-7    
Burres,  Ulysses Grant           Sec-5 row-16 s-8    
Burres,  Walace           Sec-6D row-1 s-4    
Burris,  Edward Leroy     Sec-1 row-1 s-18? 
Burton,  Mary Elizabeth Shaver           Sec-6E row-4 s-5    
Burton,  Wilbur           Sec-6E row-4 s-5    
Bussear,  Philip           Sec-7D row-3 s-9    
Bussear,  Raymond           Sec-7D row-3 s-9    
Butts,  Alva Ray           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-17    
Byers,  Sarah C.           Sec-1 row-1 s-NS    
Byram,  Jennie           Old Max  row-6 s-1    
Caldwell,  Marie           Sec-2 row-16 s-6    
Caldwell,  Samuel           Sec-2 row-16 s-6    
Camp,  Jessie           Sec-7J row-2 s-NS    
Camp,  Samuel D.           Sec-3E row-1 s-1    
Campbell,  Andrew           Old Max  row-22 s-5    
Campbell,  Ella Ann           Sec-4 row-14 s-2    
Campbell,  Eva           Sec-Old Church Lot row-2 s-13    
Campbell,  Harold A.           Sec-4 row-14 s-2    
Campbell,  John W.           Old Max  row-22 s-4    
Campbell,  Martha A.           Old Max  row-22 s-5    
Campbell,  Viola           Old Max  row-22 s-5    
Campbell,  Wesley M.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-2 s-12    
Canaday,  David           Sec-3I row-1 s-3    
Canaday,  Mary A.           Sec-3I row-1 s-4    
Canaday,  Mary A. M.           Sec-3I row-1 s-3a    
Canaday,  occupied           Sec-3I row-1 s-4    
Canady,  Kimberly Dawn (Mills)      Rhody E row-10 s-15
Cantrell,  Marcella           Sec-1 row-2 s-NS    
Capon,  Alice Mae           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-12    
Carey,  Family Marker           Sec-2 row-8 s-3    
Carey,  Sophia           Sec-2 row-7 s-4a    
Carey,  William M.           Sec-2 row-7 s-4    
Carr,  Myrtle G.           Sec-5 row-13 s-0    
Carrier,  Elizabeth           Sec-2 row-7 s-22    
Carter,  Martitia           Sec-2 row-1 s-NS    
Carter,  Sussannah R.           Sec-6D row-1 s-13    
Carter,  William B.           Sec-2 row-1 s-14    
Case,  Cecil G.           Sec-8C row-6 s-1    
Case,  Crystal B.           Sec-8C row-6 s-1    
Case,  Esther Clayton           Sec-7B row-2 s-1    
Castor,  Dorothy           Sec-6K row-2 s-NS    
Cavanaugh,  George M.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-17    
Cavanaugh,  Sarah M.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-17    
Cecil,  Albert Luther           Sec-6L row-2 s-3    
Cecil,  Barbary           Sec-7B row-6 s-11    
Cecil,  Clara O.           Sec-7I row-6 s-3b    
Cecil,  Dollie Elizabeth           Sec-6L row-2 s-3    
Cecil,  E.           Sec-7B row-5 s-5    
Cecil,  Elma           Sec-7J row-6 s-5    
Cecil,  Ephraim           Sec-2 row-19 s-8    
Cecil,  Ezra           Sec-7B row-6 s-10    
Cecil,  George           Sec-1 row-3 s-10    
Cecil,  George O.           Sec-7I row-6 s-3b    
Cecil,  Harlan Ray           Sec-6L row-2 s-3    
Cecil,  Harold H.           Sec-2 row-4 s-12    
Cecil,  Kelley F.           Sec-2 row-3 s-18    
Cecil,  Mary E.           Sec-2 row-4 s-11    
Cecil,  Olive D.           Sec-2 row-4 s-12    
Cecil,  Rebecca           Sec-2 row-19 s-8    
Cecil,  Willard           Sec-7J row-6 s-5    
Cecil,  Zachariah W.           Sec-2 row-4 s-11    
Chamberlain,  David           Sec-4 row-8 s-8    
Chambers,  Clara           Sec-6A row-2 s-2    
Chambers,  infant           Sec-5 row-16 s-2    
Chandler,  Elizabeth           Sec-7J row-1 s-NS    
Chapman,  Carl F.           Sec-7C row-8 s-5    
Chapman,  Grace B.           Sec-7C row-7 s-7    
Chapman,  Maude H.           Sec-5A row-22 s-5    
Chapman,  Maude M.           Sec-7C row-8 s-5    
Chapman,  Oral L.           Sec-7C row-7 s-8    
Chapman,  Roy H.           Sec-5A row-22 s-5    
Cheesman,  Abigail F.           Sec-7J row-2 s-1    
Cheesman,  Ed           Sec-7C row-4 s-3.5    
Cheesman,  Family Marker           Old Max  row-2 s-7.5    
Cheesman,  Family Marker           Sec-7E row-8 s-5    
Cheesman,  Gary           Sec-7J row-1 s-2    
Cheesman,  Hugh           Sec-7J row-2 s-1    
Cheesman,  infant Mary Magdaline           Sec-2 row-11 s-19    
Cheesman,  Infant Verle Miller           Sec-2 row-11 s-19    
Cheesman,  John E.           Sec-7J row-1 s-1    
Cheesman,  Leona           Sec-7C row-4 s-3    
Cheesman,  Mary C.           Sec-7J row-1 s-1    
Cheesman,  S. Myrtle           Sec-2 row-11 s-19a    
Cheesman,  Taylor D.           Sec-2 row-11 s-19a    
Cheesmman,  Clayton A.           Sec-7E row-7 s-7    
Cheesmman,  Ila Wilson           Sec-7E row-7 s-8    
Chenoweth,  Laura E.           Sec-6F row-1 s-10    
Chenoweth,  Laura E. Haynes           Sec-6F row-2 s-2    
Chenoweth,  Nelson T.           Sec-6F row-1 s-9    
Chenoweth,  Nelson T.           Sec-6F row-2 s-2    
Chessman,  "Mother" Nancy           Old Max  row-4 s-13    
Chessman,  Ann E.           Old Max  row-4 s-14    
Chessman,  Clara C.           Old Max  row-4 s-12    
Chessman,  Davidson           Old Max  row-4 s-15    
Chessman,  Family Marker           Old Max  row-3 s-7    
Childers,  Jill L. (Mock)     Sec-4 row-3 s-5
Clark,  Alfred J.           Sec-7D row-2 s-10    
Clark,  Arena E.           Sec-7D row-3 s-4    
Clark,  Bertha E.           Sec-7B row-6 s-1    
Clark,  Chester A.           Sec-8C row-3 s-4    
Clark,  Delilah L.           Sec-8C row-1 s-5    
Clark,  Ethel G.           Sec-8C row-3 s-4    
Clark,  Family Marker           Sec-8C row-2 s-5    
Clark,  Freda N.           Sec-7D row-2 s-11    
Clark,  Guineth M.           Sec-8C row-3 s-5    
Clark,  James D.           Sec-7D row-2 s-6    
Clark,  John B.           Sec-7D row-3 s-4    
Clark,  John G.           Sec-7D row-2 s-4    
Clark,  Lawrence E.           Sec-7B row-6 s-1    
Clark,  Lewis W.           Sec-7H row-7 s-1    
Clark,  Lloyd Harold           Sec-7K row-2 s-4    
Clark,  Mary M.           Sec-7H row-7 s-1    
Clark,  Mildred Branson           Sec-7K row-2 s-5    
Clark,  Powell G.           Sec-8C row-1 s-4    
Clark,  Raymond G.           Sec-8C row-1 s-6    
Clark,  Syntha J.           Sec-7D row-2 s-4    
Clark,  Watson J.           Sec-8D row-3 s-1    
Clayton,  Boyce T.           Sec-6N row-7 s-6    
Clayton,  Catherine G.           Sec-7B row-1 s-NS    
Clayton,  Charles G.           Sec-6N row-8 s-1    
Clayton,  Clara A.           Old Max  row-10 s-21    
Clayton,  Della J.           Sec-3F row-3 s-7    
Clayton,  Elizabeth M.           Old Max  row-6 s-2    
Clayton,  Family Marker           Old Max  row-5 s-4    
Clayton,  H. Roger           Sec-7G row-1 s-6    
Clayton,  Henry           Sec-7B row-1 s-NS    
Clayton,  India           Sec-3F row-3 s-5    
Clayton,  Infant of Henry Clayton           Sec-7B row-2 s-NS    
Clayton,  James J.           Sec-3F row-4 s-2    
Clayton,  Jemima           Sec-3F row-4 s-2a    
Clayton,  John W.           Old Max  row-8 s-7    
Clayton,  Laura M.           Sec-7G row-1 s-6    
Clayton,  Mabel           Sec-6N row-7 s-4    
Clayton,  Mary           Old Max  row-10 s-19    
Clayton,  Mary W.           Old Max  row-8 s-7    
Clayton,  Neva Kathleen           Sec-6N row-8 s-3    
Clayton,  Othel G.           Sec-6N row-8 s-2    
Clayton,  Rachel G.           Sec-6N row-7 s-5    
Clayton,  Robert Lee           Rhody D2 row-1 s-13    
Clayton,  Rollin           Sec-6N row-7 s-4    
Clayton,  Samuel           Old Max  row-6 s-3    
Clayton,  Sarah B.           Sec-7B row-1 s-1    
Clayton,  Stephen           Old Max  row-10 s-18    
Clayton,  Stephen           Old Max  row-10 s-19    
Clayton,  Stephen E.           Sec-7B row-1 s-1    
Clayton,  Thomas Arthur           Sec-7B row-2 s-NS    
Clayton,  Vadetta Booher           Sec-4 row-1 s-8    
Clayton,  Williad F.           Sec-3F row-3 s-4    
Clayton,  William R.           Sec-6N row-7 s-5    
Clemens,  Curtis Eugene     Sec-old church lot row 3 stone 15.5
Clemens,  Dorothy Phyllis     stone
Clements,  Bessie B.           Sec-2 row-10 s-13    
Clements,  Charles           Sec-2 row-10 s-NS    
Clements,  Elmer           Sec-2 row-9 s-12.6    
Clements,  Grent           Sec-4 row-5 s-6    
Clements,  Joseph D.           Sec-2 row-10 s-13    
Clements,  Mary L.           Sec-4 row-5 s-5    
Clements,  Mary R           Sec-4 row-5 s-6    
Clements,  Opal B.           Sec-2 row-9 s-12.6    
Clements,  Walter E           Sec-4 row-5 s-5    
Clevenger,  Adda Enola           Sec-8D row-1 s-8    
Clevenger,  Andrew W.           Sec-7E row-4 s-3    
Clevenger,  Anna           Sec-5 row-8 s-2    
Clevenger,  Charles M.           Sec-4 row-12 s-2    
Clevenger,  child           Sec-2 row-8 s-NS    
Clevenger,  Clell           Sec-2 row-18 s-24    
Clevenger,  David Lon           Sec-2 row-7 s-17    
Clevenger,  Earl           Sec-4 row-4 s-NS    
Clevenger,  Edith           Sec-2 row-20 s-9    
Clevenger,  Effie           Sec-2 row-15 s-5    
Clevenger,  George W.           Sec-2 row-20 s-10    
Clevenger,  grave           Sec-1 row-6 s-NS    
Clevenger,  Harvey F.           Sec-1 row-7 s-21    
Clevenger,  Hattie M.           Sec-4 row-12 s-3    
Clevenger,  Howard C.           Sec-4 row-12 s-3    
Clevenger,  Hubert K.           Sec-8D row-1 s-8    
Clevenger,  James M.           Sec-2 row-20 s-9    
Clevenger,  Jayson C.           Sec-2 row-7 s-15    
Clevenger,  John           Sec-4 row-4 s-NS    
Clevenger,  Josephine           Sec-2 row-7 s-17    
Clevenger,  Leatha           Sec-2 row-8 s-10.5    
Clevenger,  Leatha M.           Sec-8F row-3 s-2    
Clevenger,  Mamie R.           Sec-4 row-12 s-2    
Clevenger,  Marilyn J.           Sec-8F row-4 s-3.5    
Clevenger,  Marilyn Jean (Engle)     Sec-8F row-4 s-3.5
Clevenger,  Marion H.           Sec-8F row-3 s-2    
Clevenger,  Marshal H.           Sec-1 row-7 s-20    
Clevenger,  Martha E.           Sec-2 row-7 s-16    
Clevenger,  Marvin H.           Sec-8F row-4 s-3.5    
Clevenger,  Mary C.           Sec-2 row-19 s-15    
Clevenger,  Mary E.           Sec-4 row-4 s-NS    
Clevenger,  Mattie           Sec-2 row-18 s-NS    
Clevenger,  Melva     stone
Clevenger,  Nellie G.           Sec-1 row-7 s-21    
Clevenger,  Odris "Bud"           Sec-2 row-8 s-10.6    
Clevenger,  Pearl A.           Sec-3B row-2 s-4    
Clevenger,  Phoebe A.           Sec-3B row-1 s-9    
Clevenger,  Rev. Hubert Kenneth jr     sec 8D, row 1, stone 8
Clevenger,  Sarah M.           Sec-7E row-4 s-3    
Clevenger,  Sylvester E.           Sec-5 row-8 s-1    
Clevenger,  Thiador           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-5NS    
Clevenger,  Thomas W.           Sec-7B row-3 s-5    
Clevenger,  Walter Merle           Sec-7L row-3 s-11    
Clevenger,  William H.           Sec-2 row-19 s-15    
Clevenger,  William H.           Sec-3B row-1 s-8    
Clevenger,  William J.           Sec-3B row-2 s-4    
Clevenger,  William M.           Sec-3B row-2 s-3    
Cline,  Alice           Sec-6J row-3 s-4    
Cline,  Alice M.           Sec-8F row-5 s-8    
Cline,  Alzina J.           Sec-2 row-8 s-6    
Cline,  Anna M.           Sec-7I row-4 s-1    
Cline,  Callie A.           Sec-3A row-3 s-17    
Cline,  Goldie M.           Sec-7I row-3 s-1    
Cline,  John           Sec-7I row-3 s-2    
Cline,  John S.           Sec-8F row-5 s-8    
Cline,  Marion           Sec-7I row-4 s-1    
Cline,  Phebe           Sec-7I row-3 s-2    
Cline,  Phebe A.           Sec-7I row-3 s-1    
Cline,  Rev Eddy S           Sec-4 row-15 s-5    
Cline,  Shirley M.           Sec-4 row-15 s-5    
Cline,  Willard           Sec-6J row-3 s-4    
Clingenpeel,  Frederick           Sec-7D row-5 s-6.5    
Clingenpeel,  Harvey L.           Sec-7D row-5 s-NS    
Clody,  George           Sec-3C row-2 s-NS    
Cloyd,  Calvin C.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-2 s-11    
Cloyd,  Phoebe J.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-2 s-11    
Coats,  Evelyn           Sec-8D row-1 s-1    
Coats,  Roger           Sec-8D row-1 s-1    
Coats,  Shirley Arlene     sec 8d, row 1, stone 1.5
Coats,  Shirley Coats           Sec-8D row-1 s-1.5    
Cobb,  Barbara     Rhody A2, Row 1, Stone 6 
Coby,  Benjamin           Old Max  row-13 s-1    
Cochran,  Eugene           Sec-4 row-21 s-2.5    
Cochran,  Eugene     sec 4, row 21, stone 2.5
Cochran,  Melannie           Sec-4 row-21 s-2.5    
Coddington,  Daisy Mae           Sec-7G row-4 s-NS    
Coffin,  Addison N.           Sec-3H row-4 s-2    
Coffin,  E. C.           Sec-4 row-16 s-4    
Coffin,  Fannie E.           Sec-4 row-15 s-1    
Coffin,  Lester M.           Sec-2 row-17 s-15    
Cofgrove,  William J.           Sec-2 row-12 s-20    
Coillyer,  Gerald           Sec-2 row-5 s-12    
Cole,  Dewey T           Sec-8H row-2 s-4    
Cole,  Dewey Taylor     stone
Cole,  Ida May           Sec-6N row-1 s-9    
Coleman,  baby           Sec-3H row-3 s-2    
Coleman,  Leona           Sec-7G row-4 s-7    
Collins,  Casandra A.           Sec-4 row-10 s-1    
Collins,  Family Marker           Old Max  row-15 s-2    
Collins,  George W.           Sec-8I row-5 s-1    
Collins,  H. N.           Old Max  row-16 s-1    
Collins,  Helen R.           Sec-6K row-4 s-7    
Collins,  Mae           Sec-8I row-5 s-1    
Collins,  Marshall R.           Sec-6K row-4 s-7    
Collyer,  Charles           Sec-1 row-5 s-12    
Collyer,  Estella M.           Sec-1 row-5 s-12    
Collyer,  Frank           Sec-2 row-4 s-8.3    
Collyer,  John           Sec-2 row-4 s-8.5    
Collyer,  Kathleen           Sec-2 row-4 s-8.4    
Collyer,  Mary           Sec-2 row-4 s-8.5    
Condon,  Florence A.           Sec-6N row-3 s-2    
Condon,  Thomas H.           Sec-6N row-3 s-2    
Conn,  Cordie           Sec-7I row-6 s-1    
Conn,  Helen M.           Sec-7A row-3 s-4    
Conn,  Helen M.           Sec-7I row-6 s-1    
Conn,  Nora E.           Sec-7I row-6 s-1    
Conn,  Ruth W.           Sec-7A row-3 s-5    
Conn,  Ruth W.           Sec-7I row-6 s-1    
Conner,  Elizabeth           Sec-3I row-3 s-1    
Conner,  John           Sec-3I row-3 s-1    
Connor,  Carlos           Sec-3I row-4 s-NS    
Connor,  Henry           Sec-3I row-4 s-NS    
Connor,  Mary L.           Sec-3I row-4 s-1    
Conwell,  Ruth D.           Sec-6M row-5 s-3.5    
Conyers,  Bertha           Sec-6H row-3 s-2    
Conyers,  child           Sec-4 row-5 s-NS    
Conyers,  child           Sec-4 row-5 s-NS    
Conyers,  Emma Hiatt           Sec-4 row-6 s-1    
Conyers,  Lewis           Sec-4 row-6 s-1    
Conyers,  Marion           Sec-6H row-2 s-NS    
Conyers,  Moses E.           Sec-5 row-6 s-1    
Cook,  Chase T.           Sec-8C row-8 s-6    
Cook,  Ernest L.           Sec-5 row-6 s-3    
Cook,  Esta O.           Sec-5 row-6 s-3    
Cook,  James W           Sec-5 row-6 s-3.5    
Cook,  Juanita L.           Sec-8C row-8 s-6    
Cook,  Lawrence W.           Sec-8C row-3 s-11    
Cook,  Lee M.           Sec-8C row-3 s-10    
Cook,  Martha L.           Sec-6E row-2 s-4b    
Cook,  Mary E.           Sec-8C row-3 s-10    
Cook,  Myron C.           Sec-8C row-7 s-2.5    
Coon,  Ardith L           Sec-2 row-4 s-6.5    
Coon,  Ardith L     stone as of July 2014
Coon,  John T           Sec-2 row-4 s-6.5    
Coon,  Vada K.           Sec-2 row-3 s-11    
Cooper,  Christopher D           Rhody A row-2 s-9    
Cortner,  Barbara Ann           Sec-8D row-3 s-3    
Cortner,  bertha O.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-8    
Cortner,  Daisy Mae           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-11    
Cortner,  Della           Sec-7B row-3 s-NS    
Cortner,  Dora           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-7    
Cortner,  Family Marker           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-11    
Cortner,  Flora Adelphia           Sec-7B row-3 s-3    
Cortner,  Frank W.           Sec-7B row-4 s-1    
Cortner,  Grace E.           Sec-4 row-19 s-3    
Cortner,  Harold           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-7    
Cortner,  Lester H.           Sec-8D row-3 s-2    
Cortner,  Martha J.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-7 s-5    
Cortner,  Marvin C.           Sec-4 row-19 s-3    
Cortner,  Robert           Sec-7B row-4 s-2    
Cortner,  Roger S.           Sec-7B row-3 s-1    
Cortner,  Rosa A.           Sec-8D row-3 s-2    
Cortner,  William Albert           Sec-7B row-3 s-2    
Cortner,  William R.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-7 s-5    
Cortner,  Worlie Merl           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-12    
Cotton,  Opal Grooms           Sec-6E row-2 s-3    
Cougill,  Charles W.           Sec-2 row-14 s-2    
Cougill,  Elizabeth J.           Old Max  row-6 s-19    
Cougill,  grave           Sec-2 row-11 s-NS    
Cougill,  grave           Sec-2 row-15 s-NS    
Cougill,  grave 5           Sec-2 row-12 s-NS    
Cougill,  Homer           Sec-2 row-14 s-3    
Cougill,  Infants           Old Max  row-6 s-19    
Cougill,  Isaish           Sec-2 row-14 s-1    
Cougill,  Mary Ann           Sec-2 row-11 s-6    
Cougill,  Pauline           Old Max  row-7 s-1    
Cougill,  Roger           Old Max  row-7 s-1    
Cougill,  William H.           Sec-2 row-11 s-5    
Courteau,  Mildred Miller           Sec-2 row-19 s-16    
Cowden,  Peggy L.     Rhody F row-8 s-1b 
Cowden,  Peggy Lee           Rhody F row-8 s-1b    
Cowden,  Ruby Burns           Rhody F row-8 s-1    
Cowden,  W. Jeff           Rhody F row-8 s-2    
Cowden,  William H.           Rhody F row-8 s-1    
Cowden,  Wm H     stone as of July 2014
Cox,  Arline Hill           Sec-7K row-8 s-4    
Cox,  Arveda M.           Sec-5 row-1 s-8.5    
Cox,  Arveda Mae (Hutchens)     Sec 5, row-1 s-8.5
Cox,  Bernard D.           Sec-4 row-18 s-5    
Cox,  Catharine M.           Sec-3D row-2 s-5    
Cox,  Charlie C.           Sec-1 row-6 s-1    
Cox,  George A.           Sec-1 row-6 s-1    
Cox,  James A.           Sec-1 row-7 s-1    
Cox,  Jesse           Sec-3D row-2 s-5    
Cox,  Leven           Sec-3D row-1 s-6    
Cox,  Maud M.           Sec-1 row-7 s-1    
Cox,  Mrs.           Sec-5 row-4 s-NS    
Cox,  Rex B.           Sec-5 row-1 s-8.5    
Cox,  Rex Eugene     stone
Cox,  Roger M.           Sec-1 row-7 s-2    
Cox,  Sarah           Sec-3D row-1 s-7    
Cracraft,  William           Sec-5 row-10 s-2    
Craig,  Augusta           Sec-1 row-6 s-14    
Craig,  Chelsea O.           Sec-6M row-7 s-1    
Craig,  Dawn Marie           Sec-8D row-2 s-7    
Craig,  Deborah K     no stone found
Craig,  Frank D.           Sec-1 row-7 s-15    
Craig,  Gussie I.           Sec-6M row-7 s-1    
Craig,  Ira C.           Sec-6M row-5 s-1    
Craig,  Jose Hollis           Sec-1 row-6 s-14.5    
Craig,  Kenneth F.           Sec-6M row-6 s-1    
Craig,  Lorado     Sec 6M, Row 7, s-0.5  (no stone)
Craig,  Marvin Dean     Sec 6M, Row 7, s-0.5  (no stone)
Craig,  Mary A.           Sec-1 row-7 s-14    
Craig,  Mildred M.           Sec-6M row-6 s-1    
Craig,  Nora A.           Sec-6M row-5 s-1    
Craig,  Oscar           Sec-1 row-6 s-14    
Craig,  Stroder           Sec-1 row-7 s-14    
Craigmile,  Ann C           Rhody D row-7 s-11    
Craigmile,  Catherine T           Rhody D row-7 s-11    
Craigmile,  David           Sec-7K row-2 s-6.3    
Craigmile,  David R.           Rhody D row-7 s-11    
Craigmile,  David Russell     stone as of July 2014
Craigmile,  Dorothy           Sec-7K row-2 s-6.3    
Craigmile,  Elva           Sec-8C row-8 s-3    
Craigmile,  Florence E.           Sec-8C row-8 s-3    
Craigmile,  Francis W.           Sec-8C row-8 s-3    
Craigmile,  S. Adaline           Sec-8C row-8 s-3    
Crane,  Naomi K.           Sec-2 row-19 s-3    
Craw,  Jay L.           Sec-8G row-2 s-4    
Craw,  Juanita           Sec-8G row-2 s-4    
Cross,  Dondeana King           Sec-8B row-3 s-7    
Crouch,  Thelma Wright           Sec-6M row-6 s-6    
Crow,  Mary J.           Sec-3F row-4 s-1    
Cultice,  Jane A.           Sec-5 row-9 s-6    
Cultice,  Phillip           Sec-5 row-9 s-6    
Cunningham,  Esta Mae           Rhody A row-2 s-5    
Cunningham,  Howard E           Rhody A row-2 s-5    
Cunningham,  Paul A.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-3 s-16    
Cunningham,  Rose A           Sec-Old Church Lot row-3 s-16    
Curless,  Jim Lee           Sec-8B row-8 s-3.3    
Curless,  Joan Grove           Sec-8B row-8 s-3.5    
Current,  Enoch T.           Sec-8F row-1 s-2    
Current,  Mary J.           Sec-8F row-1 s-2    
Curry,  Carolyn J.           Sec-8D row-2 s-1.5    
Curry,  John R.           Sec-8A row-2 s-4    
Curry,  Mildred           Sec-8D row-2 s-1    
Curry,  Robert J.           Sec-8D row-2 s-1.5    
Curry,  Robert J. Jr.,           Sec-8D row-2 s-1.5    
Curtis,  Alma M.           Sec-7I row-3 s-3    
Curtis,  Evalena F.           Sec-7I row-3 s-3    
Curtis,  Ezra K.           Sec-7I row-3 s-3    
Curtis,  Flosssie A.           Sec-7I row-3 s-3    
Daniels,  Iva S.           Sec-7C row-7 s-10    
Daniels,  John E.           Sec-7C row-7 s-10    
Daugherty,  Charles R.           Sec-7B row-6 s-3    
Daugherty,  Elva F.           Sec-6M row-1 s-3    
Daugherty,  Family Marker           Sec-7F row-4 s-6    
Daugherty,  Floyd G.           Sec-7F row-3 s-3W    
Daugherty,  Grace L.           Sec-7F row-3 s-2W    
Daugherty,  Howard V.           Sec-7B row-6 s-3.5    
Daugherty,  Lawrence M.           Sec-7J row-8 s-1    
Daugherty,  Mabel R.           Sec-7B row-6 s-3    
Daugherty,  Melvin E.           Sec-7B row-6 s-3.5    
Daugherty,  Melvin Ethelyn (Collins)     Sec 7B, row-6 s-3.5
Daugherty,  William R.           Sec-7F row-3 s-1W    
Davenport,  Earl C.           Sec-5 row-17 s-2    
Davenport,  Margaret D.           Sec-5 row-17 s-2    
Davidson,  Everett           Sec-2 row-16 s-12    
Davidson,  Fernando HL           Sec-2 row-16 s-3    
Davidson,  Nellie           Sec-2 row-16 s-11    
Davidson,  Rebecca E.           Sec-2 row-16 s-2    
Davidson,  William J.           Sec-2 row-16 s-1    
Davidson,  Zeruiah W.           Sec-2 row-16 s-4    
Davis,  Albert T. M. D.           Sec-5A row-17 s-2    
Davis,  Alfred           Sec-8E row-1 s-5    
Davis,  Alvador M.           Sec-5 row-12 s-2    
Davis,  Amanda J.           Sec-2 row-9 s-18    
Davis,  Armella C.           Sec-3G row-4 s-9    
Davis,  Chester A           Rhody D2 row-1 s-3    
Davis,  child           Sec-3G row-3 s-NS    
Davis,  Chloe           Sec-6M row-2 s-5    
Davis,  Claude W.           Sec-6M row-2 s-3    
Davis,  Clem C.           Sec-6M row-2 s-4    
Davis,  Dorothy M           Rhody D2 row-1 s-3    
Davis,  Dr, L, N,           Sec-5A row-20 s-1    
Davis,  Dr. Lewis N.           Sec-5A row-21 s-1    
Davis,  Earl T.           Sec-2 row-9 s-20    
Davis,  Elmer D.           Sec-5 row-2 s-4    
Davis,  Forrest O. Sr.           Sec-6I row-3 s-1    
Davis,  G. W.           Sec-2 row-10 s-18    
Davis,  George W.           Sec-2 row-9 s-17    
Davis,  grave           Sec-2 row-10 s-NS    
Davis,  grave bur no dt           Sec-2 row-9 s-NS    
Davis,  grave bur no dt           Sec-2 row-9 s-NS    
Davis,  Harry H.           Sec-2 row-9 s-19    
Davis,  Herbert           Sec-5A row-21 s-1    
Davis,  Hettie A.           Sec-6I row-3 s-1    
Davis,  I. Davis           Sec-6D row-3 s-2    
Davis,  Isaac           Sec-6D row-3 s-3b    
Davis,  James M.           Sec-6M row-1 s-5    
Davis,  James Parker T.           Sec-3G row-4 s-8    
Davis,  James S.           Sec-2 row-21 s-1    
Davis,  Joanna           Sec-6D row-5 s-1    
Davis,  Jose M.           Sec-5 row-12 s-2    
Davis,  Laura Friddle           Sec-2 row-9 s-15    
Davis,  Linda Kay           Sec-7H row-7 s-4    
Davis,  Lloyd Maurice           Sec-8F row-4 s-2    
Davis,  Lyde E.           Sec-2 row-21 s-1    
Davis,  Margaret           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-13NS    
Davis,  Martha           Sec-5A row-20 s-2    
Davis,  Martha           Sec-5A row-21 s-1    
Davis,  Mary           Sec-6M row-1 s-5    
Davis,  Mary E.           Sec-5 row-2 s-4    
Davis,  Mary L.           Sec-1 row-4 s-26    
Davis,  Mary P.           Sec-2 row-20 s-1    
Davis,  Max M.           Sec-8E row-1 s-4    
Davis,  Minnie B.           Sec-3G row-4 s-9a    
Davis,  Mrs. Isaac           Sec-6D row-3 s-1    
Davis,  Nancy           Sec-5 row-12 s-2    
Davis,  Nellie Nixon           Sec-5A row-17 s-2    
Davis,  Opal Davis           Sec-3G row-4 s-8.5    
Davis,  Phyllis E.           Sec-7H row-2 s-9    
Davis,  Robert E.           Sec-7H row-8 s-5.7    
Davis,  Sarah E.           Old Max  row-8 s-1    
Davis,  Sarah Ellen           Sec-7D row-5 s-NS    
Davis,  Simmon J.           Sec-7D row-5 s-1    
Davis,  Wanda           Sec-1 row-2 s-NS    
Davis,  William           Sec-4 row-7 s-2    
Davis,  William M.           Sec-7H row-2 s-9    
Davis,  William T.           Sec-6D row-5 s-1    
Davison,  Ashiel S.           Sec-6L row-3 s-2    
Davison,  Nettie M.           Sec-6L row-3 s-2    
Davison,  Roscoe M.           Sec-6L row-3 s-2    
Davisson,  Alice A.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-1    
Davisson,  Elza           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-1    
Davisson,  Family Marker           Sec-2 row-17 s-2    
Davisson,  Frank W.           Sec-2 row-17 s-1    
Davisson,  Gladys E.           Sec-6E row-2 s-7    
Davisson,  Glidie           Old Max  row-22 s-3    
Davisson,  Ira           Sec-7C row-5 s-SS    
Davisson,  Jean R.           Sec-2 row-17 s-1    
Davisson,  Leroy S.           Sec-6E row-2 s-7    
Davisson,  Mary E.           Old Max  row-10 s-11    
Davisson,  Zebuiaha           Old Max  row-22 s-3    
Deal,  Elmer E.           Sec-8B row-8 s-1    
Deal,  Family Marker           Sec-8B row-8 s-2    
Deal,  Mary           Sec-8B row-8 s-3    
Dean,  Arthur           Sec-6E row-1 s-2    
Dean,  Myrtle           Sec-6E row-1 s-2    
Deeds,  Agnes Celia           Sec-7K row-8 s-5    
Deeds,  Blanche           Sec-7K row-8 s-NS    
Deeds,  George           Sec-6E row-2 s-5    
Deeds,  Leona           Sec-6E row-2 s-5    
Deeds,  Matilda           Sec-7H row-2 s-4    
Deeds,  Samuel           Sec-7L row-7 s-7    
Deeds,  Willard A           Rhody D row-7 s-8    
Deeds,  Willard D.     Rhody D row-7 s-8
Deeds,  Willard T.           Sec-7H row-2 s-4    
Deeds,  Zelma E           Rhody D row-7 s-8    
Deitz,  Louisa           Old Max  row-19 s-2    
Delk,  Beth E (Wynn)     Sec 8I, row-5 s-3 
Delk,  Catherine B.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-16    
Delk,  George T.           Sec-4 row-6 s-1.4    
Delk,  Harry L. L.           Sec-5 row-11 s-1    
Delk,  James Albert           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-16    
Delk,  John M.           Sec-5 row-11 s-2    
Delk,  Rex C.           Sec-8I row-5 s-3    
Denny,  Gertrude H.           Sec-8D row-3 s-7    
Denton,  "Mother"           Sec-7D row-4 s-3    
Denton,  Alma C.           Sec-8D row-6 s-4.5    
Denton,  Annabelle           Sec-4 row-2 s-2    
Denton,  Arvilla           Sec-7J row-4 s-4    
Denton,  Bona May           Sec-3B row-3 s-9    
Denton,  Carey W.           Sec-8D row-6 s-4.5    
Denton,  Charles H.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-20    
Denton,  Chelsa           Sec-5 row-17 s-1    
Denton,  Child           Sec-7G row-3 s-NS    
Denton,  David T.           Sec-3B row-3 s-2    
Denton,  Edward A.           Sec-7J row-4 s-4    
Denton,  Eliaza Jane           Sec-3B row-4 s-NS    
Denton,  Ella           Sec-3D row-1 s-4    
Denton,  Elsie E.           Sec-8G row-1 s-5    
Denton,  Francis E.           Sec-7D row-4 s-4    
Denton,  H. E. Jr.           Sec-4 row-2 s-1    
Denton,  Hattie Rees           Sec-5 row-17 s-1    
Denton,  Hayes           Sec-5 row-17 s-1    
Denton,  Herbert E.           Sec-4 row-2 s-2    
Denton,  Herman A.           Sec-3B row-4 s-5    
Denton,  Hulda           Sec-3B row-4 s-NS    
Denton,  Infant           Sec-3D row-1 s-4    
Denton,  Infant           Sec-3D row-1 s-4    
Denton,  infant           Sec-3D row-2 s-NS    
Denton,  James F.           Sec-8G row-1 s-5    
Denton,  John H.           Sec-3B row-3 s-1    
Denton,  Jonathan F.           Sec-3B row-3 s-8    
Denton,  Julia A.           Sec-3B row-3 s-1b&1c    
Denton,  Marjorie           Sec-4 row-2 s-1    
Denton,  Mary L.           Sec-3B row-3 s-8    
Denton,  Melvina           Sec-7D row-4 s-4    
Denton,  Mrs. Ed           Sec-6E row-3 s-NS    
Denton,  Mrs. Winona           Sec-7G row-3 s-NS    
Denton,  Otho           Sec-3D row-2 s-NS    
Denton,  Perry           Sec-7D row-3 s-NS    
Denton,  Roland L.           Sec-7G row-3 s-NS    
Denton,  Thelma F.           Sec-4 row-2 s-1    
Denton,  W. W. B.           Sec-7D row-4 s-2    
Denton,  Wayman Darris     sec 1, row 5, stone 32
Denton,  Waymon D.           Sec-1 row-5 s-32    
Denton,  Wesley           Sec-5 row-18 s-NS    
Denton,  William B.           Sec-3D row-1 s-4    
Deselm,  Emmitt           Sec-3B row-2 s-NS    
Deselms,  Henry           Sec-3B row-1 s-1    
Deselms,  Malinda           Sec-3B row-1 s-2    
DeSelms,  Martha Brancina           Sec-3C row-3 s-3    
Devine,  Cathelene R.           Sec-8B row-2 s-2    
Devine,  William Gilbert           Sec-8B row-2 s-2    
DeWeese,  Cellie Mildred     Sec-4 row-6 s-1.6
Deweese,  Clellie M.           Rhody B row-7 s-9    
Deweese,  Lawrence           Rhody B row-7 s-9    
Dick,  Emma E.           Sec-7J row-1 s-7    
Dick,  Frederick M.           Sec-7J row-1 s-7    
Dick,  Granville           Sec-6K row-2 s-3    
Dick,  Julia A.           Sec-7C row-5 s-6    
Dick,  Lydia W.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-10    
Dick,  Mary F.           Sec-6K row-2 s-3    
Dick,  Robert D.           Sec-7C row-5 s-5    
Dickey,  Catharine Helen           Sec-5A row-23 s-6    
Dickey,  Curney R           Rhody D row-7 s-2    
Dickey,  Dwight           Sec-8H row-5 s-3    
Dickey,  Hume           Sec-7C row-1 s-4    
Dickey,  Juanita           Sec-8H row-5 s-3    
Dickey,  Lester B.           Sec-5A row-23 s-5    
Dickey,  Mary E.           Sec-7C row-1 s-4    
Dickey,  Mary Ellen           Sec-5A row-23 s-6    
Dickey,  Minnie A.           Sec-5A row-23 s-5    
Dickey,  W Jo           Rhody D row-7 s-2    
Dickey,  Willie Jo (Thompson)     Rhody D Row 7 stone 2
Dickey,  Winston           Sec-8H row-5 s-3    
Diggs,  Asrmsbee           Old Max  row-8 s-16    
Diggs,  Mary           Old Max  row-8 s-15    
Diggs,  Mathew W.           Sec-7C row-8 s-9    
Diggs,  Ruth           Sec-7C row-8 s-9    
Dill,  Abraham W.           Sec-5 row-12 s-4    
Dill,  Elizabeth           Sec-5 row-12 s-4    
Dillie,  Bessie           Sec-Old Church Lot row-7 s-8    
Dillie,  James Leroy           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-14    
Dillie,  Kathryn Jane           Sec-Old Church Lot row-7 s-9    
Dillie,  Kenneth           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-6    
Dillie,  Marianna E (Snider)           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-15.5    
Dillie,  Mary Morgan           Sec-Old Church Lot row-7 s-8    
Dillie,  Max E.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-15.5    
Dillie,  Michael Wayne infant           Sec-Old Church Lot row-7 s-10    
Dillie,  Minnie           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-16    
Dillie,  Pearl G.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-7    
Dillie,  Roger Donald           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-15    
Dillie,  Valmond           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-16    
Dillie,  William           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-7    
Dillie,  William Howard     Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 ??
Dingledine,  Estgella M.           Sec-7H row-2 s-5    
Dingledine,  Jacob E.           Sec-7H row-2 s-5    
Dishman,  Grace Pursley           Sec-6L row-4 s-7    
Dishner,  Martha E.           Sec-5 row-14 s-11    
Dishner,  Paul W.           Sec-5 row-14 s-12    
Dishner,  Raymond P.           Sec-5 row-14 s-11    
Dishner,  Robert           Sec-5 row-14 s-10    
Disinger,  John J.           Sec-8A row-3 s-1    
Disinger,  Marie C.           Sec-8A row-3 s-1.5    
Disinger,  Marvin J.           Sec-8A row-3 s-1.5    
Disinger,  Rebecca Emory           Sec-8A row-3 s-1    
Doan,  Pollie           Sec-7H row-1 s-13b    
Doan,  Pollie (Smith)     Sec-7H row-1 s-13b
Doan,  Willie L.           Sec-7H row-1 s-13    
Doan,  Willie L.     sec 7h, row 1, stone 13
Dobbs,  Claudia J           Rhody B2 row-1 s-13    
Dobbs,  Roy Eugene           Rhody B2 row-1 s-13    
Dodd,  Flossie           Sec-6M row-5 s-2    
Dodd,  grave           Sec-6M row-5 s-NS    
Dodd,  John R.           Sec-6M row-5 s-3    
Dodd,  Ora S.           Sec-6M row-5 s-2    
Dolby,  Gemima           Sec-6A row-4 s-4    
Dolby,  infant           Sec-3C row-2 s-3    
Dolby,  Levi           Sec-6A row-4 s-4    
Dolby,  Matilda           Sec-3C row-1 s-8    
Donald,  Bessie Marie           Sec-2 row-18 s-NS    
Donald,  Charles           Sec-2 row-18 s-NS    
Donley,  Ray Jr           Sec-1 row-6 s-20    
Donohoe,  Eva F.           Sec-3D row-3 s-3    
Donohoe,  Frank           Sec-3D row-3 s-3    
Doss,  Carolyn S.           Sec-8I row-10 s-1    
Doss,  Dennis W.           Sec-8I row-10 s-2    
Doss,  Floyd E.           Sec-8I row-10 s-1    
Dotson,  C. Edward           Sec-8D row-5 s-2    
Dotson,  Carlos           Sec-7C row-3 s-8    
Dotson,  Carlos L.           Sec-7C row-3 s-7    
Dotson,  Charles           Sec-7C row-4 s-4    
Dotson,  Ernest C.           Sec-7G row-6 s-4    
Dotson,  Herbert W.           Sec-6J row-4 s-5    
Dotson,  James E.           Sec-8D row-6 s-3.5    
Dotson,  James Edward     Sec 8D, row 6, stone 3.5
Dotson,  Julia A.           Sec-7C row-4 s-4    
Dotson,  Mabel C.           Sec-8D row-5 s-2    
Dotson,  Mary           Sec-7G row-6 s-4    
Dotson,  Mary L.           Sec-7C row-3 s-7    
Dotson,  Nettie P.           Sec-6J row-4 s-5    
Dotson,  Sheralyn D.           Sec-8D row-6 s-3.5    
Dow,  H. Dewey           Sec-3F row-1 s-6    
Dow,  Lucille W.           Sec-3F row-1 s-6    
Dowd,  Dickie Dee           Sec-8H row-2 s-3    
Downey,  Beulah B.           Sec-6F row-4 s-2    
Downey,  James           Sec-6F row-4 s-2    
Downing,  Donald Sr.           Sec-8H row-1 s-3.7    
Downing,  Ronda K.           Sec-8H row-1 s-3.7    
Dragoo,  Catharine           Sec-5 row-12 s-3    
Dragoo,  Edgar           Sec-5 row-12 s-3    
Dragoo,  Jessie I.           Sec-7D row-6 s-4    
Dragoo,  Paul O.           Sec-7D row-6 s-4    
Dragoo,  William J.           Sec-5 row-12 s-3    
Driscoll,  Clatus L.           Sec-6G row-6 s-3    
Driscoll,  Roger N.           Sec-6G row-6 s-2    
Driver,  Agnes J.           Sec-6D row-5 s-4    
Driver,  Amanda M.M.           Old Max  row-23 s-9    
Driver,  Andrew N.           Old Max  row-23 s-7    
Driver,  Bertha           Sec-8A row-4 s-7    
Driver,  Carrie Wood           Sec-6D row-5 s-3    
Driver,  Catharine           Sec-6C row-3 s-3    
Driver,  Earl Ethridge           Sec-2 row-18 s-8    
Driver,  Elias           Old Max  row-23 s-3    
Driver,  Family Marker           Sec-6D row-3 s-3    
Driver,  Harvey E.           Sec-8A row-4 s-7    
Driver,  Jacob           Old Max  row-23 s-8    
Driver,  Jacob           Old Max  row-23 s-9    
Driver,  James H.           Sec-2 row-18 s-6    
Driver,  Jessie           Sec-7D row-3 s-10    
Driver,  Joab           Sec-6D row-3 s-4    
Driver,  Joab           Sec-6D row-4 s-1    
Driver,  John           Sec-6C row-3 s-3    
Driver,  Leander E.           Sec-6C row-4 s-3    
Driver,  Leotis Lincoln           Sec-6D row-5 s-3    
Driver,  Mary           Old Max  row-23 s-6    
Driver,  Mary           Sec-6D row-5 s-4    
Driver,  Mary E.           Sec-6C row-4 s-3    
Driver,  Mary E.           Sec-6D row-3 s-4    
Driver,  Phoebe A.           Sec-2 row-18 s-6    
Driver,  Robert E.           Sec-6C row-3 s-2    
Driver,  Russell           Sec-7D row-3 s-10    
Driver,  Ruth Olive           Sec-2 row-18 s-7    
Driver,  Sarah           Old Max  row-23 s-2    
Driver,  William           Old Max  row-11 s-23    
Dubois,  Alexander J.           Sec-3H row-4 s-5    
Dubois,  Sarah A.           Sec-3H row-4 s-5b    
Dudley,  Cecil           Sec-7L row-4 s-7    
Dudley,  Charles Oliver II     stone as of July 2014
Dudley,  E. Lucille           Sec-7L row-4 s-7    
Dudley,  Ella S.           Sec-7J row-2 s-3    
Dudley,  Henry H.           Sec-7J row-2 s-3    
Dudley,  John K.           Sec-7J row-1 s-6    
Dudley,  Joseph H           Rhody A row-1 s-4    
Dudley,  Joshua Crai           Rhody A row-2 s-4    
Dudley,  Myrtle           Rhody A row-1 s-4    
Dudley,  Rose           Rhody A row-1 s-3    
Dudley,  Terry C.           Sec-7J row-1 s-6.5    
Dudley,  Thurman           Rhody A row-1 s-3    
Dudley,  William Otto           Sec-7J row-2 s-NS    
Duffey,  Eloise           Sec-8F row-2 s-1    
Duffey,  Freeman A.           Sec-8F row-2 s-1    
Duffey,  Sharon Louise           Sec-8F row-2 s-2    
Dull,  Amanda C.           Sec-4 row-1 s-1    
Dull,  Anna M.           Sec-6L row-4 s-6    
Dull,  Aruth           Sec-3G row-2 s-NS    
Dull,  Charles F.           Sec-8G row-5 s-6    
Dull,  Chester C.           Sec-4 row-1 s-2    
Dull,  child           Sec-3G row-2 s-NS    
Dull,  chld           Sec-1 row-5 s-NS    
Dull,  Donnia R.           Sec-7A row-2 s-4    
Dull,  E. Cleo           Sec-4 row-19 s-1.5    
Dull,  Elva L.           Sec-2 row-19 s-18    
Dull,  Ethel M.           Sec-8G row-5 s-7    
Dull,  Eugene           Sec-6L row-4 s-6    
Dull,  George           Sec-6H row-4 s-NS    
Dull,  George M.           Sec-7A row-2 s-4    
Dull,  Grace L.           Sec-8A row-4 s-4    
Dull,  Hazel           Sec-4 row-19 s-1.5    
Dull,  Henry           Sec-2 row-18 s-26    
Dull,  Jemima A.           Sec-2 row-18 s-26    
Dull,  John R.           Sec-3G row-2 s-NS    
Dull,  John T.           Sec-8C row-8 s-7    
Dull,  Joseph C.           Sec-8G row-5 s-7    
Dull,  Leo           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-19    
Dull,  Marion F.           Sec-4 row-1 s-1    
Dull,  Mary F.           Sec-8G row-5 s-6    
Dull,  Mary L. Ward           Sec-8A row-4 s-6    
Dull,  Melvin           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-18NS    
Dull,  Minnie R.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-16NS    
Dull,  Monte R.           Sec-8G row-5 s-6.5    
Dull,  Mrs. John R.           Sec-3G row-2 s-NS    
Dull,  Nora M.           Sec-4 row-1 s-3    
Dull,  Robert           Sec-7I row-8 s-NS    
Dull,  Sarah           Sec-6H row-4 s-NS    
Dull,  Sarah F.           Sec-2 row-19 s-17    
Dull,  Walter Roll           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-17NS    
Dull,  William A.           Sec-2 row-19 s-17    
Dull,  Zina E.           Sec-8C row-8 s-7    
Dunbar,  George Clement           Sec-7C row-1 s-4.6    
Dunbar,  Helen Elizabeth           Sec-7C row-1 s-4.6    
Dunbar,  Joe Halliday           Sec-7C row-1 s-4.6    
Duncan,  Brian K.           Sec-8C row-8 s-6.5    
Duncan,  Brian K.     sec 8c, row 8, stone 6.5
Duncan,  Donald Robert     stone
Duncan,  Gradie N           Rhody B2 row-1 s-5    
Duncan,  Gradie N     Rhody-B2, row 1, stone 5
Duncan,  Henry R           Rhody B2 row-1 s-5    
Duncan,  Jane     stone
Dunnagan,  Anna May           Sec-7G row-8 s-3    
Dunnagan,  Eugene           Sec-7G row-8 s-3    
Dunnagan,  Neve C.           Sec-7G row-8 s-3    
Dunnagan,  Ruth E.           Sec-7G row-8 s-3    
Dye,  Lyda Brooks           Sec-7I row-4 s-2    
Dytmire,  Benjamin           Sec-6L row-7 s-5    
Dytmire,  Sarah S.           Sec-6L row-7 s-5    
Earley,  bur. 20 Oct 1917           Sec-7D row-7 s-NS    
Earley,  Carl           Sec-8C row-1 s-7    
Earley,  Ella E.           Sec-8C row-2 s-6    
Earley,  Esther           Sec-8C row-1 s-7    
Earley,  Family Marker           Sec-7D row-7 s-3    
Earley,  Lowery L.           Sec-8C row-2 s-6    
Earley,  Mearl F.           Sec-7D row-2 s-14    
Earley,  Thelma           Sec-7D row-2 s-14    
Earley,  Unity           Sec-7D row-7 s-NS    
Edwards,  Ada           Sec-2 row-6 s-5    
Edwards,  B. T.           Sec-1 row-6 s-10    
Edwards,  Benjamin Thomas           Sec-1 row-7 s-9    
Edwards,  Catharine           Sec-1 row-7 s-10    
Edwards,  Harry           Sec-2 row-6 s-5    
Edwards,  Helen M.           Sec-4 row-21 s-2.6    
Edwards,  Juanita           Sec-7G row-6 s-5    
Edwards,  Junaita           Sec-7H row-1 s-NS    
Edwards,  Larry A.           Sec-7G row-6 s-4.5    
Edwards,  Lurena           Sec-1 row-6 s-9    
Edwards,  Lurene Pegg           Sec-1 row-7 s-9    
Edwards,  Patrick Shane     Rhody Sec B Row 6 s-5
Edwards,  Richard C.           Sec-4 row-21 s-2.6    
Edwards,  Rowe D.           Sec-7G row-6 s-5    
Eldridge,  Bertha L.           Rhody F row-14 s-9    
Eldridge,  Bertha Lillian     Rhody-F, row 14, stone 9
Eldridge,  Charles L           Rhody F row-14 s-10    
Eller,  Iva P.           Sec-6G row-5 s-4    
Elliott,  Martha           Old Max  row-23 s-18    
Elliott,  Mary N. Mosier           Sec-3H row-1 s-3    
Ellis,  Freddier           Old Max  row-5 s-10    
Ellis,  Infant           Old Max  row-5 s-10    
Ellison,  Christopher R.           Sec-8I row-6 s-4    
Ellison,  Jermind Ezekial           Sec-8I row-6 s-4    
Emmons,  child           Sec-1 row-5 s-NS    
empty flat stone,             Sec-8I row-5 s-4    
empty,  empty           Rhody C2 row-1 s-12?    
empty,  new, multiple flowers           Rhody F row-14 s-9    
Engle,  Augustus           Sec-6B row-3 s-NS    
Engle,  Burl B.           Sec-6B row-4 s-NS    
Englehardt,  Leeander           Sec-4 row-3 s-8    
Englehardt,  Niki Lynn Brazzel           Sec-4 row-3 s-7    
Eopoard,  Daisy           Sec-5 row-18 s-7    
Esterline,  Albert M.           Sec-4 row-4 s-2    
Esterline,  Lillie M.           Sec-4 row-4 s-2    
Estes,  Melba Jean (Warren)     Rhody C row-1 s-8  
Evans,  Edward           Sec-6F row-4 s-NS    
Everhart,  Bertha L.           Sec-5 row-12 s-7    
Everhart,  Walter W.           Sec-5 row-12 s-7    
Everroad,  Douglas E.           Sec-8H row-5 s-1    
Everroad,  Maxine F.           Sec-8H row-5 s-1    
Ewing,  Bill           Sec-5 row-4 s-10    
Ewing,  Rosalie     Sec 5, row-4 s-1
Ewing,  Rose           Sec-5 row-4 s-10    
Fall,  Christena Warren           Sec-1 row-3 s-13    
Fannin,  Arthur E.           Sec-8G row-5 s-0.5    
Fannin,  Marie S.           Sec-8G row-5 s-0.5    
Farrell,  Golda M           Sec-5 row-9 s-12    
Father,             Old Max  row-16 s-4    
Feagans,  Ella J.           Sec-7K row-3 s-6    
Feagans,  Mary E.           Sec-7K row-3 s-7    
Feagans,  Ottus A.           Sec-7K row-3 s-5    
Fee,  Bessie J.           Sec-5 row-9 s-7.2    
Fee,  Harry E.           Sec-5 row-9 s-7    
Feltner,  Beverly J.           Sec-4 row-6 s-3    
Feltner,  Roy E.           Sec-4 row-6 s-3    
Ferguson,  Christinia L. nee Wright           Rhody F row-1 s-1    
Ferguson,  David R.           Sec-7D row-3 s-13    
Ferguson,  Dorothy G.           Sec-6L row-6 s-3    
Ferguson,  Jackie Dale "Jack"           Rhody F row-1 s-1    
Ferguson,  James E.           Sec-6L row-6 s-3    
Ferguson,  Linda D.           Sec-7D row-3 s-13    
Ferrell,  Amzi Mc           Sec-6H row-1 s-1.5    
Ferrell,  Lulu J.           Sec-6H row-1 s-1    
Ferrell,  Nancy E.           Sec-6H row-1 s-1.5    
Fetters,  Annie E.           Sec-6N row-4 s-1    
Fetters,  C. Ernest           Sec-7L row-6 s-3    
Fetters,  Edna M.           Sec-6N row-4 s-1    
Fetters,  Pearl R.           Sec-7L row-6 s-3    
Field,  Ireva Mae     stone as of July 2014
Fields,  Cynthia J.           Rhody C2 row-1 s-10    
Fields,  Ireva M.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-3 s-2.5    
Fields,  R. Charles           Sec-Old Church Lot row-3 s-3    
Fields,  Robert Lee           Sec-Old Church Lot row-3 s-3    
Fields,  Thomas "Tom" A.     Rhody C2 Row 1 stone 10
Fields,  Thomas A.           Rhody C2 row-1 s-10    
Fields,  William M.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-3 s-2.5    
Fine,  George           Sec-7K row-8 s-6.5    
Fine,  George W.           Sec-6L row-6 s-2    
Fine,  Jeanette           Sec-7K row-8 s-6.5    
Fine,  Loyd           Sec-7K row-8 s-6    
Fine,  Robert Leo           Rhody D2 row-1 s-6    
Fine,  Rose C.           Sec-6L row-6 s-2    
Finney,  Nancy D.           Sec-4 row-2 s-4.5    
Fisher,  "Father"           Old Max  row-6 s-17    
Fisher,  "Mother"           Old Max  row-6 s-16    
Fisher,  Asa A.           Sec-7H row-5 s-2    
Fisher,  Austie           Sec-7H row-5 s-2    
Fisher,  Bernard A           Rhody D row-7 s-13    
Fisher,  Billy M.           Sec-7E row-2 s-2    
Fisher,  C. Frank           Sec-7F row-6 s-2    
Fisher,  Carcie R.           Sec-7L row-5 s-5    
Fisher,  Carl M.           Sec-7E row-2 s-1    
Fisher,  Caroline           Sec-2 row-4 s-9    
Fisher,  Charles B.           Sec-7H row-5 s-5    
Fisher,  Charles H.           Sec-7H row-5 s-1    
Fisher,  David A.           Sec-2 row-4 s-10    
Fisher,  Doris M. Cook           Sec-5 row-6 s-3.6    
Fisher,  Elsie L.           Sec-7E row-1 s-1    
Fisher,  Emma           Sec-2 row-5 s-11    
Fisher,  Family Marker           Sec-2 row-3 s-17    
Fisher,  George W.           Sec-2 row-5 s-11    
Fisher,  Gerald Jody           Sec-8E row-3 s-0.5    
Fisher,  grave           Sec-2 row-16 s-NS    
Fisher,  Jacob           Old Max  row-4 s-20    
Fisher,  Jeanne           Rhody D row-7 s-13    
Fisher,  John R.           Sec-2 row-17 s-20    
Fisher,  John R.           Sec-7E row-1 s-1    
Fisher,  Lunda           Sec-6G row-1 s-1    
Fisher,  M. Marguerite           Sec-7F row-6 s-2    
Fisher,  Malissa E.           Sec-2 row-17 s-20    
Fisher,  Mary Alice           Sec-8E row-3 s-0.5    
Fisher,  Mary M           Old Max  row-6 s-15    
Fisher,  Maytie J.           Sec-6G row-1 s-1    
Fisher,  Oma B.           Sec-7H row-5 s-5    
Fisher,  Pearl           Sec-7E row-2 s-1    
Fisher,  Reba C.           Sec-7H row-6 s-1    
Fisher,  William W.           Old Max  row-6 s-15    
Fitzgerald,  Ira D           Rhody A row-5 s-1    
Fitzgerald,  Ira D.     Rhody-A, row 5, stone 1
Fitzgerald,  Pamela J           Rhody A row-5 s-1    
Fitzgerald,  Pamela J.     Rhody-A, row 5, stone 1
Fleener,  Louie           Sec-7A row-1 s-3    
Flood,  John L.           Sec-2 row-9 s-9    
Flood,  Lulu           Sec-7H row-2 s-NS    
Flood,  Orlando Flood           Sec-7H row-2 s-NS    
Flood,  Sarah           Sec-2 row-9 s-9    
Fogelsong,  Eva           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-4NS    
Ford,  Abigail J.           Old Max  row-17 s-11    
Ford,  Albert E.           Sec-2 row-15 s-1    
Ford,  Aurella           Sec-2 row-1 s-4    
Ford,  child           Sec-3C row-4 s-NS    
Ford,  child           Sec-3C row-4 s-NS    
Ford,  D. F.           Old Max  row-2 s-22    
Ford,  David Franklin           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-13    
Ford,  Ella           Sec-1 row-3 s-4    
Ford,  Emily           Sec-2 row-1 s-4    
Ford,  Family Marker           Sec-6D row-2 s-2    
Ford,  George           Sec-6D row-1 s-9    
Ford,  Hannah K.           Sec-3C row-3 s-7    
Ford,  Harold L.           Sec-1 row-3 s-2    
Ford,  Howard V.           Sec-1 row-3 s-3    
Ford,  Ida M.           Sec-1 row-2 s-2    
Ford,  infant           Sec-3C row-3 s-NS    
Ford,  Isaac Royston           Sec-3C row-3 s-6.5    
Ford,  Joseph           Old Max  row-17 s-16    
Ford,  Joseph           Sec-3C row-4 s-NS    
Ford,  Lena R. A.           Sec-3C row-3 s-8    
Ford,  Leo V.           Sec-1 row-2 s-4    
Ford,  Lester G.           Sec-1 row-2 s-2    
Ford,  Levi V.           Sec-1 row-3 s-5    
Ford,  Mabel           Sec-2 row-1 s-4    
Ford,  Mary A.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-13    
Ford,  Michael "Mike" Robert     stone as of July 2014
Ford,  Mordecal           Old Max  row-17 s-15    
Ford,  Nora           Sec-2 row-1 s-4    
Ford,  Oliver B.           Sec-6D row-2 s-3    
Ford,  Oscar           Old Max  row-2 s-21    
Ford,  Robert L.           Sec-8D row-1 s-6    
Ford,  Royston           Old Max  row-17 s-13    
Ford,  Ruth           Sec-6D row-1 s-10    
Ford,  Sarah E.           Sec-8D row-1 s-6    
Forde,  Delila A.           Old Max  row-17 s-12    
Foreman,  Amy Jewell           Sec-8G row-4 s-3    
Foreman,  Donald           Sec-8G row-4 s-3    
Foreman,  Joy     Rhody G  ??
Foreman,  Margaret A.           Sec-4 row-12 s-4    
Foreman,  Robert N.           Sec-4 row-12 s-4    
Foster,  C. E.           Sec-6B row-2 s-3    
Foster,  Elsie H.           Sec-7G row-4 s-5    
Foster,  Ethel R.           Sec-7H row-8 s-1    
Foster,  Family Marker           Sec-6B row-2 s-4    
Foster,  Family Marker           Sec-7C row-8 s-2    
Foster,  Harry G.           Sec-7G row-4 s-5    
Foster,  Hattie B.           Sec-7C row-7 s-2    
Foster,  Helen M.           Sec-7F row-6 s-1    
Foster,  Inez L.           Sec-7F row-6 s-1    
Foster,  J. Eugene           Sec-7G row-4 s-5    
Foster,  Lester L.           Sec-7H row-8 s-1    
Foster,  Lois Chapman           Sec-7C row-7 s-6    
Foster,  Mayberry           Sec-7C row-7 s-3    
Foster,  Ralph L.           Sec-6B row-2 s-6    
Foster,  Reba S.           Sec-7C row-8 s-1    
Foster,  Regina J.           Sec-6B row-2 s-5    
Foster,  Sirenar F.           Sec-3G row-4 s-12    
Foster,  Spotwood           Sec-3G row-4 s-11    
Foster,  Spotwood T.           Sec-3G row-4 s-12    
Foster,  Wave M.           Sec-7G row-4 s-5    
Foster,  Wood           Sec-3G row-4 s-14    
Foutz,  Katherine L.           Sec-4 row-22 s-1    
Foutz,  V. Eugene           Sec-4 row-22 s-1    
Fowler - Brooks,  family Marker           Sec-5A row-25 s-3    
Fowler,  Abijah F.           Sec-5A row-26 s-3    
Fowler,  Benjamin A.           Sec-6K row-4 s-9    
Fowler,  Elizabeth J.           Sec-6N row-4 s-5    
Fowler,  Ida M.           Sec-6K row-4 s-9    
Fowler,  Lettitia J.           Sec-5A row-26 s-2    
Fowler,  Robey M.           Sec-5A row-26 s-1    
Fowler,  Summer Dawn           Sec-8I row-5 s-2    
Fowler,  William W.           Sec-6N row-4 s-5    
Fox,  Frederick W.           Sec-2 row-3 s-14    
Fox,  Margaret H.           Sec-2 row-3 s-14    
Franklin,  Elmer E.           Sec-7J row-5 s-3    
Franklin,  Mary A.           Sec-7J row-5 s-3    
Franks,  Paul L.     Rhody D2 row-1 s-5
Frazier,  Elbert J.           Sec-5 row-15 s-1    
Frazier,  Sarah C. Oyler           Sec-7I row-4 s-NS    
Frazier,  Veenna E.           Sec-5 row-15 s-1    
Freeman,  Charles R.           Sec-7D row-1 s-4    
Freeman,  Clealon K.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-22    
Freeman,  George M.           Sec-7D row-1 s-4    
Freeman,  Joseph E.           Sec-5 row-3 s-6    
Freeman,  Martha L.           Sec-6M row-7 s-2.5    
Freeman,  Mertie B.           Sec-7D row-1 s-4    
Freeman,  Pearl           Sec-7D row-1 s-4    
Freeman,  Zylpha Weeks           Sec-5 row-3 s-7    
Freidline,  Carrie           Sec-7K row-8 s-1    
Freidline,  Charles P.           Sec-7K row-8 s-1    
Freidline,  Homer W.           Sec-6G row-6 s-1    
Freidline,  Lucille M.           Sec-6G row-6 s-1    
Fremd,  Glennie M           Sec-4 row-6 s-1.5    
French,  Frank M.           Sec-2 row-5 s-2.5    
French,  grave           Sec-2 row-5 s-NS    
French,  grave           Sec-2 row-6 s-NS    
French,  grave           Sec-2 row-6 s-NS    
French,  Nora           Sec-2 row-5 s-NS    
Friar,  Dollie F           Rhody A row-1 s-11    
Friar,  Eva B.           Sec-1 row-4 s-12    
Friar,  Gracie E.           Sec-2 row-16 s-24    
Friar,  Guy C.           Sec-2 row-16 s-23    
Friar,  Hila A.           Sec-2 row-16 s-23    
Friar,  Lawrence S.           Sec-1 row-5 s-11    
Friar,  Mary A.           Sec-2 row-17 s-21    
Friar,  Mins W.           Sec-1 row-4 s-12    
Friar,  Pearl W.           Sec-1 row-5 s-11    
Friar,  Rev Glen D.           Rhody A row-1 s-11    
Friar,  Thomas B.           Sec-2 row-17 s-21    
Friddle,  S. Infant           Sec-6D row-2 s-NS    
Friddle,  William E.           Sec-2 row-10 s-14    
Frogge,  Delmar R.           Sec-7B row-2 s-3.5    
Frogge,  Juanitea L. (Mills)           Sec-7B row-2 s-4    
ftmk,  H. B. C.           Sec-2 row-11 s-21    
Fuller,  Adda           Sec-4 row-16 s-3    
Fuller,  Bert O.           Sec-4 row-16 s-3    
Fuller,  David           Sec-7K row-2 s-2    
Fuller,  Elizabeth           Sec-7K row-2 s-2    
Fullhart,  Elizabeth E.           Sec-6G row-5 s-3    
Fullhart,  Joseph A.           Sec-6G row-5 s-3    
Fullington,  Betty           Rhody B2 row-2 s-11    
Fullington,  Fred           Rhody B2 row-2 s-11    
Fultz,  Pearl Shrack           Sec-8G row-3 s-5    
Funkhouser,  Bernice Lavon           Sec-5 row-2 s-5    
Funkhouser,  Harold Irvin           Sec-5 row-2 s-5    
Funkhouser,  John Irvin           Sec-5 row-2 s-6    
Funkhouser,  Lauretta Louise           Sec-5 row-2 s-6    
Funkhouser,  Mary Lavon           Sec-5 row-2 s-5    
Gable,  A. Russ           Sec-7L row-1 s-4    
Gable,  Ella E.           Sec-7F row-3 s-2E    
Gable,  F. Lucile           Sec-7F row-3 s-3E    
Gable,  Family Marker           Sec-7F row-2 s-6    
Gable,  Inza O.           Sec-7L row-1 s-4    
Gable,  J. M.           Sec-7F row-1 s-6    
Gable,  Louis C.           Sec-7F row-3 s-1E    
Gable,  Lucille B.           Sec-7L row-1 s-4.7    
Gable,  Nancy J.           Sec-7F row-1 s-7    
Gable,  Nathaniel           Sec-3A row-1 s-NS    
Gable,  Otho C.           Sec-7L row-1 s-4.5    
Gaddis,  Richard E           Rhody D row-6 s-12    
Gaines,  Richard W.           Sec-8B row-3 s-2.5    
Gamester,  Crystal V.           Sec-4 row-8 s-3    
Gamester,  Emma P.           Sec-4 row-8 s-2    
Gamester,  Esther T.           Sec-4 row-8 s-3    
Gamester,  Francis R.           Sec-4 row-8 s-2    
Gamester,  Gertrude D.           Sec-4 row-8 s-4    
Gamester,  Isaac           Sec-4 row-8 s-1    
Gamster,  Harriet R.           Sec-4 row-12 s-1    
Garner,  Bettie Bollinger     Sec 7J, row 7, stone 3
Garrett,  Christopher Leander Bradley Alexander           Sec-4 row-2 s-7    
Garrett,  Janice Brazzel           Sec-4 row-3 s-6    
Garrett,  Lillie           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-11NS    
Garrett,  Phillip           Rhody D2 row-1 s-2    
Garrett,  Sharon           Rhody D2 row-1 s-2    
Garrett,  Sharon Elaine (Mills)     Rhody Sec D2 Row 1 s-2
Garringer,  Albert W.           Sec-5 row-10 s-6    
Garringer,  Bertha H.           Sec-7F row-8 s-2    
Garringer,  Byron L           Sec-5 row-10 s-7    
Garringer,  Charity B.           Sec-7F row-7 s-9    
Garringer,  Earl A.           Sec-5 row-14 s-2    
Garringer,  Gerorge W.           Sec-2 row-15 s-4    
Garringer,  Henry           Sec-5 row-19 s-2    
Garringer,  Ida A.           Sec-5 row-19 s-2    
Garringer,  infant Caldwell           Sec-2 row-14 s-NS    
Garringer,  Isaac L.           Sec-7F row-8 s-2    
Garringer,  John           Sec-1 row-7 s-6    
Garringer,  Lola M.           Sec-5 row-14 s-2    
Garringer,  Louisa M.           Sec-1 row-7 s-6    
Garringer,  Mabel Johnson           Sec-1 row-6 s-6    
Garringer,  Manuel H.           Sec-1 row-6 s-5    
Garringer,  Margaret M.           Sec-5 row-10 s-6    
Garringer,  Martha           Sec-5 row-19 s-NS    
Garringer,  Martha A.           Sec-2 row-15 s-4    
Garringer,  Nettie           Sec-1 row-7 s-5    
Garringer,  Uriah U.           Sec-1 row-7 s-7    
Garvin,  Harry D.           Sec-8G row-2 s-3    
Garvin,  Hazel           Sec-8G row-2 s-3    
Gates,  Freda N.           Sec-8C row-3 s-3    
Geasee,  Carl           Sec-Old Church Lot row-7 s-4    
Geesey,  George W.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-1NS    
Geesey,  Jane           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-2NS    
Getz,  Adam           Sec-2 row-1 s-2    
Getz,  Elizabeth Nilli           Sec-2 row-1 s-2    
Giberson,  "Father"           Sec-1 row-6 s-7    
Giberson,  Alford           Sec-1 row-7 s-8    
Giberson,  Dale           Sec-2 row-2 s-1    
Giberson,  Dawon           Sec-2 row-2 s-1    
Giberson,  John W.           Sec-2 row-2 s-1    
Giberson,  Mary C.           Sec-2 row-2 s-1    
Giberson,  Rachel C.           Sec-1 row-6 s-8    
Giberson,  Rachel C.           Sec-1 row-7 s-8    
Gibson,  Betty           Rhody B2 row-2 s-10    
Gibson,  Betty I.     Rhody B2 row-2 s-10    
Gibson,  Lawrence           Rhody B2 row-1 s-14    
Gibson,  Ninion Sr           Rhody B2 row-2 s-10    
Gibson,  Tim           Sec-4 row-19 s-4    
Gibson,  Timothy S     sec 4, row 19, stone 4
Gibson,  Ubert A.           Sec-4 row-18 s-4    
Gibson,  Virginia F.           Sec-4 row-18 s-4    
Gilbert,  Charles           Sec-2 row-9.5 s-1    
Gilbert,  Grace           Sec-2 row-9.5 s-1a    
Gilbert,  Thomas W.           Sec-3B row-2 s-NS    
Gilbert,  Thoms W.           Sec-2 row-9.5 s-2    
Giles,  Mary L.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-7 s-14.7    
Gillespie,  Elsie Oren           Sec-5 row-5 s-4    
Gillespie,  Sherman A.           Sec-5 row-5 s-4    
Gillum,  Haney           Old Max  row-10 s-1    
Gillum,  Samuel           Old Max  row-10 s-1    
Gilmore,  Revillo W.           Rhody B row-7 s-1    
Gilmore,  Virdie O.           Rhody B row-7 s-1    
Gilpin,  F. Alma           Sec-5 row-8 s-4    
Gilpin,  J. Sherman           Sec-5 row-8 s-4    
Gilpin,  Opal J.           Sec-5 row-8 s-5    
Ginsberg,  Garnet Semens           Sec-6I row-4 s-NS    
Glass,  B. F.           Sec-1 row-1 s-4    
Glass,  Nina May           Sec-1 row-1 s-5    
Glass,  William P.           Sec-1 row-1 s-5    
Glidewe,  Wilma I           Rhody D row-7 s-7    
Glothrye,  Myrtle           Sec-7D row-5 s-NS    
Goberville,  Floyd T.           Sec-7L row-3 s-14    
Goberville,  Jon M.           Sec-7L row-3 s-14    
Goddard,  Gary Walter           Sec-7J row-3 s-NS    
Goddard,  Lana Sue           Sec-8C row-6 s-2    
Goddard,  Maxine R.           Sec-5 row-16 s-1.6    
Goddard,  Nellie G.           Sec-7J row-3 s-4    
Goddard,  S. Allen           Sec-5 row-16 s-1.6    
Goddard,  Samuel J.           Sec-7J row-3 s-4    
Good,  "Father"           Sec-2 row-4 s-6    
Good,  child           Sec-3G row-1 s-6    
Good,  Henry D.           Sec-2 row-3 s-8    
Good,  Ida B.           Sec-2 row-3 s-8    
Good,  John M.           Sec-3G row-1 s-6    
Good,  Mary E.           Sec-3G row-1 s-6    
Good,  Rudolph           Sec-2 row-4 s-4    
Good,  Sarah           Sec-2 row-4 s-5    
Gooden,  Clarence           Sec-7J row-1 s-7b    
Gooden,  Virgie J.           Sec-7J row-1 s-7b    
Goodnight,  David E.           Sec-8G row-1 s-4    
Goodnight,  George P.           Sec-8G row-1 s-4    
Goodnight,  Laura E.           Sec-8G row-1 s-4    
Goodwin,  Mary           Sec-5 row-18 s-4    
Gordon,  Mary A.           Old Max  row-8 s-9    
Goshorn,  Chloe           Sec-8E row-2 s-3    
Goshorn,  Roy A.           Sec-8E row-2 s-3    
Gouch,  Elisha T.           Sec-2 row-21 s-15    
Gouch,  Emma           Sec-2 row-21 s-15    
Gough,  Agnes M.           Sec-2 row-5 s-15    
Gough,  Freddie P.           Sec-2 row-20 s-15    
Gough,  Henry A.           Sec-2 row-20 s-15    
Gough,  Vinton C.           Sec-2 row-6 s-11    
Graham,  Claudia A.           Sec-8H row-1 s-3.95    
Graham,  Cynthis K.           Sec-8H row-1 s-3.9    
Graham,  David           Sec-3H row-3 s-9    
Graham,  Edwin S.           Sec-8H row-1 s-3.9    
Graham,  Fannie     Sec 8F, row 1, stone 9
Graham,  Fannie M.           Sec-8H row-1 s-3.9    
Graham,  Mary           Sec-3H row-3 s-9    
Graham,  Michelle Renee     Sec-8F row-1 s-11  
Graham,  Steven W           Sec-8H row-1 s-3.95    
Granville,  footMarker           Sec-6K row-2 s-2    
grave,             Sec-6A row-3 s-NS    
grave,  bur no dt           Sec-6B row-2 s-NS    
Grave,  bur no dt,           Sec-6B row-1 s-NS    
Grave,  bur no dt,           Sec-6B row-1 s-NS    
Grave,  bur no dt,           Sec-6B row-1 s-NS    
Grave,  LO: Earl Denton           Sec-7G row-4 s-NS    
Gray,  Burnworth           Sec-2 row-7 s-NS    
Gray,  Charles           Sec-3B row-1 s-6    
Gray,  Dennis           Sec-3B row-1 s-7    
Gray,  Eliza Lou           Sec-3B row-3 s-7    
Gray,  Eva           Sec-7K row-5 s-1    
Gray,  Eva Golliher           Sec-Old Church Lot row-3 s-10    
Gray,  Homer R.           Sec-8G row-1 s-1    
Gray,  Ida Cecil           Sec-2 row-21 s-4    
Gray,  Isaac Peter           Old Max  row-19 s-12    
Gray,  Isabel           Sec-3B row-3 s-5    
Gray,  James K. P.           Sec-6I row-3 s-6    
Gray,  Jennie           Sec-8G row-1 s-2    
Gray,  Joanna           Sec-2 row-20 s-4    
Gray,  John           Sec-7K row-4 s-2    
Gray,  Julia A.           Sec-6I row-3 s-6    
Gray,  Lemuel           Sec-2 row-20 s-4    
Gray,  Lucinda H.           Sec-3B row-1 s-5    
Gray,  Lucinda H.           Sec-3B row-2 s-2    
Gray,  Melissa A.           Sec-2 row-8 s-8    
Gray,  Nathan E.           Sec-3B row-1 s-5    
Gray,  Nathan E.           Sec-3B row-2 s-2    
Gray,  Nathan W.           Sec-8G row-1 s-2    
Gray,  Olive S.           Sec-3B row-3 s-6    
Gray,  Paul D.           Sec-7K row-5 s-1    
Gray,  Pleasant W.           Sec-2 row-8 s-8    
Gray,  Raymond C.           Sec-2 row-7 s-10    
Gray,  Robert Lee           Sec-7K row-4 s-1.5    
Gray,  Ruth V.           Sec-6B row-2 s-2    
Gray,  Samuel           Sec-2 row-20 s-NS    
Gray,  Sherman           Sec-2 row-21 s-3    
Gray,  Walter V.           Sec-3B row-1 s-7    
Gray,  William K. Sr.      ??
Gray,  William T.           Sec-6B row-2 s-2    
Green,  Alva C.           Sec-6C row-3 s-5    
Green,  Ann Maria           Old Max  row-15 s-16    
Green,  Archie W.           Sec-3F row-3 s-10    
Green,  B. F.           Sec-3F row-3 s-8    
Green,  Benjamin F.           Sec-5 row-14 s-6    
Green,  Catharine J.           Sec-5 row-18 s-1.5    
Green,  Cecil C           Rhody A2 row-1 s-12    
Green,  Christena           Old Max  row-15 s-13    
Green,  Dollie           Old Max  row-4 s-11    
Green,  Dovie           Sec-6C row-4 s-5    
Green,  Elias J.           Old Max  row-15 s-10    
Green,  Elizabeth           Old Max  row-16 s-5    
Green,  Everett C.           Sec-5 row-13 s-3    
Green,  George W.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-8    
Green,  Golva E.           Sec-8C row-7 s-3    
Green,  Golva,           Old Max  row-4 s-11    
Green,  grave           Sec-2 row-14 s-NS    
Green,  Guy           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-8    
Green,  Harry           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-9    
Green,  Henry C.           Sec-2 row-15 s-3    
Green,  Hettie E.           Sec-3F row-1 s-8    
Green,  Ida M.           Sec-5 row-14 s-6    
Green,  Ida P,           Sec-6C row-3 s-7    
Green,  infant dau           Sec-3F row-3 s-9    
Green,  James B.           Sec-7B row-5 s-3    
Green,  Jesse           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-8    
Green,  John Rodgers           Sec-6F row-2 s-3    
Green,  Julie M.           Sec-3F row-3 s-11    
Green,  Laura           Sec-4 row-2 s-NS    
Green,  Levi           Old Max  row-16 s-5    
Green,  Lottie M.           Sec-7B row-5 s-3    
Green,  Luticia A.           Sec-6C row-3 s-5    
Green,  Lydia E.           Old Max  row-15 s-12    
Green,  Mary E.           Sec-6A row-4 s-3    
Green,  Mary R.           Old Max  row-15 s-15    
Green,  Mattie B.           Sec-3F row-3 s-8    
Green,  Mrs. George W           Sec-1 row-2 s-NS    
Green,  Mrs. W. R.           Sec-2 row-14 s-NS    
Green,  Nelson W.           Old Max  row-15 s-16    
Green,  Ora           Sec-5 row-10 s-NS    
Green,  Rebecca C.           Old Max  row-15 s-11    
Green,  Rodger B.           Sec-5 row-18 s-1.5    
Green,  son           Sec-6C row-4 s-4    
Green,  Taylor           Sec-6C row-4 s-5    
Green,  Timonthy Allen     Sec 6M, row-3 s-3
Green,  Violet S           Rhody A2 row-1 s-12    
Green,  William J.           Sec-8C row-7 s-3    
Green,  William R.           Sec-2 row-15 s-2    
Green,  William S.           Old Max  row-15 s-14    
Greene,  Beverdy           Sec-8E row-4 s-1    
Greene,  Evelyn E.           Rhody B row-3 s-3    
Greene,  Evelyn Eileen (White)     Rhody Sec B Row 3 s-3
Greene,  Flora M.           Sec-8E row-4 s-1    
Greene,  Harold           Sec-8E row-5 s-1    
Greene,  Ida M.           Sec-7G row-7 s-4    
Greene,  John E.           Sec-7G row-7 s-4    
Greene,  Joseph R Jr.           Rhody B row-3 s-3    
Greene,  Joseph R Sr.           Rhody B row-1 s-1    
Greene,  L. Wesley           Sec-7G row-7 s-4    
Greene,  Lucille           Rhody B row-1 s-1    
Greene,  Mary M.           Sec-7G row-7 s-4    
Greene,  Pearl Lucille     Rhody-B, row 1, stone 1
Greene,  Robert           Sec-8E row-5 s-1    
Greenwell,  Vina           Sec-2 row-18 s-20    
Grills,  Mary N.           Old Max  row-12 s-2    
Grimes,  Catherine C.           Sec-2 row-10 s-8    
Grimes,  infant           Sec-2 row-9 s-3    
Grimes,  infant           Sec-2 row-9 s-NS    
Grimes,  Mattie           Sec-2 row-10 s-7    
Grimes,  Samuel C.           Sec-2 row-10 s-8    
Grimes,  William           Sec-2 row-10 s-6    
Grooms,  Clarence H.           Sec-8C row-5 s-4    
Grooms,  Dollie           Sec-6E row-2 s-3    
Grooms,  Dorothy M.           Sec-8C row-5 s-4    
Grooms,  Edward           Sec-8B row-5 s-3    
Grooms,  Hamilton H.           Sec-8C row-5 s-3    
Grooms,  Herman W.           Sec-8C row-5 s-1    
Grooms,  Ima L.           Old Max  row-11 s-21    
Grooms,  Mabery I.           Old Max  row-11 s-22    
Grooms,  Mary Jane           Sec-8C row-5 s-3    
Grooms,  Mrs. Roberta           Sec-6E row-1 s-NS    
Grooms,  Roberts           Sec-6E row-1 s-NS    
Grooms,  Sarah A.           Sec-8B row-5 s-3    
Grooms,  Tressie B.           Sec-8C row-5 s-1    
Grooms,  William           Sec-6E row-2 s-3    
Grove,  A. M.           Sec-2 row-21 s-13    
Grove,  Benjamin M.           Sec-3F row-2 s-9    
Grove,  Bonnie M.           Sec-8B row-8 s-3.9    
Grove,  Charles E.           Sec-7F row-4 s-3    
Grove,  child           Sec-3G row-3 s-NS    
Grove,  D. W.           Sec-7F row-4 s-2    
Grove,  David H.           Sec-2 row-21 s-12    
Grove,  Family Marker           Sec-3G row-3 s-3    
Grove,  Fietta Kay           Sec-8B row-5 s-2    
Grove,  Flora E.           Sec-3G row-3 s-4    
Grove,  James A.           Sec-8B row-8 s-3.7    
Grove,  John B.           Sec-3G row-3 s-2    
Grove,  Joy           Sec-7F row-3 s-NS    
Grove,  Laura E.           Sec-8F row-2 s-3    
Grove,  M. E.           Sec-7F row-4 s-2    
Grove,  Marce H.           Sec-7F row-3 s-2    
Grove,  Mary K.           Sec-7F row-4 s-4    
Grove,  Max V.           Sec-7F row-3 s-3    
Grove,  Minnie           Sec-2 row-20 s-11    
Grove,  Minnie           Sec-3F row-2 s-9    
Grove,  Neva J.           Sec-7F row-3 s-2    
Grove,  Nila           Sec-8B row-5 s-1    
Grove,  Ralph V.           Sec-3F row-2 s-10    
Grove,  Ruth H.           Sec-2 row-21 s-12    
Grove,  Ruth H.           Sec-3F row-1 s-12    
Grove,  Sarah           Sec-2 row-20 s-11    
Grove,  Sgt. Charles W.           Sec-8F row-2 s-3    
Grove,  Wanda F.           Sec-8A row-2 s-0.5    
Grove,  Wandaleen Faye     Sec 8A, row-2 s-0.5
Grove,  Wilbur R.           Sec-8A row-2 s-0.5    
Grove,  Willard           Sec-8B row-5 s-1    
Grover,  Harold L           Rhody F row-8 s-3    
Grover,  Martha J.           Rhody F row-8 s-3    
Grubbs,  Richard Beecher     Rhody C2 row-1 s-8
Grubbs,  Theresa B.           Sec-3G row-4 s-13    
Guenther,  Garnet M.           Sec-7B row-8 s-4    
Gunkel,  Family Marker           Sec-5 row-2 s-2    
Gunkel,  grave           Sec-5 row-3 s-NS    
Gunkel,  Isaac C.           Sec-5 row-2 s-1    
Gunkel,  Rhuey A.           Sec-5 row-2 s-3    
Guthrie,  E. Margaret           Sec-Old Church Lot row-3 s-5    
Guthrie,  Janet Ann           Sec-Old Church Lot row-3 s-4    
Gutting,  Loma           Sec-7C row-8 s-3    
Gutting,  Richard           Sec-7C row-8 s-3    
Gwinn,  Fay M           Sec-3D row-3 s-5    
Gwinn,  Laura A.           Sec-3D row-4 s-7    
Gwinn,  Lowell           Sec-3D row-3 s-5b    
Gwinn,  Wimmer W.           Sec-3D row-4 s-7    
Haber,  Edith Ford           Sec-1 row-2 s-3    
Haggard,  Glenda           Sec-7J row-7 s-9    
Haggard,  Ivin           Sec-7J row-7 s-9    
Haggard,  Patricia Thornburg           Sec-7J row-7 s-8.5    
Haggard,  Terry Allen           Sec-7J row-7 s-8.5    
Hall,  Catherine S.           Sec-7A row-4 s-2    
Hall,  Katherine Yvonne     
Hall,  Milton C.           Sec-7A row-4 s-2    
Hall,  Oscar R.           Sec-7G row-5 s-2    
Halliday,  A. Florence           Sec-7C row-1 s-5    
Halliday,  Albert F.           Old Max  row-19 s-8    
Halliday,  Alice Stafford           Sec-7C row-1 s-3    
Halliday,  Charles F.           Sec-7C row-1 s-6    
Halliday,  Elias F.           Sec-3A row-1 s-1    
Halliday,  Family Marker           Sec-7C row-2 s-5    
Halliday,  Lucinda           Sec-3A row-1 s-1    
Halliday,  M. Jane           Sec-3A row-1 s-1    
Halliday,  Rebecca Jane           Sec-7C row-1 s-8    
Halliday,  Sarah Lenora           Sec-7C row-1 s-7    
Halliday,  William R.           Sec-7C row-1 s-2    
Hamilton,  "Father"           Sec-7D row-1 s-1    
Hamilton,  "Mother"           Sec-7D row-1 s-2    
Hamilton,  A. A.           Sec-6C row-1 s-NS    
Hamilton,  Alice B.           Sec-8G row-4 s-4    
Hamilton,  Andrew J.           Sec-7D row-1 s-3    
Hamilton,  Essie O.           Sec-7D row-2 s-8    
Hamilton,  Esther C.           Sec-7D row-1 s-7    
Hamilton,  Eugene           Sec-7D row-2 s-3    
Hamilton,  Fannie           Sec-7D row-2 s-2    
Hamilton,  Harry L.           Sec-7D row-2 s-8    
Hamilton,  James Emil           Sec-8G row-4 s-4    
Hamilton,  James Todd           Sec-7C row-6 s-2    
Hamilton,  Jennie           Sec-7C row-6 s-2    
Hamilton,  Mahlon K.           Sec-6N row-2 s-6.5    
Hamilton,  Mary           Sec-7D row-1 s-3    
Hamilton,  Mary I.           Sec-7D row-1 s-8    
Hamilton,  Matilda E.           Sec-6C row-1 s-1    
Hamilton,  Meade A.           Sec-7D row-1 s-6    
Hamilton,  Phyllis A.           Sec-6N row-2 s-6.5    
Hamilton,  William E.           Sec-7D row-1 s-6    
Hammer,  Calvin           Sec-7F row-2 s-1    
Hammer,  Col. John A.           Sec-7C row-8 s-8    
Hammer,  Emma           Sec-6E row-1 s-6    
Hammer,  Jacob           Sec-6E row-1 s-6    
Hammer,  John H.           Sec-7C row-7 s-9    
Hammer,  Lela I.           Sec-7C row-8 s-8    
Hammer,  Minnie E.           Sec-7F row-2 s-1    
Hammer,  Nancy Pearl           Sec-7C row-7 s-9.5    
Hammer,  Ray A.           Sec-6E row-1 s-5    
Hammer,  Rex E.           Sec-7K row-7 s-6    
Hammer,  Roger Owen           Sec-7C row-7 s-9.5    
Hammer,  Timothy Howard           Sec-7C row-7 s-9.5    
Hammer,  Tracy Ann           Sec-7C row-7 s-9.5    
Hammers,  Abraham           Sec-2 row-4 s-7    
Hammers,  Achsah           Sec-1 row-2 s-16    
Hammers,  Alfaretta           Sec-7K row-6 s-NS    
Hammers,  Elijah O.           Sec-7F row-1 s-2    
Hammers,  Elizabeth M.           Sec-7F row-1 s-2    
Hammers,  Frank           Sec-7K row-6 s-NS    
Hammers,  John Oliver           Sec-6J row-2 s-6    
Hammers,  Joseph           Sec-1 row-2 s-16    
Hammers,  Nancy           Sec-2 row-4 s-7    
Hammers,  Opal McGuire           Sec-6J row-2 s-5    
Hammers,  William B.           Sec-2 row-3 s-13    
Hammers,  William Blaine           Sec-6J row-2 s-5    
Handy,  Rick D           Rhody D2 row-5 s-5    
Hanks,  Delpa           Old Max  row-19 s-3    
Hann,  Lennie           Sec-7L row-1 s-9    
Hann,  Milton           Sec-7L row-1 s-9    
Hansard,  Inez G.           Sec-5A row-21 s-4    
Hansard,  Isaac H.           Sec-5A row-21 s-4    
Har+F3984bour,  James B.           Sec-5A row-16 s-4    
Harbour,  ? No dt           Sec-7C row-4 s-NS    
Harbour,  ? No dt           Sec-7C row-4 s-NS    
Harbour,  Alice           Sec-2 row-20 s-7    
Harbour,  Branson E.           Sec-7C row-3 s-4    
Harbour,  Dorothy C.           Sec-5A row-16 s-4    
Harbour,  Dorothy E.           Sec-5 row-17 s-3    
Harbour,  James B.           Sec-5 row-17 s-3    
Harbour,  Lillian E.           Sec-7C row-3 s-4    
Harbour,  Thomas           Sec-7K row-5 s-NS    
Hardestay,  Hattie B.           Sec-3H row-2 s-NS    
Hardwick,  Howard M           Rhody C row-1 s-4    
Hardwick,  Marjorie L.           Rhody C row-1 s-4    
Hardwick,  Marjorie Louise     Rhody-C, row 1, stone 4
Hariott,  Marjorie F.           Sec-2 row-12 s-11    
Harmon,  Coby Allen           Sec-8D row-7 s-0.5    
Harper,  David           Sec-8C row-3 s-9    
Harper,  Enos           Sec-2 row-11 s-18    
Harper,  Eunicy           Sec-2 row-11 s-18    
Harper,  Lula J.           Sec-2 row-11 s-17    
Harrell,  Dedric     Rhody G row 9, stone 5  
Harrell,  Herschel Paul           Sec-Old Church Lot row-7 s-11    
Harris,  Aaron           Sec-2 row-16 s-NS    
Harris,  Aaron           Sec-5 row-18 s-7    
Harris,  Abigail           Sec-3D row-3 s-2    
Harris,  Addison           Sec-6N row-3 s-10    
Harris,  Addison H.           Sec-6N row-3 s-9    
Harris,  Albert           Sec-3D row-2 s-NS    
Harris,  Benjamin           Sec-3D row-3 s-2    
Harris,  Carl B.           Sec-3D row-4 s-4    
Harris,  child           Sec-2 row-19 s-NS    
Harris,  child           Sec-2 row-19 s-NS    
Harris,  Edgar           Sec-5 row-18 s-7    
Harris,  Elizabeth           Sec-2 row-16 s-8    
Harris,  Erma           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-5    
Harris,  grave           Sec-2 row-16 s-NS    
Harris,  grave X 4           Sec-2 row-17 s-NS    
Harris,  Hiram J.           Sec-5 row-18 s-7c    
Harris,  Howard           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-6NS    
Harris,  Jemima Rough           Sec-3H row-3 s-5    
Harris,  M. W.           Sec-3D row-4 s-3    
Harris,  Martha A.           Sec-6N row-3 s-10    
Harris,  Martha A. H.           Sec-6N row-3 s-11    
Harris,  Mary E.           Sec-3D row-4 s-3    
Harris,  Mary L.           Sec-5 row-18 s-7b    
Harris,  Neil           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-5    
Harris,  occupied           Sec-3D row-1 s-3    
Harris,  Pearl           Sec-3D row-4 s-4    
Harris,  rec. burial           Sec-3D row-2 s-NS    
Harrison,  Loretta           Sec-3D row-1 s-5    
Harrold,  Gertrude           Sec-6D row-3 s-NS    
Harshman,  Dora A.           Sec-8C row-3 s-1    
Harshman,  Martin V.           Sec-8C row-3 s-1    
Harshman,  Waler V.           Sec-8C row-3 s-1    
Harter,  Donita Sue           Sec-4 row-15 s-4    
Harter,  Frances Joan           Sec-5 row-7 s-8.5    
Harter,  Henry E. (hank)           Sec-5 row-7 s-8.5    
Harter,  Rosa May           Sec-5 row-7 s-8    
Hartley,  Estella L.           Old Max  row-10 s-24    
Hartley,  Perry O.           Old Max  row-10 s-24    
Harty,  Horace A.           Sec-8B row-5 s-7    
Harty,  John E.           Sec-8B row-5 s-6    
Harty,  Judith G.           Sec-8B row-5 s-7    
Harty,  Myrtle T.           Sec-8B row-5 s-8    
Harty,  Royal Jess           Sec-8B row-5 s-5    
Hatcher,  Hazel           Old Max  row-1 s-3    
Hatcher,  Mildred W.           Sec-2 row-8 s-5    
Hatcher,  Walter           Old Max  row-1 s-3    
Havens,  Laura A.           Sec-6A row-2 s-1    
Havens,  Perry D.           Sec-6A row-2 s-1    
Hawins,  Charle L.           Sec-5 row-3 s-2    
Hawins,  Sarah H.           Sec-5 row-3 s-2    
Hawkins,  Agatha A. Teagle           Sec-3I row-3 s-3b    
Hawkins,  child           Sec-3I row-3 s-4    
Hawkins,  Christopher C.           Sec-3H row-1 s-13    
Hawkins,  Estella           Sec-2 row-19 s-11    
Hawkins,  Estella           Sec-2 row-19 s-12    
Hawkins,  Ettie M.           Sec-3I row-3 s-4    
Hawkins,  infant           Sec-2 row-19 s-NS    
Hawkins,  J. Herbert           Sec-2 row-19 s-11b    
Hawkins,  James W.           Sec-2 row-19 s-10    
Hawkins,  John R.           Sec-2 row-18 s-13    
Hawkins,  John R.           Sec-2 row-19 s-11    
Hawkins,  Jonas C.           Sec-3I row-3 s-4    
Hawkins,  Marie           Sec-5 row-3 s-2    
Hawkins,  Mary F.           Sec-2 row-19 s-11    
Hawkins,  Phebe C.           Sec-3I row-3 s-8    
Hawkins,  Sarah E.           Sec-3H row-1 s-13    
Hawkins,  William           Sec-3I row-3 s-3    
Hawkins,  William L.           Sec-3I row-3 s-4    
Hawkins,  William W.           Sec-2 row-18 s-12    
Hawkins,  William W.           Sec-2 row-19 s-11    
Hawkins,  Winnie L.           Sec-3I row-3 s-5    
Hawley,  Anna E.           Sec-7B row-7 s-3    
Hawley,  Family Marker           Sec-7B row-8 s-1    
Hawley,  Henry R.           Sec-7J row-5 s-1    
Hawley,  Herbert M.           Sec-7B row-7 s-1    
Hawley,  James O.           Sec-7B row-7 s-2    
Hawley,  Sarah S.           Sec-7J row-5 s-1    
Haworth,  Clarence           Sec-6J row-2 s-8    
Haworth,  Lola           Sec-6J row-2 s-8    
Hayes,  John Wesley           Sec-6G row-5 s-NS    
Hayes,  Lydia J.           Sec-3G row-1 s-3    
Hayes,  Michael B           Rhody B2 row-1 s-9    
Hayes,  Richard F.           Sec-3G row-1 s-3    
Hayes,  William J.           Sec-6G row-5 s-6    
Hays,  Abbie           Sec-2 row-19 s-5    
Hays,  Abbie R.           Sec-2 row-19 s-4    
Hays,  Delilah           Sec-3A row-3 s-13    
Hays,  Eva           Sec-2 row-19 s-4    
Hays,  Family Marker           Sec-6A row-2 s-3    
Hays,  George H.           Sec-3A row-4 s-4    
Hays,  Ida A.           Sec-3A row-4 s-4    
Hays,  John           Sec-3A row-3 s-13    
Hays,  Joseph A.           Sec-3A row-3 s-16    
Hays,  Maggie Alva           Sec-6L row-5 s-NS    
Hays,  Mary E.           Sec-6A row-1 s-9    
Hays,  Raymond M.           Sec-6A row-1 s-7    
Hays,  Robert           Sec-6A row-1 s-8    
Hays,  Samuel G.           Sec-2 row-19 s-4    
Hays,  Treva           Sec-7D row-2 s-9    
Hays,  Virgil           Sec-7D row-2 s-9    
Hays,  William Oscar           Sec-6L row-5 s-NS    
Hazelrigg,  Bessie Roberts           Sec-3A row-3 s-11    
Heaston,  Mary Ann           Old Max  row-10 s-20    
Heath,  Huldah           Sec-7L row-7 s-6    
Heath,  Jesse L.           Sec-7L row-7 s-6    
Heaton,  Mildred Audrey "Milly"     sec 3B, row 4, stone 1.5
Heaton,  Mildred Rich           Sec-3B row-4 s-1.5    
Hedges,  Julia A.           Rhody G row-3 s-3    
Hedges,  Julie "Judy" A.     Rhody E Row 9 stone 2 
Hedges,  Pauline           Sec-8H row-1 s-2    
Hedges,  Robert           Sec-8H row-1 s-2    
Hedges,  Robert     Rhody E r-9 s-2
Hedges,  Robert D           Rhody G row-3 s-3    
Heeke,  Frank           Sec-2 row-5 s-NS    
Hegedus,  Michael G.           Sec-5 row-13 s-9    
Hegedus,  Ruth S.           Sec-5 row-13 s-9    
Hegedus,  Sadie Ruth     Sec 5, row 13, stone 9.5
Hegedus,  Warren R.           Sec-5 row-13 s-10    
Heiss,  Janice           Sec-6F row-4 s-4.5    
Heiss,  Max E.           Sec-6F row-4 s-4.5    
Helm,  Edna           Sec-2 row-18 s-4    
Helm,  Jessie           Sec-2 row-18 s-5    
Helms,  Gladys           Sec-8B row-6 s-NS    
Helms,  Patricia (Jenkins)     buried 2018 ???
Henchon,  Charles Walter     buried 2018  ??? 
Henderson,  Clina R.           Sec-8D row-5 s-1    
Henderson,  Josephine           Sec-8D row-5 s-1    
Henisa,  Chester B           Rhody D row-7 s-3    
Henisa,  Ruth F           Rhody D row-7 s-3    
Heniser,  Dallas L.           Sec-7A row-8 s-4    
Henning,  Debra K.           Rhody C2 row-1 s-2    
Henning,  John R.           Rhody C2 row-1 s-2    
Henning,  John R.     stone
Henry,  Flona Jane           Sec-6G row-4 s-2.5    
Herbst,  Mary           Sec-3H row-1 s-10.5    
Herest,  Michael           Old Max  row-10 s-6    
Herndon,  Christy Ann     Rhody A row-6 s-7  
Herndon,  James G Jr           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-18    
Herndon,  Jerry Wayne     Rhody A row-7 s-6
Herndon,  Magdlen N.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-18    
Hernly,  Alvia R.           Sec-5 row-18 s-8    
Hernly,  grave           Sec-5 row-18 s-7    
Hernly,  Mary I.           Sec-5 row-18 s-8    
Heron,  Arthur           Sec-6F row-4 s-NS    
Heron,  Barbara E.           Sec-6F row-4 s-9    
Heron,  Charles E.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-3 s-11    
Heron,  Hannah M.           Sec-1 row-4 s-15    
Heron,  John F.           Sec-6F row-4 s-9    
Heron,  John Leroy           Sec-7F row-4 s-1    
Heron,  Pearl C.           Sec-7F row-4 s-1    
Heron,  William R.           Sec-1 row-4 s-15    
Herriford,  Virginia A.           Sec-7F row-2 s-NS    
Herriford,  Virginia A.           Sec-7G row-3 s-0.5    
Herron,  Clara A.           Sec-2 row-12 s-12    
Herron,  Eileen           Sec-8H row-5 s-0.7    
Herron,  Howard           Sec-8H row-5 s-0.7    
Herron,  Phyllis Eileen     Sec 8H, row 5, stone 0.7  
Hess,  Rosa Sauer           Sec-7J row-5 s-4    
Hesson,  Florilla Pauline           Sec-7A row-8 s-2.5    
Hester,  Arveda           Sec-6A row-4 s-14    
Hester,  George W.           Sec-6A row-5 s-3    
Hester,  Hannah J.           Sec-6A row-5 s-3    
Hester,  Harold D.           Sec-6A row-4 s-13    
Hester,  John C.           Sec-3D row-1 s-NS    
Hester,  Josephine           Sec-6A row-4 s-12    
Hester,  Paul Gilbert           Sec-6A row-4 s-11    
Hester,  Sarah L. G.           Sec-3D row-1 s-9    
Hester,  Sarah M.           Sec-3D row-1 s-8    
Hewitt,  Joseph           Sec-3C row-4 s-1    
Hewitt,  Martha J.           Sec-3C row-3 s-4    
Hewitt,  Peter O.           Sec-3C row-3 s-NS    
Hewitt,  Sarah           Sec-3C row-4 s-1    
Hiatt,  "Elmer"           Sec-7G row-2 s-4    
Hiatt,  "Elverna"           Sec-7G row-2 s-5    
Hiatt,  "Hattie"           Sec-7G row-2 s-3    
Hiatt,  Amos           Old Max  row-16 s-3    
Hiatt,  Arnold E.           Rhody C2 row-1 s-1    
Hiatt,  Catherine E.           Sec-7I row-7 s-1.5    
Hiatt,  Delbert C           Rhody A row-2 s-3    
Hiatt,  Dorothy M           Sec-4 row-6 s-1.6    
Hiatt,  Dorothy M.     Sec-4 row-6 s-1.6
Hiatt,  Eddie J.           Sec-7G row-5 s-11    
Hiatt,  Effie M.           Old Max  row-2 s-5    
Hiatt,  Eli           Sec-7K row-7 s-1    
Hiatt,  Eliza           Sec-7K row-7 s-1    
Hiatt,  Elmer J.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-16    
Hiatt,  Ethel I.           Sec-5 row-9 s-8    
Hiatt,  Everett D.           Sec-7I row-7 s-1.5    
Hiatt,  Family Marker           Sec-6K row-3 s-4b    
Hiatt,  Family Marker           Sec-7G row-1 s-3    
Hiatt,  Grace M.           Sec-6E row-4 s-8    
Hiatt,  Harry E.           Sec-5 row-9 s-8    
Hiatt,  Hazel M.           Sec-4 row-6 s-2    
Hiatt,  Helen F.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-16b    
Hiatt,  Ira A.           Sec-7G row-5 s-10    
Hiatt,  Iva M.           Sec-6I row-3 s-2    
Hiatt,  James S.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-16    
Hiatt,  John Wesley           Old Max  row-16 s-3    
Hiatt,  Lela M.           Sec-6E row-4 s-6    
Hiatt,  Libbie E.           Sec-7G row-5 s-12    
Hiatt,  Martha A.           Old Max  row-16 s-3    
Hiatt,  Mary E.           Old Max  row-16 s-3    
Hiatt,  Mary V.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-16b    
Hiatt,  Mattie C.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-16    
Hiatt,  Minnie R.           Sec-6K row-4 s-6    
Hiatt,  Richard F.           Sec-8I row-2 s-2    
Hiatt,  Richard Franklin           Sec-8I row-1 s-5    
Hiatt,  Robert H.           Sec-5 row-9 s-9    
Hiatt,  Rolland J.           Sec-6I row-3 s-2    
Hiatt,  Ruth E.           Rhody C2 row-1 s-1    
Hiatt,  Ruth E.     Rhody-C, row 1, stone 1
Hiatt,  Ruth I.           Sec-7E row-2 s-3    
Hiatt,  Stanley O.           Sec-6E row-4 s-7    
Hiatt,  Ursula R.           Old Max  row-2 s-6    
Hiatt,  Vernon L. (Bunker)           Sec-4 row-6 s-1.6    
Hiatt,  Virginia M           Rhody A row-2 s-3    
Hiatt,  Wilbur C.           Sec-6K row-4 s-5    
Hiatt,  Wilbur E.           Sec-8G row-1 s-3    
Hiatt,  Wilma H.           Sec-8G row-1 s-3    
Hiatt,  Zelda Marie           Sec-8I row-1 s-5    
Hickman,  Emily E.           Sec-2 row-14 s-9    
Hickman,  Martha B.           Sec-2 row-12 s-10    
Hiitchcock,  Gil Wayne           Sec-7K row-5 s-1.5    
Hill,  Benjamin F.           Sec-2 row-7 s-11    
Hill,  Beryl R.           Sec-6J row-1 s-1    
Hill,  Charles J.           Sec-7K row-8 s-2    
Hill,  Cora M.           Sec-6J row-2 s-2    
Hill,  Daniel F.           Sec-6K row-4 s-4    
Hill,  David E.           Sec-6J row-2 s-4    
Hill,  Elizabeth D.           Sec-2 row-7 s-14    
Hill,  Elizabeth D. Edwards           Sec-2 row-7 s-13    
Hill,  Eva           Sec-6J row-2 s-3    
Hill,  Family Marker           Sec-2 row-8 s-9    
Hill,  Harriette A.           Sec-6K row-4 s-4    
Hill,  Howard M.           Sec-6K row-3 s-1    
Hill,  Howard Ned           Sec-6K row-3 s-2    
Hill,  Iris           Sec-6J row-1 s-3    
Hill,  Lulu S.           Sec-6K row-3 s-3    
Hill,  Marie           Sec-6J row-1 s-3    
Hill,  Marion R.           Sec-2 row-12 s-19    
Hill,  Mark H.           Sec-6J row-2 s-2b    
Hill,  Mary Belle           Sec-2 row-12 s-19    
Hill,  Paul R.           Sec-6J row-1 s-1    
Hill,  Sarah           Sec-2 row-7 s-12    
Hill,  Sarah E.           Sec-7D row-5 s-6    
Himes,  Ina Mae           Rhody C row-7 s-14    
Himes,  Ina Mae (Bullard)     Rhody C row-7 s-16 
Himes,  William R Himes           Rhody C row-7 s-14    
Himes,  William R Sr           Rhody C row-7 s-14    
Hines,  baby           Sec-4 row-13 s-NS    
Hines,  Della V.           Sec-4 row-13 s-1    
Hines,  Lewis Z.           Sec-4 row-13 s-1    
Hines,  Martha L.           Sec-4 row-13 s-0.5    
Hinsey,  Forrest E.           Sec-8B row-6 s-5    
Hinsey,  India Addington           Sec-8B row-6 s-5    
Hinshaw,  Anne Y.           Rhody C row-1 s-3    
Hinshaw,  Jon Paul           Rhody C row-1 s-3    
Hinshaw,  Mary N. Mosier Potter           Sec-5 row-9 s-7.4    
Hinshaw,  Paul H           Rhody C row-1 s-1    
Hinshaw,  Thelma           Rhody C row-1 s-1    
Hinty,  Jack L.           Sec-8I row-8 s-3    
Hinty,  Linton C.           Sec-8I row-8 s-2    
Hinty,  Serena P.           Sec-8I row-8 s-2    
Hirsch,  Helen H.           Sec-8B row-5 s-9    
Hitchcock,  Joanna C.           Sec-7K row-4 s-3.7    
Hitchcock,  Loda A.           Sec-7L row-8 s-1    
Hitchcock,  Luciane           Sec-7L row-8 s-1    
Hitchcock,  Perry Wayne           Sec-7K row-4 s-3.7    
Hobbick,  Altha A.           Sec-1 row-4 s-13    
Hobbick,  Charles E.           Sec-1 row-4 s-11    
Hobbick,  Eva B.           Sec-1 row-4 s-11    
Hobbick,  Markle C.           Sec-8B row-5 s-10    
Hobbick,  Othal L.           Sec-8B row-5 s-10    
Hobley,  Charles B.           Sec-7G row-2 s-6    
Hobley,  Marjorie           Sec-7G row-2 s-6.5    
Hobley,  Myrtle           Sec-7G row-2 s-6    
Hobley,  Stewart           Sec-7G row-2 s-6.5    
Hodges,  Ashley N.           Sec-4 row-14 s-1    
Hodges,  Maxine           Sec-4 row-14 s-1    
Hodges,  Nelson           Sec-4 row-14 s-1    
Hodges,  Robert W.           Sec-4 row-14 s-1    
Hodgin,  Edwin Eugene           Rhody B row-7 s-2    
Hodgin,  Jacquelyn Sue           Rhody B row-7 s-2    
Hodgin,  Mary Lee (Popps)     Rhody B row-6 s-2
Hodgin,  Ronald Lee     Rhody B row-6 s-2
Hoke,  Bobbi Lee     Rhody D2 row-2 s
Hoke,  Bobbi Lee Fine           Rhody D2 row-2 s-6    
Holder,  Catharine           Sec-6N row-6 s-5    
Holder,  Gerald Lee     ??
Holder,  Henry           Sec-6N row-6 s-4    
Holland,  Mary A.           Sec-7C row-4 s-1    
Holliday,  Phillip Lee     Rhody B Row 2 stone 6
Hollowell,  Delbert E.           Sec-6I row-4 s-2    
Hollowell,  Donald L.           Sec-6I row-4 s-1.5    
Hollowell,  Guy Neth Fern           Sec-6N row-6 s-7    
Hollowell,  Harold E.           Sec-6I row-4 s-3    
Hollowell,  Harry A.           Sec-6N row-5 s-6    
Hollowell,  India May           Sec-6N row-5 s-6    
Hollowell,  Nelie M.           Sec-6I row-4 s-2    
Holtman,  Esther Stanley           Sec-6M row-2 s-6    
Homes,  Lois Olive           Sec-7G row-1 s-3.5    
Hoots,  Donald L.           Sec-7H row-6 s-11    
Hoover,  Ethel A.           Sec-3G row-2 s-4    
Hoover,  Laura A. Craig           Sec-1 row-7 s-13    
Horn,  Albert J.           Sec-7J row-4 s-6    
Horn,  Leota S.           Sec-7J row-4 s-6    
Houk,  Alice L.           Sec-4 row-5 s-4    
Houk,  Elmar L.           Sec-4 row-5 s-1alt    
Houk,  Garllie L.           Sec-4 row-5 s-2    
Houk,  James H.           Sec-4 row-5 s-3    
Houston,  Psyche           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-20    
Houston,  Sam D. II           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-23    
Hovis,  John W.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-7 s-14.6    
Hovis,  Sarah L.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-7 s-14.55    
Howard,  Hattie F.           Old Max  row-11 s-27    
Howard,  William           Old Max  row-11 s-27    
Howe,  Claude H.           Sec-3G row-4 s-2    
Howe,  J. Edward           Sec-3G row-4 s-3    
Howe,  Laurel Fern           Sec-3G row-4 s-1    
Howe,  Ora B.           Sec-3G row-4 s-4    
Howell,  Fred           Sec-7J row-4 s-2    
Howell,  Helen M.           Sec-7B row-3 s-6    
Howell,  Jackie Melvin           Sec-7B row-3 s-7    
Howell,  Jeffrey Allen           Sec-4 row-6 s-1.7    
Howell,  Marsha S.     Sec 7B, row 6, stone 5
Howell,  Marvin L.           Rhody E row-7 s-1    
Howell,  Melvin A.           Sec-7B row-3 s-6    
Howell,  Naomi H.           Sec-7J row-4 s-3    
Howell,  Nina           Rhody E row-7 s-1    
Howell,  Ruby           Sec-7J row-4 s-2    
Hoyt,  Jay Wendell     Sec 3i, row 3 s-4.5
Hoyt,  Jennifer Michelle           Sec-3I row-4 s-2    
Hubbard,  Bertha A.           Sec-6D row-1 s-11    
Hubbard,  Betty Lou           Sec-4 row-25.5 s-3    
Hubbard,  C. Loe           Sec-7F row-2 s-2    
Hubbard,  Cecil Edgar           Sec-8A row-8 s-6    
Hubbard,  Flossie           Sec-6F row-2 s-1    
Hubbard,  Francis M.           Sec-8A row-8 s-5    
Hubbard,  Gertrude           Sec-7F row-2 s-2    
Hubbard,  Grace Emily           Sec-6F row-2 s-1.5    
Hubbard,  Grace Emily     sec 6F, Row 2, stone 1.5
Hubbard,  grave           Sec-6D row-1 s-NS    
Hubbard,  Harry H.           Sec-6D row-1 s-11    
Hubbard,  I. A.           Sec-6D row-1 s-11    
Hubbard,  John Smith           Sec-6F row-2 s-1.5    
Hubbard,  Josephine           Sec-6F row-1 s-3    
Hubbard,  Laura L.           Sec-8A row-8 s-5    
Hubbard,  Michael F.           Sec-6F row-1 s-1    
Hubbard,  Oscar           Sec-6F row-2 s-1    
Hubbard,  Robert Lee           Sec-4 row-25.5 s-4    
Hubbard,  Robert Lee     Sec-4 row-25.5 s-4  
Hubbard,  Sarah E.           Sec-6F row-1 s-2    
Huffer,  Ada E.           Sec-2 row-8 s-18    
Huffer,  Alice           Sec-1 row-5 s-3    
Huffer,  Alice           Sec-1 row-5 s-4    
Huffer,  Alta May           Sec-2 row-8 s-17    
Huffer,  Alva O.           Sec-2 row-8 s-18    
Huffer,  Amy Olive           Sec-2 row-8 s-17    
Huffer,  Everett E.           Sec-2 row-4 s-17    
Huffer,  Harley O.           Sec-1 row-4 s-5    
Huffer,  Harlley O.           Sec-1 row-4 s-4    
Huffer,  Henrietta           Sec-1 row-4 s-2    
Huffer,  Lee Ransom           Sec-2 row-8 s-17    
Huffer,  Marland R.           Sec-4 row-21 s-1    
Huffer,  Mary A.           Sec-2 row-4 s-17    
Huffer,  Mrs William H.           Sec-2 row-7 s-NS    
Huffer,  Rosa           Sec-2 row-3 s-24    
Huffer,  Simon S           Sec-1 row-5 s-2    
Huffer,  Simon S.           Sec-1 row-5 s-4    
Huffer,  Thelma M.           Sec-4 row-21 s-1    
Huffer,  Watson           Sec-1 row-4 s-3    
Huffer,  Watson           Sec-1 row-4 s-4    
Huffer,  William H.           Sec-2 row-7 s-NS    
Huffman,  B. F.           Old Max  row-13 s-2    
Huffman,  Carl M.           Sec-6A row-5 s-1    
Huffman,  Clarence           Sec-7I row-5 s-3    
Huffman,  Cordia           Sec-7I row-5 s-1    
Huffman,  David N.           Sec-6N row-1 s-1    
Huffman,  Dora E.           Sec-6A row-5 s-1    
Huffman,  Eliza           Sec-1 row-1 s-14    
Huffman,  Eliza A.           Old Max  row-13 s-2    
Huffman,  Eliza J.           Old Max  row-14 s-6    
Huffman,  Hannah A.           Sec-6A row-4 s-6    
Huffman,  Henry D           Old Max  row-13 s-2    
Huffman,  Henry N.           Old Max  row-6 s-4    
Huffman,  Homer E.           Sec-7J row-1 s-3    
Huffman,  Homer E.           Sec-7J row-2 s-2.5    
Huffman,  John D.           Sec-6A row-4 s-5    
Huffman,  Lillie A.           Sec-6A row-4 s-7    
Huffman,  Lydia D.           Old Max  row-15 s-17    
Huffman,  Margaret           Sec-7J row-1 s-5    
Huffman,  Margaret           Sec-7J row-2 s-2.5    
Huffman,  Mary J.           Sec-1 row-1 s-14    
Huffman,  Mary Jo Younger           Sec-7J row-2 s-2.5    
Huffman,  Melissa           Sec-7I row-5 s-2    
Huffman,  Nancy E.           Old Max  row-6 s-4    
Huffman,  S. N.           Old Max  row-14 s-5    
Huffman,  Washington A.           Old Max  row-14 s-4    
Huffman,  William H.           Sec-1 row-1 s-NS    
Huffman,  William Henry           Sec-6H row-2 s-1    
Humbarger,  Emma Kean           Sec-2 row-2 s-1.5    
Humbarger,  Levi W.           Sec-2 row-2 s-1.5    
Hunt,  Catharine S.           Sec-6G row-5 s-5    
Hunt,  Charlie P.           Sec-7E row-5 s-2    
Hunt,  Clara           Sec-7E row-6 s-3    
Hunt,  Dr. James P.           Old Max  row-15 s-3    
Hunt,  Eva           Sec-1 row-1 s-18    
Hunt,  Geneva L.           Sec-5 row-12 s-11    
Hunt,  Goldie M.           Sec-1 row-2 s-18    
Hunt,  Golvie O.           Sec-6N row-2 s-5    
Hunt,  Infant           Sec-6N row-2 s-5    
Hunt,  James           Sec-1 row-7 s-NS    
Hunt,  James           Sec-6N row-2 s-5    
Hunt,  John Arthur           Sec-1 row-1 s-15    
Hunt,  Lewis           Sec-6G row-5 s-5    
Hunt,  Mabel M.           Sec-8G row-2 s-5    
Hunt,  Mary Jane           Sec-1 row-1 s-16    
Hunt,  Mattie P.           Old Max  row- s-    
Hunt,  N. O.           Sec-7E row-6 s-2    
Hunt,  Richard           Sec-1 row-1 s-17    
Hunt,  Russell A.           Sec-8G row-2 s-5    
Hunt,  Tom E.           Sec-1 row-2 s-18    
Hunt,  Tory Lee           Sec-8E row-2 s-0.5    
Hunt,  William W.           Sec-6G row-5 s-5    
Hupp,  Joseph Watt           Sec-6M row-8 s-1    
Hupp,  Mary           Sec-6M row-8 s-2    
Hupp,  Samuel           Sec-6M row-8 s-2    
Hurd,  Lucille Herndon           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-19    
Hurst,  Bernici Vivian           Sec-7I row-1 s-3    
Hurst,  child           Sec-2 row-3 s-NS    
Hurst,  Elmer           Sec-1 row-5 s-22    
Hurst,  Family Marker           Sec-2 row-16 s-16    
Hurst,  grave           Sec-1 row-5 s-NS    
Hurst,  Harriett B.           Sec-2 row-17 s-11    
Hurst,  Henry H.           Sec-2 row-17 s-12    
Hurst,  Ida M.           Sec-7G row-8 s-4    
Hurst,  J. N.           Sec-2 row-17 s-13    
Hurst,  James M.           Sec-1 row-6 s-NS    
Hurst,  John E.           Sec-7I row-2 s-2.3    
Hurst,  Louetta           Sec-1 row-5 s-22    
Hurst,  Mary           Sec-2 row-17 s-10    
Hurst,  Oren S.           Sec-7G row-8 s-4    
Hurst,  Rebecca A.           Sec-1 row-7 s-17    
Hurst,  Susan E.           Sec-1 row-7 s-18    
Hurst,  W. C.           Sec-1 row-7 s-16    
Hurst,  Wanelda F.           Sec-7I row-2 s-2.3    
Hushour,  Catharine A.           Sec-6A row-3 s-4    
Hushour,  David           Sec-6A row-4 s-2    
Hushour,  Eliza A. H.           Sec-6A row-4 s-2    
Hushour,  Granville O.           Sec-6E row-4 s-2    
Hushour,  Minnie D.           Sec-6E row-4 s-2    
Huston,  Andrew C.           Sec-5A row-22 s-1    
Huston,  Cora E.           Sec-5A row-22 s-1    
Huston,  Craig           Sec-5A row-22 s-2    
Huston,  David M.           Sec-6D row-1 s-12    
Huston,  George A.           Sec-5A row-22 s-4    
Huston,  Irene H.           Sec-7F row-2 s-3    
Huston,  Isa Jeanette           Sec-5A row-23 s-4    
Huston,  James M.           Sec-5A row-23 s-3    
Huston,  Janet           Sec-5A row-22 s-3    
Huston,  Julia A.           Sec-5A row-22 s-4    
Huston,  Martha A.           Sec-5A row-23 s-3    
Huston,  Mary E.           Sec-5A row-23 s-2    
Huston,  O. B.           Sec-6D row-2 s-NS    
Huston,  Rebecca           Sec-6D row-1 s-12    
Huston,  Robert N.           Sec-5A row-23 s-2    
Huston,  Sarah W.           Sec-5A row-23 s-1    
Huston,  W Hervet           Sec-7F row-2 s-3    
Hutchens,  Andrew J.           Old Max  row-3.5 s-6    
Hutchens,  Andy           Old Max  row-3.5 s-8    
Hutchens,  Anna M.           Sec-2 row-3 s-6    
Hutchens,  Anna M.           Sec-3I row-1 s-1    
Hutchens,  Chauncey S.           Sec-3I row-2 s-1    
Hutchens,  Clara           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-5    
Hutchens,  Clarence E.           Sec-2 row-12 s-12    
Hutchens,  Clayton           Sec-7E row-8 s-1    
Hutchens,  David J.           Sec-3I row-1 s-1    
Hutchens,  Della C.           Sec-5 row-1 s-5    
Hutchens,  Effie N.           Sec-1 row-4 s-14    
Hutchens,  Electie           Sec-2 row-12 s-NS    
Hutchens,  Elizabeth H           Old Max  row-8 s-8    
Hutchens,  Ellen M.           Sec-5A row-24 s-8    
Hutchens,  Esta           Sec-7E row-4 s-4    
Hutchens,  Esther O.           Sec-3I row-2 s-1    
Hutchens,  Family Marker           Sec-7E row-8 s-3    
Hutchens,  Fanny           Rhody A row-1 s-10    
Hutchens,  Florence           Sec-8D row-3 s-6    
Hutchens,  Frank M.           Sec-5 row-1 s-5    
Hutchens,  Glades           Old Max  row-3.5 s-7    
Hutchens,  Harold           Sec-3I row-1 s-0.5    
Hutchens,  Harold J.           Sec-5 row-6 s-5    
Hutchens,  Harriett M.           Sec-7K row-4 s-3    
Hutchens,  harry E.           Sec-1 row-4 s-14    
Hutchens,  Harry L.           Sec-3I row-1 s-2    
Hutchens,  Harry M           Rhody A row-1 s-10    
Hutchens,  Infant           Sec-6A row-1 s-NS    
Hutchens,  Ira           Sec-7E row-8 s-2    
Hutchens,  Jacob R.           Sec-2 row-11 s-16    
Hutchens,  James D.           Sec-5A row-24 s-8    
Hutchens,  Jesse           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-5    
Hutchens,  John C.           Sec-7K row-4 s-3    
Hutchens,  Leatrice J.           Sec-5 row-1 s-7    
Hutchens,  Mahala J.           Old Max  row-3.5 s-6    
Hutchens,  Martha A           Sec-5 row-6 s-5    
Hutchens,  Martha A.           Sec-7E row-4 s-4    
Hutchens,  Mary Alice           Old Max  row-18 s-1    
Hutchens,  Mary K.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-4.6    
Hutchens,  Mildred L.           Sec-7E row-8 s-4    
Hutchens,  Patrick H.           Sec-2 row-3 s-6    
Hutchens,  patsy           Sec-2 row-11 s-NS    
Hutchens,  Ralph M.           Sec-8D row-3 s-6    
Hutchens,  Ralph M.           Sec-8D row-4 s-6    
Hutchens,  Richard L.           Sec-5 row-1 s-8    
Hutchens,  Robert W.           Sec-4 row-1 s-4    
Hutchens,  Rose           Sec-7E row-8 s-1    
Hutchens,  Rosie E.           Sec-3I row-2 s-2    
Hutchens,  Vecil M.           Sec-5 row-1 s-6    
Hutchens,  Wanda           Sec-2 row-11 s-NS    
Hutchens,  William           Sec-Old Church Lot row-7 s-14    
Hutcherson,  David L.           Rhody B2 row-1 s-10    
Hutcherson,  Gertrude           Rhody B2 row-1 s-10    
Hutcherson,  Maurice           Rhody B2 row-1 s-10    
Hutcheson,  Chester           Old Max  row-4 s-28    
Hutcheson,  Irven           Old Max  row-4 s-27    
Hutcheson,  Ruth G.           Old Max  row-4 s-26    
Hyer,  Bessie E.           Sec-7H row-3 s-1    
Hyer,  Frank O.           Sec-7H row-3 s-1    
Iliff,  harry F.           Sec-3I row-3 s-7    
Ingalls,  Dora E.           Sec-8B row-4 s-3    
Ingle,  Bert           Sec-7C row-1 s-1    
Ingle,  Grave           Sec-7C row-1 s-NS    
Ingle,  infant           Sec-3A row-3 s-15    
Ingle,  Ira Noel           Sec-3A row-3 s-14    
Ingle,  James O.           Sec-3A row-4 s-5    
Ingle,  Jennie           Sec-3A row-4 s-5    
Ingle,  Lee           Sec-7C row-2 s-1    
Ingle,  Leonard "Dutch"           Rhody B row-1 s-2    
Ingle,  Mary E.           Sec-7C row-1 s-1    
Ingle,  Norman           Sec-7C row-1 s-NS    
Ingle,  Ruby M.           Sec-7C row-2 s-1    
Ingle,  Sadie           Sec-7C row-1 s-NS    
Jackson,  Abigail Willey           Sec-6I row-3 s-5    
Jackson,  Annabell           Sec-Old Church Lot row-2 s-16.5    
Jackson,  Barbara Ann           Sec-7F row-8 s-1    
Jackson,  Ercel R.           Sec-7F row-7 s-6    
Jackson,  Fleeta M.           Sec-7F row-7 s-7    
Jackson,  James Richard           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-19    
Jackson,  Jean Robert           Sec-6A row-3 s-5    
Jackson,  Jean Robert           Sec-6A row-4 s-8    
Jackson,  Jessie           Sec-6M row-5 s-NS    
Jackson,  Larry Wayne           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-18    
Jackson,  Leander R.           Sec-6I row-3 s-4    
Jackson,  Murray E.           Sec-7F row-8 s-0.5    
Jackson,  Richard E.     Rhody C row-7 s-16
Jackson,  Richard L.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-2 s-16-5    
Jackson,  Vincent           Sec-Old Church Lot row-7 s-15    
Jackson,  Violet E.           Sec-7F row-8 s-0.5    
Jacobs,  Hazel           Sec-7D row-7 s-4    
Jacobs,  Kevin Ray           Sec-8I row-6 s-3    
James,  Blanche N.           Sec-5 row-13 s-5    
James,  Capt. Samuel C.           Sec-6A row-1 s-1F    
James,  Jacob W.           Sec-7D row-4 s-5    
James,  Lester           Sec-7J row-8 s-4    
James,  Olaf W.           Sec-7D row-4 s-6    
James,  Sarah R.           Sec-7J row-8 s-3    
James,  Susannah B.           Sec-6A row-1 s-1F    
James,  William H.           Sec-7J row-8 s-2    
Jamieson,  Max Howard           Sec-1 row-1 s-21    
Jamison,  Edith           Sec-1 row-1 s-19    
Jamison,  Harry           Sec-1 row-1 s-20    
Jarnigan,  John W.           Sec-1 row-7 s-4    
Jarnigan,  Miriam           Sec-1 row-7 s-4    
Jarrett,  David           Sec-6F row-4 s-7    
Jarrett,  Eileen           Sec-8F row-3 s-4    
Jarrett,  Leon           Sec-8F row-3 s-4    
Jarrett,  Mavis (Rinard)           Sec-7F  row-5 s-0.6    
Jarrett,  Rachel           Sec-6F row-4 s-7    
Jeffrey,  child           Sec-2 row-6 s-15    
Jeffrey,  Daniel "Mont"           Sec-2 row-6 s-14    
Jeffrey,  Elizabeth           Old Max  row-11 s-26    
Jeffrey,  Francis           Old Max  row-11 s-25    
Jeffrey,  infant           Sec-1 row-7 s-22    
Jeffrey,  Job T.           Sec-1 row-6 s-18    
Jeffrey,  Lillie M.           Sec-1 row-7 s-22    
Jeffrey,  M. Kathryn Drill           Sec-2 row-6 s-14    
Jeffrey,  Sarah C.           Sec-1 row-6 s-18    
Jeffrey,  Thomas C.           Sec-1 row-7 s-22    
Jellison,  Kerry Matthew     Rhody A2 row 5 s-1
Jenkins,  Betty I.           Sec-8C row-7 s-0.5    
Jenkins,  Cloyce A           Rhody B row-7 s-8    
Jenkins,  E.E. Jack           Sec-8C row-7 s-0.5    
Jenkins,  Lloyd E           Rhody B row-7 s-8    
Jenkins,  Marie           Sec-5 row-8 s-2.5    
Jenkins,  Max I           Sec-5 row-8 s-2.5    
Jennings,  Randall Paul           Sec-5 row-18 s-10    
Jennings,  Randall Paul           Sec-5A row-17 s-4    
Jessup,  Bertha           Sec-7D row-5 s-4    
Jessup,  Bonnie E.           Sec-1 row-5 s-25    
Jessup,  Charles           Sec-7D row-5 s-3    
Jessup,  James           Sec-1 row-5 s-28    
Jessup,  Lilly Mae           Sec-1 row-5 s-27    
Jessup,  Naomi J.           Sec-1 row-5 s-26    
Jester,  Byron W           Rhody D2 row-1 s-14    
Jester,  Sarah E.           Rhody D2 row-1 s-14    
Johnson,  Floyd A.           Sec-7H row-6 s-2    
Johnson,  John           Sec-6E row-1 s-1b    
Johnson,  Margaret           Sec-2 row-5 s-16    
Johnson,  Mayberry G.           Old Max  row-11 s-20    
Johnson,  Mildred E.           Sec-7H row-6 s-2    
Johnson,  Rev. I. V. D. R.           Sec-2 row-5 s-17    
Johnson,  Richard C           Sec-8B row-1 s-3    
Johnson,  Sarah B.           Sec-6E row-1 s-1    
Jones,  Addie J.           Sec-7D row-5 s-7    
Jones,  Adrian Kay           Rhody E row-2 s-2    
Jones,  Andrew B.           Sec-7H row-8 s-3    
Jones,  Charles E.           Sec-4 row-17 s-3    
Jones,  Clara E.           Sec-5 row-14 s-9    
Jones,  Daniel           Sec-6C row-3 s-11    
Jones,  E. Lucille           Sec-4 row-17 s-3    
Jones,  Elijah B.           Sec-5 row-14 s-8    
Jones,  Eva           Sec-Old Church Lot row-3 s-12    
Jones,  Flora C.           Sec-6F row-1 s-6    
Jones,  George W.           Sec-7F row-7 s-4    
Jones,  Hiram B.           Sec-3G row-3 s-1    
Jones,  Hubert O.           Sec-6F row-1 s-8    
Jones,  Jacob W.           Sec-6F row-1 s-7    
Jones,  Jennie           Sec-7F row-7 s-4    
Jones,  John W.           Sec-6C row-3 s-12    
Jones,  Mary A.           Sec-6C row-3 s-11    
Jones,  Meada A.           Sec-7H row-8 s-3    
Jones,  Mrs. R. W.           Sec-7A row-1 s-NS    
Jones,  Nancy A.           Sec-5 row-14 s-8    
Jones,  Orla           Sec-Old Church Lot row-3 s-12    
Jones,  Robert R.           Sec-7D row-6 s-3    
Jones,  Roscoe           Sec-5 row-14 s-9    
Jones,  William I           Rhody E row-2 s-2    
Jones,  Wylie           Sec-7A row-2 s-3    
Joy,  Nina Keever           Sec-2 row-1 s-7    
Joyner,  Frances           Rhody A row-1 s-9    
Joyner,  Paul I           Rhody A row-1 s-9    
Kabel,  Belle           Sec-3D row-3 s-8    
Kabel,  Edna           Sec-6C row-2 s-2    
Kabel,  Ella Cheesman           Sec-2 row-18 s-1    
Kabel,  Emma Barbara           Sec-3H row-3 s-14    
Kabel,  Janice           Sec-7J row-6 s-1    
Kabel,  Louisa           Sec-3H row-3 s-13    
Kabel,  Lula Bell           Sec-3H row-4 s-6    
Kabel,  Madge           Sec-7J row-6 s-1    
Kabel,  Nicholas           Sec-2 row-18 s-1    
Kabel,  Peter           Sec-3H row-3 s-13    
Kabel,  Troy C.           Sec-7J row-6 s-1    
Karns,  Asa B.           Sec-7D row-8 s-3    
Karns,  Isaac T.           Sec-7D row-8 s-4    
Karns,  Levi H.           Sec-7D row-8 s-2    
Karns,  Sarah A.           Sec-7D row-8 s-2    
Kaufman,  Ronald     Rhody C Row 1, Stone 10
Kaufman,  Sarah E           Rhody C row-1 s-9    
Kaufman,  Weldon           Rhody C row-1 s-9    
Keener,  Arthur .           Sec-7D row-1 s-5    
Keener,  child           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-4NS    
Keener,  Clarence           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-6    
Keener,  Dr.James N.           Sec-2 row-3 s-3    
Keener,  Edith           Sec-Old Church Lot row-2 s-1    
Keener,  Emma G.           Sec-7D row-1 s-5    
Keener,  Frank     
Keener,  infant           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-5NS    
Keener,  John           Sec-2 row-4 s-16    
Keener,  John Thomas           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-3    
Keener,  Juliette           Sec-2 row-3 s-2    
Keener,  Lewis A.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-2 s-1    
Keener,  Mable Grace           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-3    
Keener,  Margaret S.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-6    
Keener,  Virgil Eugene           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-2    
Keesaer,  Chester L.           Sec-5 row-19 s-9    
Keesaer,  Clarence E.           Sec-5 row-19 s-9    
Keesaer,  Isaac R.           Sec-5 row-19 s-9    
Keever,  A. Lucile           Sec-8I row-3 s-2    
Keever,  Adam           Sec-2 row-1 s-5    
Keever,  John Franklin           Sec-2 row-12 s-4    
Keever,  Kienzle G.           Sec-8I row-3 s-2    
Keever,  Martha           Sec-2 row-1 s-5    
Keever,  Maurice E.           Sec-8I row-1 s-2    
Keever,  Minnie R.           Old Max  row-3.5 s-5    
Keever,  Nena Janell           Sec-8I row-3 s-1    
Keever,  Otto           Old Max  row-3.5 s-5    
Keever,  Winifred P.           Sec-8I row-1 s-2    
Kegerreis,  Cleveland           Sec-7L row-2 s-6    
Kegerreis,  Grace           Sec-7L row-2 s-6    
Keller,  Frank G.           Sec-7C row-2 s-2    
Keller,  Gertrude H.           Sec-7C row-2 s-2    
Keller,  Melva G.           Sec-7C row-2 s-3.5    
Keller,  William H.           Sec-7C row-2 s-3.5    
Kelley,  Penny Jo           Rhody D row-6 s-3    
Kelly ,  Aletta Lucille Keever     Sec-8I row-3 s-2
Kelly ,  Penny Jo     Rhody Sec D Row 6 s-3
Kelly,  Phyllis G     Sec 3, row 3, stone 5.5
Kem,  Eddie L.           Sec-2 row-3 s-12    
Kem,  James M.           Old Max  row-10 s-5    
Kem,  Margery E.           Sec-2 row-3 s-10    
Kem,  William T.           Sec-2 row-3 s-10    
Kemler,  Rosetta           Old Max  row-23 s-13    
Kendrick,  Mr.           Sec-6N row-5 s-NS    
Kendrick,  Mrs.           Sec-6N row-5 s-NS    
Kennedy,  Ancil (Bud)           Sec-5 row-14 s-1.5    
Kennedy,  Joseph           Sec-7G row-6 s-NS    
Kennedy,  Lana J     Sec 5, row16 stone 10
Kennedy,  Lois L.           Sec-5 row-14 s-1.5    
Kennett,  Claude           Sec-7L row-5 s-3    
Kennett,  Edward T.           Sec-5 row-12 s-1    
Ketchum,  Clarence J.           Sec-6L row-2 s-1    
Ketchum,  Eva I.           Sec-6L row-2 s-1    
Keys,  Marcia     Rhody B row 3, stone 5  
Kidwell,  Charles A.           Sec-5 row-7 s-10    
Kidwell,  Helen M.           Sec-5 row-7 s-10    
Kimmel,  Gynisga           Old Max  row-14 s-9    
King,  Alice B.           Sec-3H row-3 s-7    
King,  Bennet           Sec-7K row-6 s-1    
King,  Blanche           Sec-6L row-2 s-6    
King,  Bonnie J.           Sec-8H row-1 s-5    
King,  Crawford           Sec-8H row-1 s-4    
King,  Dawa Lean           Sec-8D row-2 s-4    
King,  Della M.           Sec-7L row-8 s-1    
King,  Denton           Sec-8H row-1 s-5    
King,  Donetta Clear           Sec-8D row-1 s-7.5    
King,  Dorothy           Sec-8H row-1 s-4    
King,  Eldred     Sec 8H, row 3, stone 4.5
King,  Harvey R.           Sec-7L row-8 s-1    
King,  Jami Dawn           Sec-8D row-2 s-4    
King,  Jane           Sec-7K row-6 s-1    
King,  Jerry A.           Sec-8D row-3 s-5.5    
King,  Jerry Alton           Sec-8D row-2 s-4    
King,  John B.           Sec-6L row-2 s-7    
King,  Julia E.           Sec-6L row-2 s-7    
King,  Marlene Ann     Sec 8I, row 8, stone 4 
King,  Martha I.           Sec-3H row-4 s-3    
King,  Rosa           Sec-7K row-6 s-2    
King,  Rufus           Sec-3H row-4 s-3    
King,  Sandra Sue           Sec-8D row-2 s-4    
King,  Sonia Lean           Sec-8D row-2 s-4    
King,  Taylor           Sec-6L row-2 s-6    
King,  Vester Newell           Sec-8D row-1 s-7.5    
King,  William R.           Sec-3H row-3 s-8    
Kinsey,  Marjorie W.           Rhody D row-1 s-5    
Kinsey,  Robert W.           Rhody D row-1 s-5    
Kirsch,  Mr.           Sec-2 row-1 s-NS    
Kiser,  Donald Gene     Rhody A row-6 s-13 
Kiser,  Kristen "Kris" N     stone as of July 2014
Knapp,  Arthur G.           Sec-2 row-18 s-10    
Knapp,  Lydia           Sec-7K row-5 s-6    
Knapp,  Pearl R.           Sec-2 row-18 s-10    
Knapp,  W. A.           Sec-7K row-5 s-6    
Knotts,  Kenneth           Sec-1 row-5 s-12.5    
Knotts,  Rosalie           Sec-1 row-5 s-12.5    
Knotts,  Rosalie M.     Sec-1 row-5 s-12.5
Koger,  Beverly Ann           Sec-8D row-1 s-4    
Koger,  Karl Jr           Sec-8D row-1 s-4    
Koger,  Karl Jr     stone as of July 2014
Kolopous,  Angelo           Sec-6M row-5 s-NS    
Koons,  Beulah W.           Sec-6N row-3 s-6    
Koons,  Kenneth H.           Sec-6N row-3 s-5    
Kuhn,  Francis           Sec-8C row-6 s-3    
Kuhn,  Goldie           Sec-8C row-6 s-3    
Kuhn,  Hazel           Sec-8C row-6 s-3    
Kuhn,  Ora           Sec-8C row-6 s-3    
Lackey,  Harry S.           Sec-8D row-6 s-6    
Lackey,  Joe Curtis           Sec-8D row-4 s-8    
Lackey,  Louellen           Sec-8D row-6 s-6    
Lackey,  Margie Faye           Sec-8D row-6 s-5    
Lackey,  Richard     Sec 8I, row 4, stone 5
Lackey,  Sarah Kay           Sec-8D row-4 s-8    
Lafuze,  Joan           Sec-6M row-3 s-11    
Lahey,  Elnora L.           Sec-7C row-3 s-6    
Lahey,  Michael           Sec-7C row-3 s-6    
Laisure,  Alex Elwood           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-21    
Lake,  Clatis L.           Sec-7B row-4 s-8    
Lake,  Edna E.           Sec-7B row-4 s-8    
Lake,  Hettie A.           Sec-7B row-3 s-8    
Lake,  Jesse V.           Sec-7B row-4 s-7    
Lake,  John W.           Sec-7B row-3 s-8    
Lamb,  Alonzo F.           Sec-2 row-16 s-22    
Lamb,  Beatrice B.           Sec-8B row-2 s-3    
Lamb,  Dora E.           Sec-2 row-16 s-22    
Lamb,  Duane           Sec-8B row-2 s-3    
Lamb,  Eli H.           Sec-6L row-4 s-1    
Lamb,  Elvert M.           Sec-5 row-1 s-9    
Lamb,  Elwood O.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-12    
Lamb,  Esther E.           Sec-8D row-4 s-3    
Lamb,  Fleta McProud           Sec-3G row-3 s-10    
Lamb,  H. Caroline           Old Max  row-10 s-4    
Lamb,  Hannah J.           Old Max  row-10 s-3    
Lamb,  Hazel M.           Sec-7D row-2 s-7    
Lamb,  Hobart           Sec-7D row-2 s-NS    
Lamb,  John           Old Max  row-10 s-4    
Lamb,  John           Sec-8D row-4 s-3    
Lamb,  Josie           Sec-6L row-4 s-1    
Lamb,  Leota           Sec-6L row-4 s-2    
Lamb,  Mary E.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-12    
Lamb,  Orpha J.           Sec-5 row-1 s-9    
Lamb,  Otis W.           Sec-8B row-2 s-3    
Lamb,  Paul           Sec-2 row-17 s-NS    
Lamb,  Theodore           Sec-2 row-16 s-NS    
Lamb,  Theodore R.           Old Max  row-10 s-2    
Lamb,  Vernon           Sec-7D row-2 s-NS    
Lamb,  Virgil M.           Sec-7D row-2 s-7    
Lambertson,  grave           Sec-2 row-2 s-NS    
Lambird,  Henry Harrison           Sec-3B row-3 s-3    
Lambird,  Oliver P. M.           Sec-3B row-4 s-2    
Lang,  Ida P.           Sec-8C row-4 s-2    
Lang,  Ivory H. Lang Addington           Sec-8C row-4 s-2    
Lang,  William W.           Sec-8C row-4 s-2    
Lasely,  Peter           Sec-2 row-16 s-19    
Lasely,  Rebecca           Sec-2 row-16 s-19    
Lasley,  Andrew J.           Sec-3D row-1 s-1c    
Lasley,  Bertha M.           Sec-4 row-8 s-6    
Lasley,  David W.           Sec-2 row-8 s-14    
Lasley,  Elizabeth J.           Sec-3D row-1 s-1d    
Lasley,  Flora A.           Sec-3D row-1 s-1b    
Lasley,  Forrest C.           Sec-2 row-8 s-14    
Lasley,  Harry E.           Sec-3D row-2 s-1    
Lasley,  Hazel E.           Sec-7L row-7 s-5    
Lasley,  Herman           Sec-2 row-7 s-24    
Lasley,  infant           Sec-3D row-1 s-NS    
Lasley,  Ivin           Sec-2 row-7 s-24    
Lasley,  Ivin G.           Sec-2 row-7 s-25    
Lasley,  Jonas W.           Sec-2 row-7 s-24    
Lasley,  Leland B.,           Sec-4 row-8 s-6    
Lasley,  Margaret J.           Sec-6L row-3 s-1    
Lasley,  Mary           Sec-2 row-8 s-14    
Lasley,  Mrs. Andrew J.           Sec-3D row-2 s-1    
Lasley,  Nellie R.           Sec-2 row-7 s-24    
Lasley,  Norma Jean           Sec-7L row-7 s-11    
Lasley,  Robert B.           Sec-7L row-7 s-9    
Lasley,  Rolland I.           Sec-7L row-7 s-4    
Lasley,  Ruth L.           Sec-2 row-8 s-14    
Lasley,  Telma I.           Sec-7L row-7 s-9    
Lasley,  Thomas J.           Sec-6L row-3 s-1    
Laughman,  Lisa           Sec-8D row-6 s-1    
Laughman,  Michael Andrew     sec 8a-8D
Laughman,  Nancy           Sec-8C row-5 s-9.5    
Law,  Clarence Edward           Sec-7D row-3 s-12    
Law,  Evan Robert     may be nearsec 7D, row 3, stone 12
Law,  Nancy J.           Sec-7D row-3 s-12    
Lawrence,  Bertha           Sec-7D row-1 s-9    
Lawrence,  Herbert           Sec-7D row-1 s-9    
Lawrence,  R. L. "Jim"           Sec-7D row-1 s-10    
Lawson,  Virginia F.           Rhody D2 row-5 s-4    
Lawson,  Virginia F.     Rhody D2 row-5 s-4
Leak,  John H.           Old Max  row-8 s-17    
Leak,  Patience           Old Max  row-8 s-17    
Leavell,  Jessie M.           Old Max  row-19 s-13    
Leavell,  Sarelda J.           Old Max  row-19 s-14    
Leavell,  Sarelda J.           Sec-6K row-5 s-1    
Leaver,  David           Sec-7D row-4 s-7    
Leaver,  Ida           Sec-7D row-4 s-7    
LeDoux,  August H.           Sec-5 row-7 s-9    
Lee,  Anna Marie (Holt)     Rhody A2 row-1 s-7 
Lee,  Jimmie W     Rhody A2 row-1 s-7  
Leeper,  Mildred S.           Sec-8F row-1 s-4    
Leeper,  Paul G.           Sec-8F row-1 s-4    
Lemons,  Mary Louise     Sec 1, Row 7, stone 24.5
Lemons,  Robert E.           Sec-1 row-7 s-24    
Lenkensdorfer,  Arthur           Sec-3G row-3 s-6    
Lenox,  Viola B.           Sec-7G row-2 s-8    
Lenox,  Willard W.           Sec-7G row-2 s-8    
Leonard,  child           Sec-2 row-20 s-NS    
Leonard,  Edward           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-9    
Leonard,  Mrs.           Sec-2 row-20 s-NS    
Leverton,  Fred H.           Sec-6B row-2 s-7    
Leverton,  Lois M.           Sec-6B row-2 s-7    
Leverton,  Pearl G.           Sec-6B row-1 s-7    
Lewellen,  Benjamin F.           Old Max  row-10 s-22    
Lewellen,  Benjamin F.           Old Max  row-10 s-23    
Lewellen,  Elias F.           Sec-6L row-8 s-1    
Lewellen,  Harriett           Old Max  row-10 s-22    
Lewellen,  Lawrence F.           Sec-6L row-7 s-1    
Lewellen,  Mary A.           Sec-6L row-8 s-1    
Lewellen,  Mary J.           Sec-6L row-7 s-1    
Lewellen,  Thomas G.           Old Max  row-11 s-18    
Lewis,  G. W.           Old Max  row-17 s-21    
Lewis,  Hattie M.           Sec-5 row-7 s-5    
Lewis,  Jane E.           Old Max  row-17 s-21    
Lewis,  Malinda A.           Sec-6B row-1 s-5    
Lewis,  Moses L           Old Max  row-17 s-22    
Lewis,  Thomas J.           Old Max  row-17 s-23    
Lewis,  William W.           Old Max  row-19 s-11    
Life,  Harry A.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-6NS    
Life,  Helen           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-8NS    
Life,  Lilliie           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-7NS    
Lilly,  Alice F.           Sec-6C row-2 s-4    
Lilly,  Alice Louise     sec 6C, row 2, stone 4
Lilly,  Donald R.           Rhody A row-7 s-3    
Lilly,  Family Marker           Sec-6C row-1 s-6    
Lilly,  Lowell           Sec-6C row-2 s-4    
Lilly,  Pearl           Sec-6C row-2 s-4    
Lilly,  Roscoe           Sec-6C row-2 s-4    
Lilly,  Rosella E.           Rhody A row-7 s-3    
Linder,  Florence J.           Sec-6G row-4 s-NS    
Linder,  Guy           Sec-6G row-4 s-4    
Lindsey,  Laura           Sec-6M row-3 s-4b    
Lindsey,  Mary E.           Sec-6M row-3 s-4    
Lindsey,  Mathew           Sec-6M row-3 s-4    
Locher,  Marie P.           Sec-2 row-5 s-3    
Locke,  William           Sec-7A row-1 s-1    
Lockhard,  Roy E.           Sec-7H row-4 s-6    
Lockhart,  Marjorie           Sec-7H row-1 s-NS    
Lockhart,  Marjorie     sec 7h, row 1, NS
Logan,  J.           Old Max  row-20 s-1    
Lollar,  Earl Hargis           Sec-6M row-7 s-4    
Longnecker,  Lola           Sec-7L row-8 s-5    
Longnecker,  Morton           Sec-7L row-8 s-5    
Loveall,  Harvey E.           Sec-7H row-2 s-7    
Loveall,  Mary Ann           Sec-7H row-2 s-8    
Lovell,  Doris           Sec-7L row-8 s-4    
Lovell,  homer C.           Sec-7L row-8 s-4    
Lovell,  Solomon A.           Sec-3A row-1 s-9    
Lowery,  Delia D.           Sec-7L row-4 s-3    
Lowery,  Delia N.           Sec-7L row-3 s-6    
Lowery,  Ethel           Sec-2 row-11 s-NS    
Lowery,  Garrett H.           Sec-7L row-3 s-5    
Lowery,  garrett H.           Sec-7L row-4 s-3    
Lowry,  Mable J.           Sec-8C row-1 s-9    
Ludwick,  Amos           Old Max  row-23 s-1    
Ludwick,  Floyd           Sec-6B row-4 s-NS    
Ludwick,  Mary E.           Old Max  row-23 s-1    
Ludwick,  McNees B.           Sec-6B row-4 s-6    
Ludwick,  Thomas E.           Sec-6B row-4 s-5    
Ludy,  "Father"           Sec-3I row-1 s-5    
Ludy,  "Mother"           Sec-3I row-1 s-7    
Ludy,  Henry           Sec-3I row-1 s-6    
Ludy,  Mary H.           Sec-3I row-1 s-6    
Luellen,  Bernice G.           Sec-4 row-2 s-3    
Luellen,  Blanche           Sec-1 row-1 s-NS    
Luellen,  Charles           Sec-6F row-2 s-NS    
Luellen,  child           Sec-4 row-1 s-NS    
Luellen,  Cleon           Sec-6B row-4 s-4    
Luellen,  Flossie O.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-15    
Luellen,  Fred           Sec-6F row-1 s-5    
Luellen,  Fred C.           Sec-4 row-2 s-3    
Luellen,  grave           Sec-5 row-1 s-NS    
Luellen,  James           Sec-1 row-1 s-NS    
Luellen,  Loring           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-9    
Luellen,  Margaret           Sec-Old Church Lot row-8 s-9    
Luellen,  Martha           Sec-4 row-1 s-NS    
Luellen,  Mary M.           Sec-6B row-4 s-4    
Luellen,  Oliver F.           Sec-6F row-1 s-4    
Luellen,  Oliver H.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-15    
Luellen,  Paul W.           Sec-4 row-2 s-4    
Luellen,  Paul W.           Sec-4 row-2 s-4a    
Luellen,  Reba L.           Sec-4 row-2 s-4a    
Luellen,  Sarah L.           Sec-6F row-1 s-4    
Lumpkin,  Ginny A.           Sec-8E row-4 s-1.5    
Lumpkin,  James H.           Sec-1 row-2 s-13    
Lumpkin,  John R.           Sec-1 row-2 s-12    
Lumpkin,  Roger L.           Sec-8E row-4 s-1.5    
Lumpkin,  Sarah E.           Sec-1 row-2 s-12    
Lykins,  Allie           Sec-7L row-3 s-8.5    
Lykins,  Bernice E           Rhody D row-7 s-9    
Lykins,  Bernice Eileen     Rhody-D, row 7, stone 9
Lykins,  Calvan           Sec-7C row-8 s-6    
Lykins,  Charles G.           Sec-8A row-6 s-4    
Lykins,  Charles W           Rhody D row-7 s-9    
Lykins,  Charles Watt       Rhody-D, row 7, stone 9
Lykins,  Edgar E.           Sec-7H row-1 s-9    
Lykins,  Ella           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-14    
Lykins,  Enos           Sec-7L row-3 s-8.5    
Lykins,  Ethel B.           Sec-8A row-6 s-4    
Lykins,  Florence B.           Sec-7C row-8 s-6    
Lykins,  George           Sec-6H row-1 s-2    
Lykins,  Gerald           Sec-2 row-17 s-6    
Lykins,  Helen M.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-12    
Lykins,  Jonas           Sec-Old Church Lot row-4 s-14    
Lykins,  Leona           Sec-2 row-17 s-6    
Lykins,  Linda Pence           Rhody D row-7 s-9    
Lykins,  M.Myrtle           Sec-7H row-1 s-9    
Lykins,  Marvin AS.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-12    
Lykins,  Mary           Sec-6H row-1 s-2    
Lykins,  Ottis           Sec-6M row-5 s-NS    
Lykins,  Richard Lee           Sec-Old Church Lot row-6 s-13    
Lykins,  Thomas E.           Sec-7H row-1 s-10    
Lyst,  Artie           Sec-3I row-1 s-9    
Lyst,  child           Sec-3I row-2 s-NS    
Lyst,  Kirk           Old Max  row-7 s-5    
Lyst,  Mary L.           Sec-3I row-1 s-9    
Lyst,  Ralph E.           Sec-3I row-1 s-9    
Mackey,  Lewis E.           Sec-4 row-1 s-NS    
Mackey,  Nancy Jane           Sec-4 row-1 s-NS    
Macy,  David           Sec-6A row-2 s-4    
Macy,  Dimis Hoagland           Sec-6A row-2 s-7    
Macy,  Family Marker           Sec-6A row-1 s-11    
Macy,  infant           Sec-6B row-3 s-9    
Macy,  John C.           Sec-6A row-1 s-12    
Macy,  Lulu H.           Sec-6A row-1 s-10    
Macy,  Miriah I.           Sec-6B row-3 s-9    
Macy,  Priscilla           Sec-6A row-2 s-5    
Macy,  William P.           Sec-6A row-2 s-6    
Maggard,  Minnie F.           Sec-3I row-3 s-10    
Main,  Bruce G.           Sec-8H row-1 s-3.3    
Main,  Elbert E.           Sec-8I row-2 s-1    
Main,  Elizabeth           Sec-8H row-1 s-3.3    
Main,  Elizabeth     sec 8H, row 1, stone 3.3
Main,  Gregory Alan     Rhody Sec B Row 1 s-8?
Main,  J. Gail           Sec-8B row-8 s-4    
Main,  James Larry     Rhody D row-4 s-5
Main,  Jennyh Lynn           Sec-8H row-1 s-3.5    
Main,  Mary M.           Sec-8I row-2 s-1    
Main,  Nilah B.           Sec-8B row-8 s-4    
Maitlen,  Patricia A.           Sec-5 row-16 s-1    
Maitlen,  Thomas E.           Sec-Old Church Lot row-5 s-23    
Maitlen,  Willard Todd           Sec-5 row-16 s-1    
Manor,  Carl           Sec-1 row-6 s-NS    
Manor,  Mrs. Jessie           Sec-1 row-6 s-NS    
Mardis,  Eleanore (Means)           Sec-8G row-3 s-4.7    
Mark,  Lemon B.           Sec-6H row-4 s-3    
Mark,  Nancy E.           Sec-6H row-4 s-3    
Marker,  Eliza           Old Max  row-1 s-1    
Marker,  Evelyn Abernathy           Old Max  row-1 s-1    
Marker,  William           Old Max  row-1 s-1    
Marshall,  Cornelius L.           Sec-7K row-4 s-NS    
Marshall,  Leon           Sec-6C row-1 s-7    
Martin,  Arminda J.           Sec-6F row-1 s-16    
Martin,  Carrie B.           Sec-8A row-1 s-1    
Martin,  Chester R.           Sec-6F row-1 s-17    
Martin,  Clyde E.           Sec-6F row-1 s-17    
Martin,  Edna E.           Sec-7D row-3 s-8    
Martin,  George           Sec-8A row-1 s-1    
Martin,  John B.           Sec-6F row-1 s-15    
Martin,  Mahala Jane           Sec-7D row-3 s-8    
Martin,  William Grant           Sec-7D row-3 s-8    
Mary,  footMarker           Sec-6K row-2 s-4    
Mason,  Eunice M.           Sec-2 row-20 s-3    
Mason,  Felix W.           Sec-2 row-20 s-3    
Mason,  Mary           Sec-2 row-21 s-2    
Mason,  Pearl           Sec-2 row-20 s-2    
Mason,  Russell           Sec-2 row-20 s-2    
Mason,  Solomon           Sec-2 row-21 s-2    
May ,  Melba J.           Rhody A2 row-1 s-1    
May ,  Rex W.           Rhody A2 row-1 s-1    
May,  Melba     Rhody A2 row-1 s-1
May,  Oscar Jr           Rhody D2 row-4 s-5    
May,  Ralph           Sec-7J row-3 s-4.5    
Mayes,  Lessie           Rhody F row-12 s-8    
Mayes,  Russell R           Rhody F row-12 s-9    
Mayfield,  baby           Sec-4 row-23 s-NS    
Mayfield,  Goldie M.           Sec-4 row-23 s-3    
Mayfield,  Jack           Sec-4 row-23 s-4    
Mayfield,  James H.           Sec-4 row-23 s-2    
McAllister,  Bryce D           Rhody A row-7 s-9    
McAllister,  Chase           Sec-8D row-6 s-3    
McAllister,  Eva A.           Sec-7B row-3 s-4    
McAllister,  Father Jay C           Rhody A row-7 s-11    
McAllister,  Gene           Sec-7B row-4 s-3    
McAllister,  Jay C.     stone
McAllister,  M. Juanita           Sec-7B row-4 s-3    
McAllister,  Mother Thelma L.           Rhody A row-7 s-9    
McAllister,  Nola           Sec-8D row-6 s-3    
McAllister,  Richard           Sec-7B row-4 s-4    
McAllister,  Thelma Lucille (Weimer)     Rhody A row 7 stone 9
McAllister,  Wert           Sec-7B row-3 s-4    
McCain,  Carol M.           Sec-7H row-3 s-5    
McCain,  Howard F.           Sec-7H row-3 s-5    
McCamy,  A. Russell           Sec-2 row-6 s-1    
McCamy,  Alfred           Sec-2 row-14 s-11    
McCamy,  Anna           Sec-2 row-14 s-11a    
McCamy,  Anna           Sec-6E row-1 s-3    
McCamy,  Anna Sarah           Sec-6E row-1 s-NS    
McCamy,  Emily E.           Sec-2 row-6 s-1    
McCamy,  Ethel           Sec-6E row-1 s-NS    
McCamy,  Garland           Sec-6E row-2 s-NS    
McCamy,  Hattie C.           Sec-6E row-2 s-NS    
McCamy,  James A.           Sec-6E row-1 s-3    
McCamy,  John H.           Sec-2 row-6 s-1    
McClure,  Nora Alto           Sec-2 row-5 s-2    
McCollum,  Addie           Sec-7J row-7 s-2    
McCollum,  Fred           Sec-7J row-7 s-1    
McCollum,  Lola Cecelia Castro           Sec-7I row-7 s-5    
McCollum?,  Rochelle Ann           Sec-7I row-7 s-4.5    
McCord,  Barbara Pearl     stone as of July 2014
McCord,  Daniel S.           Sec-1 row-4 s-27    
McCord,  David B.           Sec-4 row-26 s-1    
McCord,  Marjorie I.           Sec-1 row-4 s-27    
McCord,  Megan Jo           Sec-1 row-6 s-19    
McCord,  Sheila A.           Sec-4 row-26 s-1    
McCracken,  Family Marker           Sec-8B row-6 s-2    
McCracken,  James Ovid           Sec-8B row-6 s-1    
McCracken,  Mabel M.           Sec-8B row-6 s-3    
McCray,  Dessie           Sec-6G row-2 s-2    
McCray,  Harry           Sec-6G row-2 s-2    
McCray,  William B.           Sec-7D row-8 s-8    
McEldouney,  Lester     Rhody G, Row 15, Stone 6 
McEntire,  Addie           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-1    
McEntire,  Charles Albert           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-3    
McEntire,  Majeska Marie           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-2    
McEntire,  Victor William           Sec-Old Church Lot row-1 s-2    
McFadden,  Carley V.           Sec-6G row-3 s-3    
McFadden,  John R.           Sec-6G row-3 s-3    
McGill,  Howard J.           Sec-8I row-7 s-1    
McGill,  Juanita W.           Sec-8I row-7 s-1    
McGuire,  Albert J.           Sec-6J row-1 s-5    
McGuire,  Alice L.           Old Max  row-5 s-3    
McGuire,  Blaine           Old Max  row-5 s-1    
McGuire,  Carrie W.           Old Max  row-5 s-1    
McGuire,  Charline           Sec-6J row-1 s-6    
McGuire,  Clemmie O.           Old Max  row-5 s-3    
McGuire,  Ella           Sec-3B row-3 s-NS    
McGuire,  Eunice           Sec-6D row-2 s-4    
McGuire,  Frank L.           Old Max  row-5 s-2    
McGuire,  grave           Sec-2 row-14 s-NS    
McGuire,  Infant           Sec-3B row-4 s-NS    
McGuire,  James           Sec-2 row-14 s-13    
McGuire,  James A.           Sec-6D row-2 s-4    
McGuire,  John H.           Sec-3H row-3 s-1    
McGuire,  Lewis B.           Sec-6D row-2 s-5    
McGuire,  Mariah, his wife           Sec-6D row-2 s-4    
McGuire,  Mary L.           Sec-3B row-4 s-3    
McGuire,  Minnie           Sec-6J row-1 s-5    
McGuire,  Mrs.           Sec-2 row-14 s-NS    
McGuire,  Rose           Sec-2 row-11 s-NS    
McGuire,  Samuel           Sec-3B row-4 s-3    
McGuire,  Samuel           Sec-6D row-2 s-4    
McGuire,  Sarah J.           Sec-3B row-4 s-4    
McGuire,  Sarah M.           Sec-3H row-3 s-1    
McGuire,  Thomas R.           Sec-6D row-2 s-4b    
McGunegill,  Agnes E.           Sec-4 row-3 s-3    
McGunegill,  Emet H.           Sec-4 row-3 s-3    
McGunegill,  John R.           Sec-6J row-4 s-4    
McGunegill,  Sarah J.           Sec-6J row-4 s-4    
McHolland,  John H     Sec-1 row-3 s-6.5 
McIntire,  Alexander           Old Max  row-15 s-1    
McIntire,  Andrew H.           Sec-3C row-1 s-7    
McIntire,  Anna Pursley           Sec-3G row-4 s-5    
McIntire,  Arthur G.           Sec-3C row-2 s-2    
McIntire,  Catharine           Old Max  row-17 s-3    
McIntire,  Charles F.           Sec-3G row-4 s-5    
McIntire,  Daisy P.           Sec-3C row-1 s-5    
McIntire,  Donald E.           Sec-3G row-4 s-5    
McIntire,  Elza           Sec-3C row-3 s-5    
McIntire,  Elza E.           Sec-3C row-1 s-5c    
McIntire,  Family Marker           Sec-3D row-1 s- 1-5    
McIntire,  Flora L.           Sec-3C row-1 s-5b    
McIntire,  Gail A.           Sec-3G row-4 s-5b    
McIntire,  George A.           Sec-2 row-10 s-11    
McIntire,  Guy           Sec-5 row-18 s-1    
McIntire,  Henry A.           Old Max  row-15 s-5    
McIntire,  Henry T.           Sec-5 row-18 s-2    
McIntire,  Infant           Sec-3C row-1 s-NS    
McIntire,  infant           Sec-3C row-2 s-NS    
McIntire,  Infant son           Old Max  row-15 s-9    
McIntire,  Jeanette A.           Sec-3C row-1 s-1    
McIntire,  John R.           Old Max  row-15 s-8    
McIntire,  John S.           Sec-2 row-9 s-6    
McIntire,  John S.           Sec-3C row-1 s-6    
McIntire,  Lee U.           Sec-3G row-4 s-5b    
McIntire,  Lena Effel           Sec-3C row-1 s-3    
McIntire,  Louisa           Sec-2 row-9 s-6    
McIntire,  Lydia B.           Old Max  row-14 s-2    
McIntire,  Martha E.           Sec-3C row-1 s-6b    
McIntire,  Mary           Old Max  row-15 s-4    
McIntire,  Mary           Old Max  row-17 s-6    
McIntire,  Mary           Sec-3C row-3 s-5    
McIntire,  Mary C.           Sec-8A row-7 s-1    
McIntire,  Mary J.           Old Max  row-15 s-1    
McIntire,  Mary J.           Sec-5 row-18 s-2    
McIntire,  Maude O.           Sec-3C row-1 s-2    
McIntire,  Oscar O.           Sec-2 row-9 s-8    
McIntire,  Robert H.           Sec-5 row-9 s-13    
McIntire,  Robert P.           Sec-3C row-1 s-1    
McIntire,  Robinson           Old Max  row-15 s-4    
McIntire,  Sample           Sec-5 row-18 s-3    
McIntire,  Samuel A.           Sec-3C row-1 s-4    
McIntire,  Sarah J.           Sec-3C row-1 s-4b    
McIntire,  Sarah S.           Old Max  row-15 s-7    
McIntire,  Vaude I.           Sec-3G row-4 s-5    
McIntire,  Walter W.           Sec-8A row-7 s-1    
McIntire,  William R.           Old Max  row-14 s-2    
McIntire,  William R.           Sec-2 row-9 s-7    
McIntyre,  Donald E.           Sec-8D row-2 s-5    
McIntyre,  Judith Lee           Sec-8D row-2 s-5    
McIntyre,  Mary Helen           Sec-8D row-2 s-5    
McIntyre,  Mary Helen Retter           Sec-7J row-4 s-1    
McIntyre,  Sandra Sue           Sec-8D row-2 s-5    
McKee,  Byron L.           Sec-2 row-6 s-16    
McKee,  Deo P.           Sec-5A row-23 s-7    
McKee,  E. Jane           Sec-2 row-6 s-15    
McKee,  Judith E.           Sec-5A row-23 s-8    
McKee,  Larry D.           Sec-5A row-23 s-8    
McKee,  Mrs. William           Sec-2 row-5 s-NS    
McKee,  Ruth A.           Sec-2 row-6 s-15    
McKee,  T. Jefferson           Sec-2 row-6 s-15    
McKee,  Thomas B.           Sec-2 row-6 s-15    
McKee,  Thomas B.           Sec-2 row-6 s-15    
McKee,  William M. McKee           Sec-2 row-5 s-NS    
McMurray,  Frank L.           Sec-1 row-4 s-16    
McMurray,  Sarah A.           Sec-1 row-4 s-16    
McNeal,  Dwiggins           Sec-3D row-4 s-NS    
McNeal,  Family Marker           Sec-3D row-4 s-8    
McNeal,  James           Sec-3D row-3 s-6    
McNeal,  Matilda           Sec-3D row-3 s-7    
McNeal,  Robb           Sec-3D row-3 s-NS    
McNees,  "Father"           Sec-3C row-3 s-11    
McNees,  "Mother"           Sec-3C row-3 s-12    
McNees,  A. H.           Sec-2 row-3 s-16    
McNees,  A. N.           Sec-3H row-3 s-3    
McNees,  Abmitta J.           Old Max  row-4 s-21    
McNees,  Angeline           Sec-2 row-6 s-8    
McNees,  Blanche           Sec-2 row-4 s-8    
McNees,  C. Kenneth           Sec-8E row-1 s-1    
McNees,  Calvin W.           Sec-6N row-1 s-4    
McNees,  Charles H.           Sec-8A row-8 s-1    
McNees,  Child           Sec-2 row-15 s-NS    
McNees,  child           Sec-2 row-15 s-NS    
McNees,  child           Sec-2 row-15 s-NS    
McNees,  child           Sec-2 row-6 s-NS    
McNees,  child           Sec-6E row-3 s-NS    
McNees,  Chloe E.           Sec-3C row-4 s-7    
McNees,  Cora M.           Sec-6D row-4 s-5    
McNees,  Corp James HB           Sec-2 row-6 s-9    
McNees,  David C           Old Max  row-2 s-14    
McNees,  Effie J.           Sec-3C row-4 s-6    
McNees,  Elder A. H.           Old Max  row-4 s-23    
McNees,  Eliza E.           Sec-2 row-14 s-20    
McNees,  Eliza E.           Sec-4 row-11 s-NS    
McNees,  Ellis L.           Sec-3C row-4 s-6    
McNees,  Ethel M.           Sec-8A row-8 s-1    
McNees,  Frances L.           Sec-8E row-1 s-1    
McNees,  Garnet           Sec-2 row-3 s-15    
McNees,  grave           Sec-2 row-20 s-NS    
McNees,  grave           Sec-2 row-20 s-NS    
McNees,  Herman E.           Sec-6N row-8 s-4    
McNees,  J. Frank           Sec-2 row-5 s-14    
McNees,  J. Luther           Sec-6D row-4 s-5    
McNees,  Jack           Rhody E row-1 s-1    
McNees,  Jack L     stone as of July 2014
McNees,  Jane           Old Max  row-4 s-23    
McNees,  Janet C.           Sec-8E row-1 s-1    
McNees,  Joab           Old Max  row-11 s-16    
McNees,  Joab           Old Max  row-11 s-17    
McNees,  John           Old Max  row-2 s-15    
McNees,  John           Sec-4 row-4 s-NS    
McNees,  John B.           Sec-3C row-4 s-8    
McNees,  John M           Old Max  row-4 s-25    
McNees,  Joseph W.           Sec-2 row-14 s-19    
McNees,  Joshua           Sec-6D row-4 s-5b    
McNees,  Josie           Sec-6D row-4 s-5    
McNees,  Julia           Sec-6D row-4 s-5    
McNees,  Kenneth E.           Sec-2 row-5 s-13    
McNees,  Lester L.           Sec-7L row-6 s-4    
McNees,  Lydia           Old Max  row-2 s-15    
McNees,  Mary A.           Old Max  row-4 s-24    
McNees,  Mary A.           Sec-3C row-4 s-6    
McNees,  Mary Ann           Sec-2 row-20 s-16    
McNees,  Mary E.           Old Max  row-17 s-4    
McNees,  Mary M.           Sec-7L row-6 s-4    
McNees,  Michelle           Rhody E row-1 s-1    
McNees,  Myrtle B.           Sec-6D row-4 s-5    
McNees,  Nancy P.           Old Max  row-8 s-20    
McNees,  Nellie E.           Sec-6N row-8 s-4    
McNees,  Pearlie L.           Sec-2 row-6 s-7    
McNees,  Pleasant W.           Old Max  row-11 s-15    
McNees,  Rebecca           Sec-2 row-3 s-NS    
McNees,  Regina M.           Old Max  row-4 s-22    
McNees,  Robert L.           Sec-8H row-1 s-6    
McNees,  Rose           Sec-8H row-1 s-6    
McNees,  Ruby           Sec-6D row-4 s-5    
McNees,  Samuel Gibson           Old Max  row-8 s-20    
McNees,  Sarah           Old Max  row-11 s-16    
McNees,  Sarah           Sec-6N row-1 s-4    
McNees,  Sarah Hiatt           Sec-3C row-4 s-8    
McNees,  Wert           Sec-3C row-4 s-7    
McProud,  David W.           Sec-5A row-24 s-4    
McProud,  John R.           Sec-5 row-14 s-5    
McProud,  Rebecca F.           Sec-3G row-4 s-10    
McProud,  Rogers Weeks family Marker           Sec-5A row-22 s-6    
McProud,  Samuel T.           Sec-3G row-4 s-10    
McProud,  Willie           Old Max  row-19 s-15    
McRae,  L. Grace           Sec-4 row-17 s-2    
McRae,  William C.           Sec-4 row-17 s-2    
McRibbon,  Horner Family Marker           Sec-7L row-3 s-7    
Medler,  Alvie           Sec-8B row-4 s-1.3    
Medler,  Daniel B.           Sec-7K row-1 s-8    
Medler,  Edwin L.           Sec-7K row-2 s-7.5    
Medler,  Frances           Sec-8B row-4 s-1.3    
Medler,  Grace I.           Sec-7K row-2 s-7.5    
Medler,  Gracie M.           Sec-7K row-1 s-8    
Medler,  Marjorie P.           Sec-7K row-2 s-8    
Medler,  Wilburt C.           Sec-7K row-2 s-8    
Medler/Driscoll,  Mary Francis     stone
Medsker,  Charles W.           Sec-8F row-5 s-4    
Medsker,  M. Ruth           Sec-8F row-5 s-4    
Meeks,  Charles R.           Sec-2 row-17 s-NS    
Meeks,  Dortha           Sec-7L row-4 s-8    
Meeks,  Emerson A.           Sec-6B row-3 s-1    
Meeks,  Emma Z.           Sec-2 row-16 s-15    
Meeks,  Family Marker           Sec-2 row-16 s-14    
Meeks,  Florence M.           Sec-6J row-4 s-2    
Meeks,  Gladys V.           Sec-6B row-3 s-1    
Meeks,  Howard           Sec-7L row-4 s-8    
Meeks,  Juanita C.           Sec-6J row-4 s-1    
Meeks,  Lawrence           Sec-5A row-22 s-5.5    
Meeks,  Lula           Sec-5A row-24 s-2    
Meeks,  Mary Helen           Sec-2 row-17 s-8    
Meeks,  Miriam E.           Sec-7D row-4 s-4.5    
Meeks,  Naomi C.           Sec-5A row-22 s-5.5    
Meeks,  Phoebe     Sec 2, Row 18 stone 27
Meeks,  Suzanne           Sec-2 row-17 s-8    
Meeks,  Vernon M.           Sec-6J row-4 s-1    
Meeks,  Whorten           Sec-6J row-4 s-2    
Meeks,  William B.           Sec-2 row-16 s-13    
Melton,  Betty           Sec-7I row-4 s-5    
Melton,  Fate           Sec-7J row-3 s-6    
Melton,  India           Sec-7J row-3 s-6    
Melton,  James H.           Sec-7I row-4 s-5    
Melton,  Ruth M.           Sec-7J row-3 s-7    
Mendenhall,   --ron A.           Sec-2 row-12 s-21    
Mendenhall,  Addie B. James           Sec-7E row-1 s-5    
Mendenhall,  Annie C.           Sec-7E row-1 s-6    
Mendenhall,  Ben H.           Sec-6B row-5 s-1    
Mendenhall,  Bertha E.           Sec-5 row-6 s-2    
Mendenhall,  Carlton           Sec-5 row-15 s-4    
Mendenhall,  Charles A.           Sec-8A row-7 s-5    
Mendenhall,  child           Sec-6B row-5 s-NS    
Mendenhall,  child           Sec-6B row-5 s-NS    
Mendenhall,  Ed J.           Sec-7E row-1 s-2    
Mendenhall,  Evelyn N.           Rhody A row-1 s-2    
Mendenhall,  Gilbert           Sec-5 row-15 s-2    
Mendenhall,  Gordon E.           Sec-8A row-7 s-4    
Mendenhall,  J. M.           Sec-2 row-15 s-11    
Mendenhall,  Lydia           Sec-5 row-15 s-2    
Mendenhall,  Mary A.           Sec-2 row-15 s-11    
Mendenhall,  Maud           Sec-8A row-6 s-3    
Mendenhall,  Maude L.           Sec-7E row-1 s-4    
Mendenhall,  Mildred           Sec-5 row-15 s-4    
Mendenhall,  Nathan           Sec-7E row-1 s-3    
Mendenhall,  Nathan           Sec-7E row-1 s-6    
Mendenhall,  Nettie F.           Sec-6B row-5 s-1    
Mendenhall,  Paul C           Rhody A row-1 s-2    
Mendenhall,  Rettie H.           Sec-8A row-7 s-5    
Mendenhall,  William           Sec-8A row-6 s-3    
Meranda,  Burley H.           Sec-6N row-6 s-8    
Meranda,  Edna           Sec-7F row-4 s-5    
Meranda,  Ella           Sec-6N row-6 s-8    
Meranda,  Gail T.           Sec-8D row-2 s-2    
Meranda,  Hestella F.           Sec-8D row-2 s-2    
Meranda,  Idris           Sec-7F row-4 s-5    
Meranda,  Jennings           Sec-7F row-4 s-5    
Meranda,  Orpha F.           Sec-6N row-6 s-9    
Merchant,  Albert           Sec-7I row-4 s-4    
Merchant,  Albert B.           Sec-7I row-4 s-4    
Merchant,  Daniel           Sec-7I row-4 s-NS    
Merchant,  Margaret M.           Sec-7I row-4 s-NS    
Merchant,  Samuel J.           Sec-7I row-4 s-NS    
Meredith,  Crystal L.           Sec-5 row-13 s-12    
Merrywaether,  Hillard           Sec-8B row-1 s-1    
Messer,  Cinda D.           Sec-1 row-7 s-25    
Mettert,  Anna M.           Sec-8I row-1 s-4    
Mettert,  Anna M.     Sec 8I, row-1 s-4  
Mettert,  Joesph A.           Sec-8I row-1 s-4    
Meyers,  Lorea B.           Sec-7D row-2 s-12    
Meyers,  Naoma D.           Sec-7D row-2 s-12    
Michaels,  Franciene Sue           Sec-4 row-3 s-5    
Michaels,  Glen Mike           Sec-4 row-3 s-5    
Mikel,  Katrina Evelyn     Rhody-A, row 7, stone 1
Mikel,  Katrine E.           Rhody A row-7 s-1    
Mikel,  Raymond A           Rhody A row-7 s-1    
Mikel,  Rocky     Rhody A row 7 , stone 2 
Mikel,  Rocky     Rhody, A, row 7 , stone 2  
Milburn,  Archie E.           Sec-5A row-25 s-1    
Milburn,  Effie Estella           Sec-5A row-25 s-NS    
Milburn,  Flossie M.           Sec-8F row-1 s-1    
Milburn,  grave           Sec-5A row-24 s-NS    
Milburn,  John E.           Sec-5A row-25 s-NS    
Milburn,  Leanna           Sec-5A row-25 s-2    
Milburn,  Orila           Sec-5A row-24 s-1    
Milburn,  Samuel W.           Sec-5A row-25 s-2    
Milburn,  William A.           Sec-8F row-1 s-1    
Miller,  Albert Ray           Sec-5A row-21 s-3    
Miller,  Alice A.           Rhody A row-1 s-5    
Miller,  Alice A.           Sec-1 row-3 s-18    
Miller,  Alice A.           Sec-1 row-3 s-19    
Miller,  Alva           Sec-8C row-4 s-1    
Miller,  Ancel E.           Sec-6N row-3 s-3    
Miller,  Anna F.           Sec-5 row-13 s-2.6    
Miller,  Anna M.           Sec-3H row-1 s-6    
Miller,  Arlie J