Old Ridgeville Cemetery
Ridgeville, Randolph County, Indiana

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It is presented here for the benefit of researchers interested in this cemetery.

The Old Ridgeville Cemetery in 2000.


Report by Cecil E. Tharp


Introduction "Comments & Local History"
Chronology "1795-1873"
Burials in Old Ridgeville Cemetery
Grave Stones Read in 1925 Missing in 1969
Grave Stones Not Read in 1925, Read in 1969
Biographical Notes of Individuals Interned


The Old Ridgeville Cemetery is a vestige of the earliest settlement of the Ridgeville area. It has been called Old Ridgeville Cemetery and Veterans Cemetery, Randolph Hughs and Samuel Woods both veterans of the War of 1812 are buried here, the latter name probably give long after their deaths.

The site was first owned by Meshack Llewellyn, whose entry of the land was dated July 19, 1817. The family had been on the site for a while as it is stated that in June of 1817 John Brooks, brother to Meshack's wife, Hannah came to the settlement and liked the area so well that he sent word for his wife, Mary, to follow him there. They had married July 15, 1816 in Ohio. Mary gave birth to their first child, Elizabeth, a few weeks after her arrival. Elizabeth died in her 13th month. It is stated that Elizabeth Brooks was the first buried at the site of the Old Ridgeville Cemetery. It is therefore possible that the first burial was as early as July of 1818, but it is more likely that the date was in the Fall of 1818 or winter of 1818-19. The correctness of the dates may be assumed as very close to the actual time. Randolph Co., Indiana historians do not mention that John Brooks resided at the location, but Jay Co., Indiana history reports him as being there till November of 1823, at which time the family, John, Mary and a second child took the Indian bridle path called the Godfrey Trace to an Indian village on the Salimonie River. They settled 3/4 mile north of the Salomonie River, Later they moved south of the river a few miles and settled on Brooks Creek in the southeast corner of Knox Twp. John Brooks died in February 1844 age 52 yrs. and 6 mons. The Brooks family were the first permanent settlers in Jay County.

The second burial for such an early date has been suggested as being Delilah Pierce, dead: October 12, 1818 (?) by G. L. Bailey in his report of the cemetery in the year 1925. The stone was not found in 1969, when this report was initiated. The date 1818 was difficult to affirm by Bailey in 1925.

Delilah was an infant daughter whose parents; "Burgett Pierce and Elizabeth Ward were married in Ross Co., Ohio in 1815. A daughter, Matilda, being born in 1816. A son, Uriah, born October 21, 1818. It is stated the family move to west of Deerfield in the year 1819 or 1820" (Tucker's Randolph County History). G. L. Bailey reported Delilah Pierce's age as 2 mons. and 1 da. at time of her death. Her death would have been at least fourteen months after the birth of Uriah had she been the third child of Burgett and Elizabeth Pierce. It would appear 1818 is not correct. We may assume her burial at this cemetery took place at a very early date, perhaps the second there.

There is no way of knowing the total number buried in the old cemetery. The next grave stone located by G. L. Bailey in 1925 was that of Sarah Renbarger a 3 year old daughter of Abram (Abraham) Renbarger and Rachel Llewellyn dated 1839. This stone was missing in 1969. This indicates nearly a 20 year gap of burials. The Llewellyn Family reports Meschack Llewellyn died in Randolph Co., Indiana in 1832. His wife, Hannah Brooks Llewellyn died in 1842, her will was filed on November 16, 1842. Were they buried in this cemetery?

The Renbarger family lost several children in the 1840s which were buried here as was Abram and Rachel Llewellyn Renbarger in the 1870s

. At an early time in the record of the cemetery it would seem reasonable to say it was a Family Cemetery. Related members of the Llewellyn Family and their neighbors.

William Addington purchased 95 acres of land and the Mill property from the heirs of Meshack Llewellyn, He and members of his family settled there in 1834. On September 21, 1837 William Addington and his son John Addington recorded the original Plat of 16 lots to the town of Ridgeville at the Randolph County Records Office, Court House, Winchester, Indiana. Before his death William bought out his son John and made much improvement to the Mill and sold a few lots in the Town, but it is said the town was still born. William died January 1, 1845 and buried in the old cemetery, John and his wife Lucfetia Roberts Addington both died and buried there in 1844 and 1849. John's second marriage was to the widow Louisa A. Atkinson April 18, 1845.

William's son, Joab Addington was heir to much of his fathers estate. He proceeded over the next 9 years to sell nearly all of his inheritance. Joab died February 6, 1853 age 38 yrs. 5 mons. 8 das. His first wife Elizabeth Edwards Addington died after the birth of a daughter, Mary Ann, born on July 15, 1845. Joab was buried in this cemetery. Was his wife Elizabeth also buried there?

James Addington, youngest brother of William Addington married Nancy Llewellyn in 1809 Wayne, Co., Indiana. They moved in 1832 to a site west of Ridgeville and owned land south of the Mississinewa River. Nancy Llewellen Addington died at the age of 59 yrs. November 9, 1851, One son William L. Addington; killed by lightning; died August 4, 1853, age 36 yrs. Both are buried side by side in this old cemetery. William left a wife Mary Hughs Addington and three children; Isaac, David and Meschack. They owned land near to his father, James Addington, west of Ridgeville. They all left Indiana, Isaac to Crawford Co., Kansas. David to Ohio, and Meschack to Tennessee. James Addington died in Kansas in 1860 while visiting there.

The internment of Marybeth Addington in this cemetery is Marybeth Woodard who married Thomas L. Addington, Sept. 1852. Thomas L. was the son of James and Nancy Llewellyn Addington. Marybeth died September 7, 1854 age 24 yrs. Another daughter in-law of James and Nancy Llewellyn Addington was Sally Stephens Addington, wife of John L. Addington. They were the parents of six children. She died in 1847. They had a farm next to James Addington west of Ridgeville. Where is she buried?

There was a compelling motive in researching this cemetery. I was the latest in 1969 researching Addington Family Information. Prior to my efforts incompatible data had circulated regarding Addingtons buried in the Old Ridgeville Cemetery. In addition the identity of the cemetery and its location was as often as not confused with other burial grounds. The most striking error was that stated by researchers of John Addington the progenitor of the Family in Wayne and Randolph Co.'s., Indiana. The "Addington Book II" by Hugh Addington, comment in a section entitled Comments by Hugh Addington (Quote) " John Addington deceased at Chester, Indiana in 1819 and was buried at Ridgeville, Randolph County, Indiana. This stood alone with no other reference as to the time and burial place of John Addington of Chester, Indiana. This information may have been taken from an earlier publication entitled Revolutionary Soldier Buried in Indiana by Margaret Waters published in 1949. Mention is specifically made of this John Addington buried at Ridgeville Indiana 1819. No Military record has been found for John Addington.

John Addington's Will is dated August 30, 1833 "Will Book 2 p. 55-56, Wayne Co., Indiana. His home was next to the Quaker Meeting House and Burying Ground at Chester on land first entered by John Addington in 1806. Though few grave stones mark the graves of those interned there, John Addington is thought to be buried there with his wife, Elizabeth Heaton Addington, mother, Sarah Burson Addington and other family members as Elizabeth, wife of his son William Addington. None having identifiable internment sites. The grave identified as John Addington buried at Ridgeville Cemetery is John Addington, son of William Addington who died near Ridgeville on May 1, 1849.

Chronology Relevant to the Old Ridgeville Cemetery

1795 Greenville Treaty: Treaty line cuts through extreme eastern edge of Randolph County, Indiana.
1805 Upper White Water Valley being settled around Richmond, Wayne County area.
1805 Treaty of Vincennes: This boundary line Called Twelve Mile Line passed through
Ridgville and cut through the Old Ridgeville Cemetery.
1809 Treaty of Ft. Wayne: 1810 Wayne County formed out of Indian Lands.
1816 Indiana becomes State.
1817 First settlers in what was to became Franklin Township,
Meshack Llewellyn settles in Section 12 T 21 R 13.
1818 Treaty of St. Mary's: Called New Purchase ceded most of Central Indiana, south of the Wabash River.
1818 Randolph County formed out of Wayne County.
1818-19 First Burial at site of Old Ridgeville Cemetery.
1819 Meshack Llewellyn built corn cracker mill. (Water Mill)
1819 Joab Ward purchases land from Llewellyn on south side of the Mississinewa River.
Their only neighbors were east of them.
1819-2? Second burial at site of Old Ridgeville Cemetery.
1820 Ward Township formed. This Township included what later became the townships of Jackson, Ward, Franklin, and Green.
1830 Settlers begin to take up land in sections adjacent to section 12.
1833 Sebastian Brunnengust entered land in Section 12 T 21 R 13
1834 William Addington purchased land of Llewellyn, Section 12 T 21 R 13.
1835 Joel Ward entered land Section 12 T 21 R 13.
1836 William Addington owns and operates the Llewellyn Mill
1836 October: Section 12 T 21 R13, Carlisle platted south of Mississinewa River by Edward McKew. Town failed to develop.
1837 Town of Ridgeville Platted north side of Mississinewa River by William and John Addington, 16 lots recorded, September 21, 1837. Only 8 lots sold by 1849. In twelve years only 3 or 4 houses were erected. Arthur McKew had a store in 1850 or before.
1840s Old Cemetery site recognized as a burial ground.

1853 Joab Ward and Arthur McKew relaid the town calling it Newtown. The Old Cemetery then lay within the town.
1853-4 Ridgeville (Newtown did not stick) became active but did not prosper until railroads were completed.
1859 Franklin Township formed out of Ward Township
1867-72 Completion of the railroads.
1873 Last burial in Old Cemetery which can be identified.by a grave stone .


Location: Race St., Block 10, lots 4 & 5, Ridgeville, Indiana
40 degrees 17' 20" North, 85 degrees 01' 50" West.

Small Cemetery , old and poor condition

Date; 1969 report by C. E. Tharp. 1925 report by G. L. Bailey is a source of information for cross referencing and supplement to the report for those stones missing in 1969.

Beginning at the southeast corner:

1st Row; south to north

Mary Beth Addington
wife of Thomas L. Addington, (son of James & Nancy Addington) ch: Melissa & William
Died: September 7, 1854
Age: 24 yrs., 1 mon., 22 das

Nancy Addington
wife of James Addington, dau. of Meshack and Hannah Brooks Llewellyn.
Died: November 9, 1851
Age: 59 yrs., 8 mons., 9 das. (stone down and broken)

William L. Addington
son of James and Nancy Llewellyn Addington. (killed by Lightning)
Died: August 4, 1853
Age: 36 yrs., 9 mons., 2 das.

several small graves unidentified north of William's grave, next following are:

Thomas J. Phillips
Died: January 8, 1867
Age: 78 yrs., 9 mons., 8 das.

Elizabeth Phillips
wife of Thomas Phillips
Died: July 2, 1852
Age: 59 yrs., 2mons., 15 das.

Sarah Hickman
wife of James Hickman
Died: September 11, 1847
Age: 28 yrs., 1 mon., 24 das.

2nd Row: south to north

Margaret Hughs
wife of Randolph Hughs
Died: April 22, 1845
Age: 53 yrs., 9 mons., 3 das.

Randolph Hughs
Hobsons Co., Va. Mil. War of 1812

none other in row

3rd Row: south to north

Sarah Rust
wife of Hugh Rust
Died: July 1, 1858
Age: 45 yrs., 6 mons., 2 das.

4th Row: south to north

Samuel Wood
Veteran of War of 1812, husband of Elizabeth Thompson Wood
Died: May 28 1847
Age: 53 yrs., 3 mons., 6 das.

several spaces unmarked

Joab Addington
son of William Addington, husband of 1. Elizabeth Edwards, 2. Barbara Harshman
Died: February 6, 1853
Age: 38 yrs., 5 mons., 8 das.

several unmarked spaces north of Joab Addington: next following are:

William Addington
Wives: 1. Elizabeth ___ 2. Sarah Norton.
William and son John Plated Ridgeville.
Died: January 1, 1845
Born; April 14, 1770

Ulysses Sackman
son of John M. and Malilda A.Sackman
Died: 1867
Rosetta Sackman
dau. of John M. and Malilda A. Sackman
Died: 1869

5th Row:
unmarked to north

Lucfetia Addington
wife of John Addington
Died: January 30, 1844

Mary McCollister
Died: July 24, 1860

John Addington
husband of Lucfetia Roberts Addington and son of William Addington. Co-founder of Ridgeville.
Died: May 1, 1849

6th Row:

Abraham Renbarger
husband of Rachel Llewellyn Renbarger.
Died: February 22, 1873
Age: 72 yrs., 2 mons.

Rachel Renbarger
dau. of Meshack and Hannah Brooks Llewellyn & wife of Abraham Renbarger.
Died: February 17, 1871
Age: 65 yrs., 5 mons., 25 das.

George Renbarger
Father of Abraham Renbarger
Died: May 2, 1852
Age: 91 yrs., 6 mons., 1 da.

no stones north in this row

7th Row:

George Roe
son of Abraham and Hannah Renbarger Roe, Hannah dau. of Abraham & Rachel Renbarger
Died: March 27, 1845
Age 3 mons., 10 das.

There is no certainty of the original location of many of the grave stones. Those missing in 1969 and reported by G. L. Bailey and added to this report are listed at random here, in all there were nine such lost stones in 1969.

Racheal Roe (stone missing in 1969)
Died: July 13, 1860 dau. of A. & H. Roe
Age: 9 yrs., 4 mons., 19 das.

Infant Roe (stone missing in 1969)
Died: April 30, 1862

Aaron Renbarger
Died: July 24, 1842
Age: 2 yrs., 2 mons., 25 das.

Mary Renbarger
Died: January 11, 1840 dau. of A. &. R. Renbarger
Age: 1 yr., 5 mons., 15 das.

Meshack Renbarger (stone missing in 1969)
Died: June 17, 1840 son of A. & R. Renbarger
Age: 2 yrs., 1mon., 15 das.

Sarah Renbarger (stone missing in 1969)
Died: 1839 dau. of A. & R. Renbarger
Age: 3 yrs.

Abram Renbarger Jr. (stone missing in 1969)
Died: October 4, 1843 son of A. & R. Renbarger
Age; 1 yr., 7 mons., 3 das. .

Sarah Llewellyn (stone missing in 1969)
Died: October 1, 1849 dau. of Jeremiah & Rebecca Llewellyn
Age: 8 mons., 1 da.

Delilah Pierce (stone missing in 1969)
Died: October 12, 1818 ? dau. of Burgett & Elizabeth Ward Pierce
Age: 2 mons., 1 da. (see introduction)

Elijah Thomas (stone missing in 1969)
Died: December 6, 1854
Age: 24 yrs., 11 mons., 22 das. son of Elihu Thomas

Naomi Thomas (stone missing in 1969)
Died: November 21, 1854
Age: 19 yrs., 8 mons., 6 das. dau. of Elihue Thomas

Stones read in 1925 by Bailey but missing in 1969:

Sarah Llewellan d. 1849

Delilah Pierce d. 18_

Meshack Renbarger d. 1845

Sarah Renbarger d. 1845

Abram Renbarger Jr. d. 1843

Racheal Roe d. 1860

Infant Roe d. 1862

Elijah Thomas d. 1854

Naomi Thomas d. 1854

Stones not read by Bailey or missing in 1925 and listed in 1969 report:

John Addington d. 1849

Lucfetia Addington wife of John Addington d. 1844

Thomas Phillips d. 1867

George Renbarger (father of Abraham Renbarger) d.1852


1925 & 1969


Marybeth Addington, wife of Thomas L. Addington, died September 7, 1854, age 24 years 1 month and 22 days. Marybeth Woodard married Thomas L. Addington September 11, 1852. Thomas L. was the son of James and Nancy Llewellyn Addington, the family had settled in section 10 on the south side of the Mississinewa River about a mile and one half west of Ridgeville in 1832. Marybeth and Thomas had two children, Melissa and William. In the year 1857, Thomas L. Addington married a second time to Nancy Pierce daughter of Burgett and Elizabeth Ward Pierce and lived in Ward township in section 20 for many years.


Nancy Addington, wife of James Addington was married in 1809, she was the daughter of Meshack and Hannah Brooks Llewellen who came to Wayne Co., Indiana at the time of the early settlement there. James and Nancy lived near Chester until they moved to the Ridgeville area in 1832, where Nancy died on November 9, 1851 at the age of 59 years, 8 months, and 9 days. Her husband James Addington died in Kansas in 1860 while visiting there. They had 13 children, raising 7. They are John L., William L., Benjamin G., Racheal, Thomas L., Isaac, and Mary. William L. is buried near Nancy. Her parents may be buried here also but it is not known that they are.


William L. Addington, died August 4, 1853, age 36 years, 9 months, and 2 days. He was killed by lightning. He was the son of James and Nancy Llewellen Addington born near Chester, Wayne Co., Indiana on November 2, 1816. He married Mary "Polly" Hughs September 22, 1840 and made their home near his parents. He owned land in section 10, T 21 R 13. This land was the East 1/2 of the SW 1/4. His brother John L. owned the 65 acres east of him and their father, James, owned the 95 acres east of John L. in the SE 1/4 of the section William L. and Mary Addington had three children: Isaac, David and Meshack. Isaac moved to Crawford Co., Kansas, David to Miami Co., Ohio and Meshack to Morgan Co., Tennessee.


Thomas J. Phillips, died January 8, 1867, age 78 years, 9 months, and 8 days.


Elizabeth Phillips, died July 2, 1852, age 59 years, 2 months, 15 days, wife of Thomas Phillips.


Sarah Hickman, died September 11, 1847, age 28 years, 1 month, and 24 days. J. Hickman owned 90 acres of land in section 13 south of Ridgeville in 1880.


Margaret Hughs , died April 22, 1845, age 53 years, 9 months, and 3 days. Wife of Randolph Hughs. Husband entered land in Section 4, T 21 R 13, March 11, 1834.


Military Stone: Hodson's Co., 4th Va. Mil. (see wife above)


Sarah Rust, died July 1, 1858, age 45 years, 6 months, and 2 days. Wife of Hugh Rust.


Samuel Wood, died May 28, 1847, age 53 years, 3 months, and 6 days. Born in Virginia in the year 1794, served in the War of 1812. Samuel married Elizabeth Thompson, she was born at Elizabethtown, New Jersey March 4, 1801. They settled in Randolph Co., Indiana, February of 1837. (see bio.'s page 413 of Tucker History of Randolph Co., Indiana). Their children: Alexander, lawyer at Ridgeville 1880s, George, William both killed by Indians in Minnesota 1857, Charles R. died in the field during the War of the Rebellion, Elijah was wounded and died August 1864 in the War of the Rebellion, Elisha served in the War of the Rebellion and became a lawyer at Long Praire, Minnesota. Andrew J., grocer at Ridgeville, he too served in the War of the Rebellion being once wounded in the hip.


Joab Addington, died February 6, 1853, age 38 years, 5 months, and 8 days, Born August 29, 1814, Wayne Co., In., the son of William and Elizabeth _?_ Addington. Joab came with his father to the Ridgeville area in March of 1834. (see William Addington this sheet). Joab Addington married Elizabeth Edwards,, a daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth Edwards, February 2, 1843. A daughter, Mary Ann (Polly) was born July 15, 1845. Mary Ann married Oliver Young Sackman, December 6, 1863, they had a daughter Viola Sackman born March 18, 1866, died April 24, 1929, Mary Ann died January 16, 1871 and is buried at the Reitenour Cemetery.

Elizabeth, wife of Joab Addington and daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth Edwards died after the birth of Mary Ann and Joab second married Barbara Harshman, June 17, 1847. Barbara was the daughter of Isaac and Margaret Zellers Harshman. Joab and Barbara Addington's children were: Elizabeth, Malinda, John W. and Joanna. After Joab's death in 1853, Barbara married the widower John Wilson on February 19, 1855. About 1866-7 John and Barbara moved the family to McDonald Co., Missouri. Of Joab's children by Barbara; Elizabeth is unaccounted for after 1860. Malinda married John D. Noel, October 24, 1869 in McDonald Co., Missouri. Melinda Alice Addington Noel died January 30, 1927 and is buried at the Shelt Noel Cemetery, McDonald Co., Mo. John W. Addington married Mary Elizabeth __?__ about 1873 and they had two sons, Joab and John Calvin. John W. Addington died before 1876,

Joanna married James Meranda, February 6, 1868 at Pineville, McDonald Co., Missouri. (James Meranda a son of Robert L. and Mercy C. Davis Meranda whose residence was Randolph Co., Indiana till their deaths in 1879.) James and Joanna Addingtons children were: Mercy Ann, Minerva Alice, Effie Elizabeth, Rose Altha, James Delver, Lona and Lawson. Lawson died soon after birth and his mother died a few days later on January 11, 1884, the father James died August 3, 1886. The orphaned children were returned to Randolph and Jay Co.s, Indiana.

Barbara Harshman Addington died December 3, 1876 and buried in the Shelt Noel Cemetery not far from her daughters Malinda and Joanna. Barbara had six children by John Wilson: Martha, Tabitha, George W., Kansas, Nevada, and Dove.

Joab Addington in his short life had been a school teacher (1840 census), a Miller, and in 1850 listed as a farmer.


William Addington, died January 1, 1845, Ridgeville, Indiana age 74 years, born April 14, 1770 in Union County, South Carolina, to Quaker parents John and Mary Lamb Addington. In the year 1806 the Addingtons moved to and settled in the area around the Quaker Settlement of Chester, Wayne County, Indiana. In March 1834 William Addington and members of his family moved to the Ridgeville area. 95 acres of land and all its improvements were purchased for 1100 dollars from Isaac Llewellen and, his wife, Sarah. Deed dated August 31, 1836. They being heirs of this tract of land laying north of the Mississenewa River, the Mill, and the house Isaac Llewellen lived in, deeded to Isaac Llewellen August 31, 1833, a portion of the estate of Meshack Llewellen.
That year William and son John jointly owned and operated the old Llewellen Grist Mill on the
Mississenewa River. The partners platted the original 16 lots in the town of Ridgeville, being
recorded September 21, 1837. William bought out his son's half interest in the joint enterprise
and all improvements for 600.00 dollars. Deed dated October 19, 1841.

William Addington by his first wife, Elizabeth ____ had the following children: Bishop, Josuha, William, John, Joab, Patsy, Elsie, and Elizabeth. John and Joab are buried this cemetery. The mother, Elizabeth, is thought to have died prior to the family move to Randolph County and her place of burial being the old Chester Cemetery.

William Addington second married Sarah Norton on November 23, 1840 in Randolph County, Indiana. William was an old man 70 years of age and a widower when he married Sarah Norton, she being 53 years of age at that time.

Sarah died October 25, 1864 at the age of 77 years and is buried Hopewell Methodist Cemetery, New Garden Twp., Wayne County, Indiana. In 1850 She was living with the John Barnes family, New Garden Twp., Wayne County, Indiana. On June 9, 1849 she sold all her title interest and estate legal and Equitable to the then partnership of Joab Addington and William House (Mill and 15 acres), retaining her interest in the farm. (An 80 acre tract above the mill property.) the Deed witnessed by Uriah Ball and James Barnes.

William and sons; Joab, John, and Joshua at times operated the mill and maintained both the mill and dam etc. In the estate records 171.00 dollars was paid for two mill stones and labor in cutting them. Josuha was paid for labor done in 1844, work on mill dam 12.00 dollars, 3 days on mill pit at 50 cents a day, 4 days work at old saw mill 50 cents a day, and 3 days hauling timber from Millers mill at 37 1/2 cents a day. January 1845, Moses & Morris made the coffin for William Addington. It's cost being 7.00 dollars.


Ulysses Sackman, born September 1, 1865 at Ridgeville, Indiana and died June 25, 1867, age 1 year, 9 months, and 24 days. the son of John Michael and Matilda A. Sackman.


Rosetta Sackman, born July 14, 1867 at Ridgeville, Indiana and died February 18, 1869, age 1 year, 7 months, and 4 days. Daughter of John Michael and Matilda A. Sackman.


Lucfetia Addington, died January 30, 1844, wife of John Addington also buried this cemetery. Lucfetia Roberts (Roberds) married John Addington September 12, 1822 at Wayne County, Indiana. Their children were: (ref. Addington Book 1996) Bishop, Benjamin, Katherine, William, Elizabeth, Drusila, Nacon, and John Jr. (see John Addington)


Mary McCollister, died July 24, 1860, wife of Mark McCollister.


John Addington was born 1802, Union County, South Carolina the son of William and Elizabeth ___ Addington. As a small lad came to Wayne County, Indiana with the Addington family in the early settlement of that place. Moving to Randolph County, Indiana in 1834 with his father. Jointly William and John purchased 95 acres of land laying on the north side of the Mississenewa River from Isaac and wife Sarah Llewellen the heirs of Meshack Llewellen's estate. Deed dated September 23, 1836. The Mill and the dwelling of Isaac Llewellen was included in this purchase for the sum of 1100 dollars in hand. Their the Addingtons established their home and in that year they were operating the old Llewellen Mill. John sold his 1/2 share of the joint holding to his father, William, for 600.00 dollars. Deed dated October 18, 1841. After the death of his first wife, Lucfetia, John second married the widow, Louisa A. Atkinson, April 18, 1845. Louisa and John's children were: Susan and Lucfetia. He died May 1, 1849. In the Estate of John Addington (Book 4 page 148 Randolph Co. Probate Court "On Petition to sell Real Estate" John's heirs are named: "Louisa Addington, Bishop Addington, Catherine Sullivan & Madison Sullivan her husband, adults", and "William Addington, Thompson Addington, Nason (Nacon) Addington, John Addington, Drusilla Addington, Sarah M. Addington, Susannah Addington, Miriam L. Addington and Elizabeth Addington minors". No Benjamin named but a Thompson Addington is named. (?)


son of George Renbarger


wife of Abraham Renbarger, dau of Meshack and Hannah Brooks Llewellan


son of Abraham Renbarger and Racheal Llewellan Renbarger


son of Abraham Roe and Hannah Renbarger Roe


son of Abraham Renbarger and Racheal Llewellan Renbarger


dau. of Abraham Renbarger and Racheal Llewellan Renbarger


dau. of Jeremiah and Rebecca Llewellan


dau. of Burgett Pierce and Elizabeth Ward Pierce


son of Abraham Renbarger and Racheal Llewellan Renbarger


dau. of Abraham Renbarger and Racheal Llewellan Renbarger


son of Abraham Renbarger and Racheal Llewellan Renbarger






son of Elihu Thomas


dau. of Elihu Thomas


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