McMillion Family


Rebecca McMillion was a great great grandmother of Samuel Plummer Boggs. She was born about 1807 and married Andrew Knight on 6 Mar 1834 in Greenbrier County, Virginia (now West Virginia).

The McMillion family appears to have been in Greenbrier County in its early development stages. The 1783-86 Heads of Families for Greenbrier County lists Jno. McMillian, Danl McMullen and Jno. McMullen as head of households. Rebecca’s father John was born December 1771 to a John McMillion and his wife Martha Palmer so it is probably her grandfather John who is listed in the head of households

Our McMillion family starts with a John McMillion who was born 9 Mar 1703/04 and married an Anne Frances Harrison. Anne Frances Harrison was born about 1711 and is the daughter of Thomas and Anne Sithia (Short) Harrison.

John and Anne McMillion had 6 children:

(1) Elizabeth Harrison McMillion, b. 1730

m. Doc John Briscoe

(2) John McMillion*, b. 1 Jan 1735/36

m. Martha Palmer

(3) Ruth Harrison McMillion, b. 1745

m. Gerrard W. Briscoe

(4) Cathbert McMillion, b. 1746

(5) Ann Frances McMillion, b. c1748

(6) Samuel L. McMillion

Our line descends through son John McMillion who married Martha Palmer on 4 Sep 1761. Martha Palmer was born 25 Feb 1742/43 and is the daughter of Parmenas and Mary Ann (Draper) Palmer. John McMillion is listed in 1765 and 1767 on the tithables list for Loudoun County, Virginia. From 1768 to 1774, both John McMillion and his brother Joseph are listed on the Loudoun County tithables lists. John and Martha McMillion also lived in Fauquier County, Virginia, before moving to Greenbrier County. Land records in Fauquier County show John McMillion purchased land on the Fauquier-Loudoun border on 27 May 1776 and sold the same land on 23 Aug 1783. The names of John McMillion, Sr. and his wife Martha appear in land records in Greenbrier County when they bought land in 1791, 1796, and 1798. John McMillion wrote his will on 25 Aug 1800 and his wife Martha was still alive at that time. His will was probated in June 1804 so he probably died shortly before that date.

John and Martha McMillion had 12 children:

(1) Nancy McMillion, b. 4 Nov 1762

m. 1779, Benjamin Hamrick

(2) Joseph McMillion, b. 15 Oct 1764, d. 9 Jul 1855

m. 22 Jul 1791, Greenbrier Co., VA, Jane Hannah

(3) Mary McMillion, b. 18 Dec 1766

m. Jonathan Kidd, m. 2nd Patrick Constantine

(4) Elizabeth Margaret McMillion, b. 18 Nov 1768

m. James "David" Williams

(5) John "Jack" McMillion, Jr.*, b. Dec 1771

m. Rachel Hutchinson

(6) Martha "Patsie" McMillion, b. 18 Mar 1773,

will probated Feb 1846

m. 7 Jan 1791, John Williams

(7) Hannah McMillion, b. 23 May 1775, d. 1854

m. Jacob Hutcheson

(8) Daniel McMillion, b. 10 Jun 1777

m. 19 Sep 1805, Nancy Lewis

m. 2nd 15 Jul 1826, Margaret Carrell

(9) William McMillion, b. 18 Dec 1779, d. 7 Jul 1826

m. 14 May 1801, Margaret Blair

m. 2nd 2 May 1804, Elizabeth Betsey Perkins

(10) Jane "Jennie" McMillion, b. 25 Feb 1782

m. 24 May 1805, James Hume

(11) Catharine "Katy" McMillion, b. 15 Jan 1784, d. aft 1850 dnm

(12) Sarah "Sally" McMillion, b. 25 Jan 1786

m. 1811, Nicholas Kire

Son Joseph McMillion was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. In a pension file for Virginia No. 23820, it says that Joseph McMillion was born in Fauquier County in 1763, the son of John and Martha McMillion. Joseph was drafted in Fauquier County about 24 Feb 1781 serving under Captain T. Morehead in the Virginia militia and under Colonel Armstead Churchill in Gen. Meadow's Brigade. The record further says that Joseph married on 22 Jul 1791 to Jane and moved from Fauquier County to Greenbrier County in 1785. Joseph received a pension for his service at the rate of $20 a year beginning 4 Mar 1831. His widow, Jane Hannah, was allowed bounty land in 1856 under warrant No. 47435 on account of his service.

Joseph McMillion married Jane Hannah, daughter of James W. and Eliza Hannah. Joseph and Jane had 10 children:

(1) John McMillion, b. 7 Nov 1794

m. Jane Virginia McMillion

(2) James McMillion, b. 30 Sep 1796

m. Eliza Jane Rader

(3) Nathaniel M. McMillion, b. 20 Jan 1801

m. Isabella "Peggy" Burr

(4) Daniel McMillion, b. 1807

m. 22 Sep 1831, Alice Aisley McCoy

(5) Nancy McMillion, b. 1808

m. James Ewing

(6) Joseph Jr. McMillion, b. 1810

m. Alice "Alley" Knight

(7) Elizabeth "Betsy" McMillion, b. 1811

m. William McCoy

(8) Margaret "Peggy" McMillion, b. 8 Jul 1820

m. Aaron Burr, Jr.

(9) Lydia McMillion

m. Alex Groves

(10) Julia A. McMillion, b. 1821

m. James McMillion (a cousin)

Our direct line ancestor John McMillion married Rachael Hutchinson in Greenbrier County on 10 Apr 1793. The Hutchinson family had been in Greenbrier County since its founding and a John Hutchinson was an early sheriff of the county in 1785. The 1790 Greenbrier census lists 4 Hutchinson families: John, Sr., John, Jr., George and William. One of these must be Rachael's family, but it has not been determined which one.

John and Rachael (Hutchinson) McMillion had the following children:

(1) Martha McMillion, b. c1793

m. William McClung

(2) Hannah McMillion, b. c1795

m. 19 Nov 1829, Greenbrier Co., VA, John McClung

(3) Jane McMillion, b. c1797, d. 14 Jun 1858

m. 15 Jun 1815, John McMillion

(4) Elizabeth McMillion, b. c1801, d. 3 Mar 1853

m. 23 Aug 1821, Greenbrier Co., VA, William Neal

(5) Rebecca McMillion*, b. c1807, d. 10 Nov 1858

m. 5 Mar 1834, Andrew Knight

(6) Andrew McMillion, b. c1809, d. aft 1860

m. 3 Sep 1835, Greenbrier Co., VA, Jane McClung

(7) Beverly Waugh McMillion (son), b. 20 Sep 1811, Greenbrier Co., VA, d. 6 Jun 1880

m. 24 Dec 1835, Abigail Knight

(8) Caroline McMillion, b. c1811, Greenbrier Co., VA

m. 19 Nov 1857, Greenbrier Co., VA, Alex Knight

(9) John McMillion

m. 27 Feb 1836, Eliza McClung

(10)Ann Vance McMillion, b. Jan 1817, Greenbrier Co., VA, d. 31 May 1888

m. 24 Sep 1868, William McClung

John McMillion died in 1848. His will reads:

I give to my son, Andrew, that part of land on which I live, also, 50 acres on Spring Creek. Also give my son Beverly, 60 acres on Spring Creek. Give to son, Andrew, 49 1/2 acres. I give to my son, Beverly, and my three daughters Martha McClung, Caroline and Ann McMillion 514 acres on Spring Creek. The sum to be equally divided between them.


wife Rachel

sons Beverly, Andrew, John

daughters Ann, Caroline, Jane, Hannah McClung, Elizabeth Neal, Martha McClung

Will Book No. 2, Dated 30 Apr 1848

Rebecca McMillion is not listed in John's will so perhaps she had already received her inheritance. She is listed as his daughter in a biography of her husband, Andrew Knight.

Andrew McMillion, son of John and Rachael (Hutchinson) McMillion, married Jane McClung and had a family of seven children: Matthew, John W., William R., Mary, Anderson, Andrew and Marion D. Marion D. McMillion later married into the Boggs family when he married Elizabeth Rebecca Boggs (an aunt of Plummer Boggs) and they later migrated west to Jay County, Indiana. This may have been some of the ties that later brought the Ed Boggs family to this area of Indiana.

The 1820 Virginia census lists John and Joseph (age 45+) in Greenbrier County plus Daniel, John Jr., William and James (age 26-45) and a James (age 16-26) as household heads.

The 1830 census lists households of Joseph (age 60-70), John (age 50-60), Daniel (age 50-60), Martha (age 80-90), John (age 40-50), James (age 40-50), Ralph, and Elizabeth (age 40-50).

The 1840 census lists households of Joseph (age 70-80), John (age 60-70), Daniel (age 60-70), Ralph (age 40-50), Eli (age 30-40), Allen (age 20-30) Andrew (age 30-40), Daniel (age 30-40), Elizabeth (age 50-60), George (age 20-30), Joseph Jr. (age 20-30).

The 1850 and all the later censuses show that many descendants of the McMillion family remained in Greenbrier County. There is a McMillion cemetery located at the McMillion Methodist Church in Friars Hill, Greenbrier County, West Virginia. There are a number of McMillions buried there.

Most of the early information on the McMillions comes from a report done by Mrs. Clyde Garner which was obtained from the Greenbrier Historical Society. My thanks to Adrienne Pappas of Fairfax, Virginia, and Thomas Wade McMillion of Waynesboro, Virginia, for information on the McMillion family.


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