Lincoln School, White River Township

 Randolph County, Indiana




Lincoln School about 1910, Cecil Addington may be the boy, 1st row, 2nd from left


Lincoln School  1911-1912,  Cecil Addington, 2nd row, 3rd from right


Lincoln School  1911-1912,  Osa Main, 2nd row, 4th from left


Lincoln School  1931-32,  3rd grade class

written on the back of the photo (in unknown order): Junior K, Tommy G, Robert L. H., Carroll Gene, Vern (Addington back row 3rd student from right), Francis W., Marvin Las, Jim B, William, Clyde, John C., Gail Green, Web Mercer, Melven P., Donald B, Jimmy Garret, Charles S., Verl, Jean Foster, Margret S, Laura J., Agnes B, Thelma W, Della R, Margorie H, Mary Ellen, Louise K, Laura C, Betty McI, Frank My, Gene F, Richard Lasley, Robert C, Wallace Lee, Cleo B, Herbert D, Charles H, Joe Mc



Lincoln School,  1932-1933  grade 4, Miss Hiatt teacher

writtten on the back of the photo: James B., Marvin L., Marvin L., John M., Jimmy M., Robert L. H., Chester E.

Dutch C., Wild Donald L., C. Rittenhouse, Yost Bean, Jim Byrd, Dale L., Jean Dodd, Gayl Shank, Laura Jackson, Verl Wolfe, Web Founts,

Clyde Mills, Austin Carroll, Jim Bolinger, Vern Addington [3rd row, 4th from right, whiter shirt on], Hubert Harshman, Margaret Smock, Betty McI, Prudence Willis, Jean Fostery,

Hart Garringer, Hazel Borrol, Hazel Byrd, Rosemary, Gladys

(less names than students and in no apparent order)




Lincoln School,  8th Grade Class 1936-1937

Back row, Keith Sickles, Marvin Ludwick, Vern Addington, Eugene Yost, Robert Lee Hubbard, Donald Lilly

Middle row, Prudence Willis, Mary Elizabeth Comer, Betty Fisher, Max Kolp, Georgellen McCune , Armetic Copenhaver, Ruth Pursely

Front row, Homer Author, Pauline Davis, Cora Burchell, Wilbur Fouts, Elizabeth Green, Laura Jackson, James Bolinger, James Boone, Frank Brown




Lincoln School,  Freshman Class 1937-1938

Georgellen McCune, Prudence Willis, Mary Comer, Mary Pegg, Elizabeth Green, Gayl Shank, Ruth Pursley, Betty Fisher

Jack Friend, Oran West, Charles Goodhew, James Bolinger, James Boone, Wilbur Fouts, Frank Brown, Eugene Yost

Donald Lilly, Leroy Willis, Robert Hubbard, Bill Fisher, Janitor, Keith Sickles, Max Kolp, Vern Addington




Lincoln School,  Sophomore Class 1938-1939

front row, left to right, Gayl Skank, Prudence Willis, Betty Fisher, Armitice Copenhaver, Elizabeth Green, Mary Comer, Mary Pegg

Richard Perkins, Vern Addington, Eugene Yost, Donald Lilly, Frank Brown, Keith  Sickles

Robert Ludy, Sponsor, Oran West, James Boone, Robert Hubbard, Wilbur Fouts, James Bolinger

not present  Max Kolp, Betty Harmon

Lincoln School,  Junior Class 1939-1940

Elizabeth Green, Marjorie Alexander, Mary Pegg, Betty Fisher, Prudence Willis, Betty Harmon

Chloe Garringer, Richard Perkins, James Boone, Frank Brown, Vern Addington, James Bolinger, Mary Comer

Wilbur Fouts, Eugene Yost, Bill Fisher (janitor), Keith Sickles, Oran West

not present  Max Kolp, Donald Lilly



Senior Class 1940-41

Mary Comer, Mary Pegg, Betty Harmon, Elizabeth Green, Helen Barber

Oran West, Jack Friend,  Betty Fisher, Marjorie Alexander, Max Kolp

James Bolinger, Richard Thorn, Bob Ludy, sponsor, Eugene Yost, Bill Fisher, Janitor, Keith Sickles, Vern Addington, Frank Brown


Class of 1941


Sophomore Class, Lincoln School, 1947-48

Back row, left to right, Bill Love, Norma McHolland, Lloyd Shaw, Donna Ullom, Vern Addington, Class Sponsor
Front row, Elvis Williams, Reva Ullom, Evelyn Burchnell, Charles Barrett


Lincoln HS, 1948,  Vern Addington, Class Sponsor

Reva Ullom, ?, Donna Ullom, Sam Willis, Lloyd Love, Elvis Williams, Lloyd Shaw




The Lincoln (combined with McKinley) High School Class of 1949 Senior Trip to Washington, D. C.

2nd row, 2nd from right is Vern Addington, Class Sponsor, on his right his wife Louise (Boggs)




Location of Lincoln School   GPS    N 40.17153 W 85.07345

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